‘I Saw Three Men…’ II

By Ralphine Major “When I spotted the wreck on the interstate, I hit my brakes and backed up as close as possible to the truck—still about 30 yards away. Larry and I both jumped out and ran to the wreck. The truck was tilted on its side with the driver’s side closer to the ground […]

When are you entitled to an appointed lawyer?

By Jedidiah McKeehan A phrase that I often hear people say that are unfamiliar with the court system is, “Well, I’ll just go get the court to appoint me a lawyer.” Okay, well that is great if you qualify, but the court will not necessarily appoint you a lawyer. It depends on the kind of […]

Generic Language

By Dr. Jim Ferguson Words are important. Aside from body language, they are the tools we use to communicate and express ourselves. Thankfully, we don’t read each other’s thoughts. Language is a living thing and changes with time and need. As an example, thirty years ago a mouse was a rodent scurrying under the sink. […]

Rosser has Central headed in the right direction again

  By Steve Williams Let’s turn back the clock 4½ years. That’s about when Bryson Rosser was announced as Central High’s new head football coach. He had made the decision to leave Hackensack High School in New Jersey, where he was offensive coordinator in 2013 and the head coach in waiting at his alma mater. […]

Bill Lee is a Great Choice

Bill Lee is a Great Choice

By Steve Hunley Tennessee Republicans made a wise decision in choosing Franklin businessman Bill Lee as their gubernatorial nominee last Thursday. Lee wasn’t the candidate who spent the most, bought the most television and radio ads, or started out as the preemptive favorite from the beginning. When Lee first announced his candidacy, few people thought […]

Continent or not

By Dr. Jim Ferguson Old shoes, old dogs and an older, but lovely, wife are blessings. I’m glad I don’t need to make a fashion statement and can focus on function more than form in the shoes that I wear. I do appreciate the discomfort that women sometimes endure in their quest of the perfectly […]

‘I Saw Three Men…’

By Ralphine Major It was the evening of October 11, 2011.  Fountain City residents Mike and Barbara Cruze were traveling on Interstate 640.  Their destination—a cabin in the mountains.  Focus readers may be familiar with Mike Cruze, Master Gardener, from his monthly column in the paper.  Mike, a landscaper, provides insightful articles on lawns, weeds, […]

How Does a Mediation Work?

By Jedidiah McKeehan So, I have explained previously the difference between an arbitration and a mediation.  But today, I want to talk about the specifics of what occurs during a mediation. A mediation is essentially a meeting that takes place between the parties (the people involved in the lawsuit) prior to trial in order to […]

A Good Laugh

By Joe Rector Mildred Simcox, my wife’s aunt, passed away recently. She’d suffered the cruel effects of dementia for several years and finally found relief and release from a life trapped in a mind that faded away. What hurt so much was the fact that this woman loved to laugh. She taught all of us […]