Debt Collection Against a Divorced Couple

By Jedidiah McKeehan When individuals get divorced there almost always debts that must be split up between the parties.  Car loans, mortgage payments, and credit card bills are all debts that are accrued during marriages that someone must pay for after two people are divorced. When people are divorced, often times they will agree to […]

Rev. Dallas Harrell, a Man of God

By Ralphine Major For years, our big yellow school bus made a stop at the Harrell home.  I cannot even remember a time when I did not know the Harrell family—two parents, two daughters, and two sons.  The father is long-time Halls resident Rev. Dallas Harrell.  He grew up in Washburn in Grainger County, Tennessee, […]

Be Nice

By Joe Rector I arrived at the Knox County Clerk’s office about five minutes before it opened. A man in front of me said the last time he completed this chore, he was number 50 in line. However, at that early hour, I walked in and immediately met one of the workers there. Her cheery […]

MLB Draft hits home in Knoxville

By Alex Norman Typically, the Major League Baseball Draft has been felt across Knoxville area high schools, as well as the University of Tennessee. 2018 was no different, as a handful of prospects from the high school and college ranks heard their names called last week, and will eventually have decisions to make regarding their […]

Bitter Devils & Better Angels

Bitter Devils & Better Angels

By Steve Hunley   “You can fool all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.” – Abraham Lincoln   Editorial writers for the Nashville Tennessean and the Memphis Commercial Appeal have had a big time lately talking […]

Bill Brock of Tennessee, Part Two

Bill Brock of Tennessee, Part Two

   By Ray Hill   Thirty-two year old William E. Brock, III had managed the impossible, winning Tennessee’s Third Congressional district in 1962.  It was the first time the Third District had elected a Republican congressman since 1920.  Brock was one of three Republicans in the Tennessee Congressional delegation, joining Howard Baker, Sr. and Jimmy […]

Samson in the swamp

By Dr. Jim Ferguson Who do you listen to these days? Perhaps you’ve quit listening all together. Most folks I know stay at least partially engaged in the events of the day, but sometimes I wonder. There is an excuse for being uninformed. Though we live in the Information Age, we nonetheless exist in the […]

Positive Signs on Rocky Top

  By Alex Norman Tennessee athletics have been a source of major controversy, internal strife, and nearly constant underachievement for the past decade.  There have been too many coaching changes and administrator changes to count on the UT campus, and the winning formula has yet to be developed. But the times… they are a changin’… […]

The Price of Freedom is Not Cheap

By Ralphine Major It is always a solemn sight, the grave of a fallen soldier. Across our country, national cemeteries are dotted with thousands of markers often decorated with flags for Memorial Day. They designate the final resting place of America’s finest who have made the ultimate sacrifice for this country. Memorial Day calls to […]

Truth or Consequences

By Joe Rector The legend regarding the father of the country tells us that he “could not tell a lie.” As children, we are taught to tell the truth or otherwise suffer the consequences. As witnesses in court, we “swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help us […]