Time for Another “F” in Truth of Advertising?

By Sally Absher On July 30, Knox County Schools issued a press release pertaining to the district academic achievement results for the 2013-14 school year reported by the Tennessee Department of Education. The data includes aggregate grade 3-8 scores on the Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program (TCAP) and End of Course (EOC) exams for school systems […]

Tony Norman Schools Commission on Recent School Board Actions

By Sally Absher After attending the July 2 BOE meeting during which Dr. McIntyre’s appeal of KCS teacher Richard Suttles’ tenure reinstatement was unanimously rejected by the Board, Commissioner Tony Norman placed a discussion item on the Agenda for the July 28 County Commission meeting. Norman said “This saga began three years ago…this has been […]

Focus on the Law: Surviving your day in court

By Sharon Frankenberg, Attorney at Law Whether you are suing someone, being sued or are just a witness in a case, going to court can be a stressful experience.  There are many things you can do to be better prepared and reduce your chance of having unpleasant surprises on your court date.  First of all, […]

A Tale of Two Meetings

By Sally Absher One cool summer evening last week, two community meetings were held on opposite sides of town to gather public input on the Draft KCS 2020 Strategic Plan. One was a meeting hosted by District 5 BOE Representative Karen Carson at West Valley Middle School. The other was a meeting hosted by Students, […]

College football must be careful to not abuse autonomy

By Steve Williams We’ve seen a lot of change in collegiate sports, particularly football, over the past 20 years or so. Some of the change has been good. I wish some of it had never happened. A thumbs up for recent advancement in dealing with concussions and rule changes to take dangerous contact out of […]

Publisher’s Position: The Superintendent of Oz

By Steve Hunley “There’s some extraordinary learning going on out there!” That has been a constant cry from Knox County superintendent of schools James McIntyre during his tenure in office.  Last week some 12 superintendents issued a press release they would be meeting at Pellissippi State, yet the meeting was abruptly cancelled just a couple […]

Tennessee in Congress: 1939

By Ray Hill   Tennessee has been quite fortunate in oftentimes having an excellent Congressional delegation.  The landscape and economic condition of Tennessee would be much different had it not been for the ability of some of our Congressional delegation to secure projects for our state and keep them flourishing. 1939 was a difficult year […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson We tend to take the natural processes of life for granted.  I don’t think about breathing or even sleeping very often because they are under the control of subconscious areas of my brain.  Actually, patients not infrequently consult me about “breathlessness.”  Of course shortness of breath can be caused by heart […]

Rosie’s World: No tv!

Two days without TV and I survived!! Let me start out by saying I decided to “bundle” up my phone, internet, and TV services. I had my phone and internet with one server and my TV with another server. I learned that it would be cheaper to have all three by one server. But I […]

Bicycle Memories

By Joe Rector A friend of mine related the story of how his son took a short bike ride not long ago. Daniel Dooley hopped on his bike and rode from Tellico Plains to the Dragon, into North Carolina, and back home. Oh, It was just a short trip– only 114 miles. Another friend, Brad […]