The Little Princess

By Rosie Moore I grew up with Shirley Temple. I adored her, saw most of her movies, and emulated her as much as possible, all except for the shining curls because my hair was straight as a stick. She was four years older than me, born in California in 1928. She got her start in […]

Rose of Sharon

By Ralphine Major It is a fascinating plant to watch.  The beautiful white petals with deep-red markings open up wide in the morning as if to greet a new day.  A bush with only a single Rose of Sharon flower may be covered with blooms by day’s end.  But after they make their appearance, the […]

Father’s Day Thoughts

By Joe Rector Yesterday was Father’s Day. I spent some time with son Dallas and talked on the phone with daughter Lacey and Josh Fritts, a former student whom my family claimed as one of our own when he was a junior in high school, thirty years ago. Most of the day, Amy and I […]

Could Recode cost you money?

Could Recode cost you money?

By Steve Hunley On Friday, June 14, Knoxville city councilman and current mayoral candidate Marshall Stair was interviewed on the WETR 92.3 FM radio program “Knoxville Morning News.” A caller asked Mr. Stair to please find out how Recode would affect residential insurance claims for fire or water damage. The caller said they had an […]

Crump Goes To Congress, I

Crump Goes To Congress, I

By Ray Hill   Edward Hull Crump, master of the machine that ruled Memphis and Shelby County for decades, held a variety of elected offices – – – Mayor of Memphis, county Trustee, but most have forgotten he was also elected to Congress.  Elective office was not essential to either Crump’s rule or ego; in […]

Character Witnesses

By Jedidiah McKeehan Occasionally when I meet with clients and we are discussing our upcoming trial, I will run through with them who we want to call as witnesses at trial.  When they mention someone, I will ask them, “What are they going to testify about?”  Sometimes they will say, “Well, they are going to […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson As my readers know, I am a stickler for words. After all, words are the only tools beyond body language we have to communicate our thoughts and feelings. Mr. Webster advertises nearly a half million words in his on-line English dictionary, and I doubt this includes all the legalese, medical-ese and […]

New names

By Joe Rector It’s for sure that I’m too old to deal with high school students. Nothing could make me go back to work a five-day week teaching them; about all I can take is three days of substituting. By the end of the third day, I’m exhausted, and my patience has long been tried […]

Taking the Sunbright Loop

By Mike Steely Would you like to take a drive to someplace you’ve probably never been? Small towns in East Tennessee are often overlooked and there are several that are worth a drive. Sunbright in Morgan County is one of those places. The small town was originally called “Pine Top” and later it was known […]