Those peaceful Amish

By Rosie Moore Most of my friends and readers know that I’m a Yankee transplanted down here in the South from up North. I spent my early years in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, but, after I married I became a member of quaint little towns that were encircled by Amish farms. In Switzerland, two sects of the […]

More on Recode

By Steve Hunley, Publisher Please make time to attend the first Recode zoning change workshop in City Council this upcoming Thursday, February 7 at 5:30 p.m. in the Main Assembly Room of the City-County Building. Your future property rights could depend on your attendance. Recode Draft 4 was approved by Knoxville-Knox County Planning on […]

The Death of National Signing Day

  By Alex Norman This coming Wednesday (February 6) is officially National Signing Day, the day that high school football players announce where they plan to play in college and further their education. There are crying parents, cheering teammates, and enough cap dances to fill one of the domed stadiums they hope to play in […]

Egregious errors in officiating need to be corrected

  By Steve Williams With 20 years of experience as a football official, I would like to share my thoughts on the most famous non-call in the history of the National Football League. You know the one. I understand the argument some make about a loss shouldn’t be blamed on one bad call and that […]

Radical Abortion Bills Disgusting

Radical Abortion Bills Disgusting

By Steve Hunley The radical abortion legislation pushed by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, along with the remarks of Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, who was supporting similar legislation in his own state, is nothing less than appalling. Governor Northam said on a radio show, in describing the effect of the abortion bill, “So in this […]

Tennessee Governors & the Path to the US Senate, IXX

Tennessee Governors & the Path to the US Senate, IXX

By Ray Hill Pulaski Congressman Ross Bass had defeated Governor Frank Clement for the Democratic nomination to succeed the late Senator Estes Kefauver.  Bass faced Republican Howard Baker in the general election.  It was the first time Frank Clement had lost an election and his defeat had been sweeping. Congressman Bass confidently approached the general […]


 By Dr. Jim Ferguson Life is often complicated, and doesn’t always go as envisioned or as we desire. I recently wrote about why I now practice concierge medicine, and described the stress that nearly 50% of doctors say is causing them to consider leaving medical practice. I suspect there is some validity to a modern […]

Rosie’s World

By Rosie Moore How many of you remember many, many, many years ago in junior high or high school carrying around those autograph books, getting all your friends, and some who were merely acquaintances, to sign them?  Forget about doing your homework or studying for a  test, getting autograph signatures were more important. Well, it […]

A great day in Tennessee!

  By Ralphine Major Weather aside, Tennessee was on track for a great day on January 19, 2019.  Tennessee’s National Guard Band belted out the tune to Rocky Top.  The three stars always seen on the Tennessee flag  were positioned in their proper places so they would represent the West, Middle, and East Tennessee regions […]

Here to help

  By Joe Rector We’re already well into the new year, but some folks haven’t yet declared resolutions for the coming months. Sometimes these individuals work so hard that they fail to get around to setting new personal goals. Other people believe themselves to be perfect and, therefore, see no reason to change. For those […]