Paw prints and hair

  By Joe Rector Amy, Dallas, and I sat down the other night to watch the first episode in a Netflix series about dogs. Of course, granddog Harvey and our pooch Sadie watched with us. Every bark led to their ears perking up and their heads looking around the room in search of a fellow […]

Visiting Jefferson County

  By Mike Steely Now that we’re into the colder months of our East Tennessee year a car trip around our area can get a family out and about from being isolated in our homes. A day’s venture into the counties that surround us can be interesting and informative. Our neighbor to the east, Jefferson […]

Tennessee Burial Laws (or the Lack Thereof)

  By Jedidiah McKeehan My father-in-law and I were chatting recently about where someone he knew was planning on being buried and I commented that I had heard that someone I knew had just been buried on some property their family owned wrapped in some old blankets.  I think the thought process was that it […]

Halls’ 1986 title run started with ‘almost a miracle’

By Steve Williams Halls High’s football team won the state championship in 1986, but it’s still hard to believe the Red Devils survived their first round game and advanced. Saying Coach Larry Kerr’s team got a scare on that Nov. 7 night 32 years ago in Halls is putting it mildly. The Red Devils were […]

President George Bush – An American Life

President George Bush – An American Life

By Steve Hunley   The passing of former President George Herbert Walker Bush reminds me of what a uniquely American life he led.  Part of what has rightly been called “the greatest generation” by author David Halberstam, George Bush grew up in a privileged family – – – his father Prescott was a wealthy businessman […]

Tennessee Governors & the Path to the US Senate, X

Tennessee Governors & the Path to the US Senate, X

By Ray Hill Malcolm Rice Patterson enjoyed a meteoric rise in Tennessee politics until the consequences of his own actions ended his career.  Redheaded, thin, with angular features, Malcolm Patterson was known throughout Tennessee as a dynamic and gifted speaker.  There were those of his admirers who thought Patterson was one of the greatest orators […]

Closed Borders … Open Doors

Every week my stories are made possible by the staff of The Knoxville Focus and my wife, Becky, who serves double duty as my editress. I appreciate strong and thoughtful women, so this week welcome the other half of our team: essayist Becky!   By Becky Ferguson I support LEGAL immigration. I am resentful of […]

Home for Thanksgiving

  By Ralphine Major We named them Caesar and Cleo. The playful pups would often take a running leap and jump into the pond. While they had the markings of a black Doberman pinscher, they were not registered. Caesar was given to a friend who lost his Doberman. Cleo stayed with us. It mattered not […]

Subbing surprises

By Joe Rector Variety is the spice of life. I’ve discovered the truth of that statement again during the days of substituting. Some days I know in what subject I’ll be substituting, but many days are filled with surprises. On many days, I enter the school knowing what the day will be like. Maybe it’s […]

Life’s Thorns

  By Rosie Moore September and October were not good months for me. Let me tell you. Labor Day I opened the door of my pantry and bottle of vinegar fell on my left foot. I doctored it with ice and pain medicine and it seemed to get better. Then, suddenly, it became worse. When […]