What Does a Bail Bondsman Do?

By Jed McKeehan I was recently in Sevier County and saw a car advertising sticker for a bail bondsman service and their tag line made me chuckle, “Because We All Have That One Friend.” Maybe you can relate to that.  Bailing someone out of jail is never fun, having to be bailed out of jail […]

A Woman of Firsts: Ruth Bryan Owen

A Woman of Firsts: Ruth Bryan Owen

By Ray Hill “Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground.” – Theodore Roosevelt –   Ruth Bryan Owen lived a truly remarkable life; at various times she was an author, filmmaker, lecturer, diplomat and congresswoman. She was also the daughter of one of the most famous men of the age: […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson I’ve often wondered why sharing a good book or movie with someone gives me such joy. Tastes are as varied as humanity, but common visions exist and are apparently sought. My wife, Becky, enjoys murder mysteries, especially if there is political intrigue associated with Washington D.C. I like science fiction, a […]

The Irrationality of Sports Fandom

By Alex Norman So, I’m a big hockey fan.  The team and the situation aren’t important to the story, but recently my team lost a playoff game that they had greatly in hand. It bothered me.  It bothered me the point that the rest of my day was ruined, as was the next day. I […]

When Can An Employer Fire You?

By Jedidiah McKeehan From time to time, someone will contact me who has been fired or let go and they will ask me if they have a cause of action against their employer for wrongful termination or retaliatory discharge.  Before I even know any of the facts my default answer is, “probably not.” Tennessee is […]

Elementary School Smells

By Joe Rector Grandson Madden spent a few days with us not long ago. Having him around brought life to our otherwise mundane existence; even Sadie, our dog, was beside herself with excitement. What I noticed most of all about Madden is that little boy smell. It wasn’t bad; instead, it was a mixture of […]

Those synchronous glowworms

By Rosie Moore When I was a young girl, for a few weeks in the spring, I had the pleasure of running through the fields chasing fireflies. I remember well my mother giving me a jar with holes punched in the lid to  capture these amazing bugs of nature, and, later, I would  put the […]

Secretariat—One of the Greatest!

By Ralphine Major ralphine3@yahoo.com The packet of information I requested arrived in the mail. Maps and brochures included in it were our link to the Bluegrass State. There was no internet in the seventies. My brother, Wayne, had just graduated from high school, and I was in college. We did not go on family vacations. […]

Tennessee and American Neutrality, Part Ten

Tennessee and American Neutrality, Part Ten

By Ray Hill The Tennessee Congressional delegation was lending strong support to the neutrality bill proposed by Secretary of State Cordell Hull and President Franklin Roosevelt.  Congressman Wirt Courtney, who had been elected after the sudden death of Clarence W. Turner, had made his maiden speech in Congress on the neutrality legislation.  Courtney made a […]

Fiction or nonfiction?

By Rosie Moore I am an avid reader–and a fast one! I can read a very large tome in just a few days, in between my housework. Some people say that when you read fast, you won’t remember much of what you’ve read, but I disagree. I may not remember, maybe years later, but I […]

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