150 Years and Strong! By Ralphine Major For 150 years, it has been a shining beacon in the Gibbs Community.  Graveston Baptist Church celebrated its 150th Anniversary on Sunday, June 9, with a special service led by Dr. Jack Parrott, Pastor Emeritus of Black Oak Heights Baptist Church.  Nestled in a beautiful pastoral setting above […]

We aren’t all bad

By Joe Rector All of us might fall into the abyss of depression if we stay tuned to the news these days. Our government seems to find new ways to destroy the fabric of our country and our way of life. Wars go on endlessly and add scores of dead to an already unbelievable number. […]


By Rosie Moore Autumn and Hallowe’en is a synthesis of a combination of parts to form a whole in October, Autumn, at the beginning of the month, and Hallowe’en at the end of the month. Believe it or not, Hallowe’en dates back to 2,000 years go in the area that is now Ireland, England, and […]

Receiving Compensation as the Victim of a Crime

By Jedidiah McKeehan It is never a good thing to be the victim of a crime.  If you are, then at best you have endured something annoying, and at worst, you have experienced something that results in life-changing trauma, injury or even death. When someone is a victim of a crime, the state of Tennessee […]

Tennessee’s Hermitage District, II

Tennessee’s Hermitage District, II

By Ray Hill For twenty-eight years, the congressman from Tennessee’s “Hermitage District” had been Joseph W. Byrns. Congressman Byrns was a beloved figure inside the Fifth Congressional district and had been Speaker of the U. S. House of Representatives when he had died suddenly on June 4, 1936. Some urged Joseph W. Byrns, Jr., the […]

Is the sale of the AJ Building good for taxpayers?

Is the sale of the AJ Building good for taxpayers?

By Steve Hunley, Publisher WVLT Channel 8 television in Knoxville reported on October 4th 2017, “Getting the Andrew Johnson Building back on the tax rolls has been a priority for me since I took office as Knox County Mayor,” said former Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett. If Tim “dadgumit” Burchett has a white whale […]

The Manchurian Candidates

By Dr. Jim Ferguson Will Rogers once said, “I don’t do comedy, I just report the news.” However, in Roger’s time, unlike today, there was at least some semblance of factual reporting. I used to just laugh at the insanity of Democrat-Progressive-Socialists blather, but now they have become a dangerous, delusional and destructive mob. I […]

Visiting the forts in our area is historic fun

By Mike Steely We are so privileged in East Tennessee and Knox County to have so many historic sites surrounding us, especially the number of early forts. Within an easy day’s drive are fortifications built long before statehood and fort sites built during the Civil War. In Knoxville there’s Fort Dickerson, overlooking the city just […]

Fighting for summer

By Joe Rector Well, summer is officially over; at least that’s what those “in the know” say. Last century (It sounds so funny to say that), summer fun came to an end the Tuesday after Labor Day when schools opened their doors. However, this year, children sat in classrooms the first week of August. By […]