Goofy Love

By Joe Rector Ah, young love thrives in the halls of high schools around the country. I’ve seen so many couples in the hallways and common areas. Their actions aren’t much different from those of generations that preceded them. Back in the day, boys discovered females who would pay them brief moments of attention. Freshmen […]

This 26-point loss provides hope instead of despair

By Steve Williams Tennessee’s football team didn’t get a win at Georgia, but it gave its fans hope. My how this 26-point loss felt so much better than the 26-point loss to Florida the week before. It inspired me to look at the remainder of the season in a different light. What if I told […]

Tennessee Governors & the Path to the US Senate, II

By Ray Hill Only nine men have made the transition from governor of Tennessee to United States senator. One of those nine was one of the most successful politicians to take part in Tennessee’s turbulent politics: Andrew Johnson. In fact, Andrew Johnson prospered politically during the Civil War, the most tempestuous time in Tennessee’s history. […]

Information the old way

By Joe Rector Schools are equipped with the technology to help students be successful. Of course, the choice is still the individuals as to whether he will take advantage of those resources. In too many cases, the only time a student uses any kind of technology is to send a text, play a video game, […]

The A’s of our days

 By Dr. Jim Ferguson Though I have tried to avoid the dark vortex of Washington, I have found it impossible to escape the debacle of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Ordinarily, I am unaware of the despicable Feinstein and her craven colleagues. But now, I can’t escape them and stay informed of world, national or even […]

The fallout from Vols’ awful loss to Florida

  By Steve Williams This was the game that would give us a clue on how the 2018 football season might go for Tennessee. The 2-1 Vols had showed promise in a first half comeback against a good West Virginia team in the opener. They started slowly against ETSU but ended up winning big. Their […]

Alcatraz East has more than you expect

By Mike Steely “So much fun it’s a crime” is the motto of Alcatraz East, an unusual attraction in Pigeon Forge. It looks very much like a prison on the outside and inside are several floors with displays on just about every crime and major criminal and victim you can imagine. If you are into […]

Cardiac Rehab

By Ralphine Major We first met them only days after our mother’s heart attack.  The place was St. Mary’s Cardiac Rehab East Towne location.  It was the next step in the recovery process as heart attack patients were guided through exercise routines and equipment to strengthen their bodies.  A nutritionist held classes explaining diet and […]