By Dr. Jim Ferguson There’s a difference between Southerners and so-called “Yankees,” just as there are differences between Knoxvillians and folks from San Francisco. My observation is not rocket science, and even the Beach Boys sang about regional differences in “California Girls.” Actually, our differences are American strengths when not politicized. My son-in-law (SIL) and I […]

The Last Hurrah of Ross Bass, II

The Last Hurrah of Ross Bass, II

By Ray Hill Ross Bass, for ten years a congressman from Tennessee’s Sixth District and U. S. senator for two years, was seeking to return to Congress in 1976. Bass had earlier announced he was done with politics after a disappointing defeat in 1974 for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination. Perhaps no politician in Tennessee’s history […]

Remembering some old folks

By Joe Rector I’ve been reading J.D. Vance’s book “Hillbilly Elegy” the last couple of days. Putting it down is difficult. While I’m not from the hills and backwoods of Kentucky, our families have similarities, and his words spark plenty of memories of my childhood with extended family members. The most important person in Vance’s […]

Let’s Get Philosophical

By Dr. Jim Ferguson It has finally quit raining here in Knoxville, though flooding in Texas continues and another hurricane is threatening Florida. Suffering Americans and Caribbean islanders remain on my mind and heart, but I just can’t write about rain, flooding and misery this week. So, to paraphrase Olivia Newton-John,  Let’s get physical… no, […]

What does it mean to mitigate damages?

By Jedidiah McKeehan So one of the many legal terms that you hear from time to time is the term to “mitigate damages.” What does that term actually mean? Well, the best way to define it is to give an example.  Say you are renting a property and the tenant skips out on the lease […]

From rural high school graduate to retired university dean

By Ralphine Major The power of a printed paper!  Distributed weekly, the far-reaching impact of The Knoxville Focus is remarkable.  Through it, I have been connected to people I never knew and reconnected to others with whom I had lost touch.  Perry and Carol McGinnis fall into the first category. It was after I started […]

Vols start season with some midnight madness

By Steve Williams Here we go again. Hang on tight. If the season opener was any indication, Tennessee football fans may be in for another roller coaster ride. Remember last year’s first game? It took a fumble recovery by Jalen Hurd in the end zone in overtime for No. 9 ranked UT to defeat upset-minded […]

The Last Hurrah of Ross Bass

The Last Hurrah of Ross Bass

By Ray Hill The 1974 Tennessee gubernatorial campaign took a heavy toll on the finances of several aspirants.  Dortch Oldham, who had run in the Republican primary, acknowledged spending perhaps $300,000 of his own money to fund his campaign.  Oldham said, “I don’t believe anybody would do that if he ever sat down before the […]

Getting away to Cumberland State Park

Getting away to Cumberland State Park

By Mike Steely I don’t know which day was more pleasant: an afternoon of camping at a busy campground with children playing all around us or time spent relaxing without all that activity and noise the next day. Both days were pleasant, just different. My wife and I have visited every Tennessee State Park but […]

How Much Does a District Attorney Make?

By Jed McKeehan You will often see articles about district attorneys in the newspaper.  District attorneys are the lawyers who are employees of the state whose sole job it is to prosecute criminals who are charged with breaking state laws.  You will often see articles about someone getting tried for a murder or some other […]

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