The Nieces

  By Ralphine Major “Do you remember when we took you to school?”  Dorothy asked.  I knew exactly what she meant.  It was on the last day of school—60 years ago! The year was 1959.  Three girls were finishing eighth grade at Gibbs Junior High School.  Students Dorothy Stormer, Wanda Shaver, and Georgia Ann […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson Here we go again. Deranged people shoot up a big box store and then a bar. Politicos grandstand and perversely fundraise on tragedy. The media manipulates the situation and people lament as they demand the government do something to fix the ills of society and the darkened hearts of men. Guns […]

Growing Old

By Rosie Moore A friend of mine sent me this many years ago. Every once in a while, I like to read the contents and also remember his friendliness. Some time ago I was asked by a young person how I felt about being old. I was a little shocked, for I don’t think of […]

The Knoxville Focus for August 12, 2019

The Knoxville Focus for August 12, 2019

ROAD BLOCKED Parking reduced at New Harvest early voting location By Steve Hunley, Publisher It is a shame how few people vote in City of Knoxville elections.  That trend has been spiraling steadily downward in recent years.  Considering that, you’d think the Knox County Election Commission would try and make early voting as convenient […]

A Chicken In Every Pot or a City Without Hope?

A Chicken In Every Pot or a City Without Hope?

By Steve Hunley I was trying to remember which presidential candidate promised “a chicken in every pot” and checked with our residential historian and my memory was correct, it was Herbert Hoover. Hoover, enjoying the “Republican prosperity” of the 1920s, won a huge victory in 1928. Seven months after he was inaugurated, the stock market […]

Finding surprises in Quebec

Finding surprises in Quebec

By Mike Steely My wife and I camped on our way to Canada recently to see the whales that come into the St. Lawrence River in the province of Quebec. While we found Quebec to be much more “French” than we expected, it was a surprise to find what we discovered. Passing into and out […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson Ticks are disgusting creatures, especially the large “fat” ones on your dog. I have the same visceral opinion of maggots and blood worms, the latter we recently found in our pasture. There is a principal in physics which holds that nature abhors a vacuum. By analogy, everything in nature serves a […]

Are public defendants that bad?

By Jedidiah McKeehan In TV shows and movies involving lawyers, the main character may get involved in a case in which someone needs a lawyer and they are currently represented by a public defender. The main character may meet up with the public defender to discuss the case and the public defender is portrayed as […]

‘Is happiness abounding?’— Dr. Angela Easterday Holder

By Ralphine Major “I honestly made the “Happiness Abounding” shirt for myself to get through yesterday and to honor Angela Easterday Holder. One day at a time.”  Those words came from Sarah Beth Crabtree of Crabtree Creations last May shortly after we lost Angela.  Soon, people all over the church could be seen wearing […]