Perils of Public Places

By Joe Rector Going out in public is good for me. My wife has told me for years. She implores me to venture out past the boundaries of Ball Camp to see what’s on the other side of life. I do so on occasion, but after those trips, I wind up wondering what I was […]

Remembering a Special Lady and her Kindness

Becky Turner Calfee By Ralphine Major My brother and I were looking for somewhere special in the community to film a television interview.  Channel 10 in Knoxville had called Jan-Carol Publishing to schedule an interview with us when our first children’s book was published.  We knew just the place!  The Hen House At Calfee Farms!  […]

Explaining police reports

By Jedidiah McKeehan Police work is often glamorized and over-dramatized in tv shows and movies.  The police are often in car chases, conducting these really intense interrogations, or using big white boards to connect the dots of how a crime syndicate works. While some of that goes on, not much of it goes on.  If […]

Rick Barnes Stays at Tennessee

By Alex Norman Well, that was interesting… but if we have discovered anything over the past decade, it is that Tennessee fans should expect the unexpected, and fear the worst. Despite losing in the Sweet 16 of the NCAA tournament, the future for Tennessee’s men’s basketball program is bright. Yes, Admiral Schofield and Kyle Alexander […]

The Bully Brigade vs. the Governor’s ESA

The Bully Brigade vs. the Governor’s ESA

By Steve Hunley There are frequent complaints about bullying in our schools and is it any wonder?  On Saturday, April 6, Governor Bill Lee came to Knox County to speak at the Lincoln Day Dinner.  A small group of teachers led by former local teachers’ union head Lauren Hopson Sorenson and State Representative Gloria Johnson […]

When acceptable becomes unacceptable

By Joe Rector Former Vice President Joe Biden was taken to the woodshed for allegedly having placed his hands on a woman’s shoulders, smelled her hair, and kissed her head. The outrage came swiftly, yet some women came to his defense to declare the man was not a sexual abuser or predator. We’re in a […]

The Cross

By Ralphine Major Spring—–Easter—–New Life!  It’s that season once again.  Winter has officially ended but for a few cool mornings and nights.  For some reason, the Easter holiday does not get all the attention that Christmas does with the traditions of family gatherings, giving gifts, and festive decorations.  But for the Christian, Easter is […]

That Herbal Family

By Rosie Moore As many gourmet chefs and women in the kitchen know, herbs are the variety of the spice of life. In general use, they are the plants with savory or aromatic properties that are used for flavoring. There are primary herbs, culinary herbs, and medicinal herbs. There are thousands of different herbs and […]

What does it mean to file something under seal?

By Jed McKeehan You may or may not have realized this, but almost all court documents are public records.  If you really wanted to, you could show up at the courthouse and peruse court filings.  In fact, bored reporters may do just that, looking to find a juicy story from a filed lawsuit. Most cases […]