An unusual spring

By Ralphine Major 2020 is bringing us a different kind of spring.  As if cancellation of basketball’s March Madness was not enough disruption, more events are canceled or postponed due to the Coronavirus.  For now, no Smokies games or college baseball games are scheduled.  It is possible there will be no high school proms or […]

Tossing the Past

By Joe Rector I figure many folks are like me; they’ve made it through the first week of “social distancing” and stayed at home. It feels much like those times when snow dumped several inches on us in East Tennessee except the roads are clear and there’s no sledding or snowman building. Some people have […]

Some facts of life

  By Rosie Moore In this turbulent world of today, there are many things that make us smile or feel good. Some facts of life are too ridiculous or too factitious to even think about, so where can we go to turn our thoughts inward to happy facts or times. We can look up the […]

Giving a Statement to the Insurance Company

By Jedidiah McKeehan When involved in an accident where you may be seeking compensation from someone for your injuries, there is usually an insurance company that gets involved. The insurance company is the entity that might be paying you for the injuries you received during the accident. For example, you are rear-ended by another driver.  […]

The Plague

By Dr. Jim Ferguson I’m fascinated by the ever-changing English lexicon, defined as the vocabulary or corpus of a language. I’ve written about words, our tools of expression. I’ve described being “woke,” exercising “intersectionality” and the definition of “leftism.” And now a new term, social-distancing, is being used by everyone. This is a “tosspot” term, […]

Difficult Times

By Joe Rector The plain truth is that we are in the midst of a worldwide crisis. This coronavirus is sweeping the planet with illness for which we have no answers as of yet. The U.S. failed to react quickly enough and is now playing catch up. It appears that each day’s news shows an […]

The Ability of Married Women to Have Wills

  By Jedidiah McKeehan Occasionally, in my travels through the internet I will come across an article that lists out quirky laws that exist in different places.  This might be hard to believe, but Tennessee has some quirky laws that are still on the books. One of them that comes to mind is Tennessee Code […]

Hope in the crisis

  By Ralphine Major The magnitude of our nation’s most recent health crisis has been mind boggling.  Only one week ago I was writing about what I thought was big news—no fans would be allowed at the NCAA Basketball Tournaments.  That seems like a year ago.  Since then, the intensity of the Coronavirus has escalated […]

Are you discouraged?

  By Rosie Moore   Full of depression? Depressed? Angry? Wondering what is going on? Well, don’t be. Listen to what God says: “In the middle of my pain, loving Father, sometimes there are no words I can bring to you-only groans of anguish,  tears of sorrow, and the silence of suffering in which I  […]