What’s in the Bag?

What’s in the Bag?

By Ralphine Major It had buttons for its eyes and a red felt tongue. The little blue and white teddy bear has survived years of house cleanings. When other keepsakes were eventually discarded, the little blue bear always found its way back into our home and my heart. It was one of my Christmas gifts […]

Here’s hoping Santa will swoosh in to fulfill a wish

Here’s hoping Santa will swoosh in to fulfill a wish

By Steve Williams Dear Santa, I guess it was one day last spring when I walked into The Knoxville Focus office and saw this cute little black puppy. At first, I thought she belonged to Rose King, who is in charge of our office and classifieds and a hundred and one other things at The […]

Publisher’s Position: Double, double, toil & trouble

Publisher’s Position: Double, double, toil & trouble

By Steve Hunley I think the thing I like least in any human being is hypocrisy. I don’t doubt for a moment my attitude is uncommon. It seems to me most people really dislike hypocrisy, especially in our public officials. It is increasingly apparent that there is a huge double standard in our media in […]

The Gift of Touch

By Dr. Jim Ferguson I’ve observed that as I get older I like change less.  I’m not the first person to make this observation, but the pace of change is like no other in my lifetime.  For the first twenty-five years of my life I didn’t pay a lot of attention to politics or world […]

Another 5-7 record, but it’s a better one

By Steve Williams Tennessee’s football team has finished 5-7 three seasons in a row now, but there’s a world of difference in this year’s record compared to the other two. A difference that can easily be seen just by looking at the Vols’ last three games against Kentucky. In 2011, Tennessee lost 10-7 in Lexington, […]

Niota, where one vote counts

By Mike Steely Niota, Tennessee, is one of those places that isn’t on an interstate, although it’s just a few miles east of I-75 between Sweetwater and Athens. It’s one of those places with one stop light and the old downtown is actually almost empty and a couple blocks off the main road. Niota is […]

All Roads Lead to Clapps Chapel, Part III

By Ralphine Major “ . . . rejoice, and sing praise.” (Psalm 98:4 KJV) “It was impressive,” Bob Dagley said.  He could have been talking about the amazing Gibbs High School basketball team he coached fifty years ago.  But this time, he was talking about Ronald Rogers and the bands at Farragut.  After all these […]

“Never”… yeah, right!

By Joe Rector After running my mouth hundreds of time during my life, I’m ready to accept that uttering “never means never” is just deluding myself. Over and over again, life and the situations that arise demand changes in what we do or the way we do them. Some of the never moments involved our […]

Focus on the Law: Givers Beware!

By Sharon Frankenberg, Attorney at Law After counting our many blessings over the Thanksgiving holidays, most of us feel motivated to share our good fortune with others.  This is especially true over the next few weeks of the Christmas holiday season.  There are numerous opportunities to share our time and our talents.  But how do […]

A champion in life

By Rosie Moore I always hold my breath when I see those Olympic ice skaters do their intricate steps on ice. Especially did I hold my breath in 1984, when Scott Hamilton won the gold medal. Scott was born on August 29, 1955 in Toledo, Ohio but was adopted by college instructors Dorothy and Ernie […]