Knoxville Focus for July 7, 2014

Click here to view this week’s Focus. Race to the top Part 3: Teacher Evaluations By Sally Absher Some say it is just bringing transparency and accountability to the teaching profession. Others have called it a war on teachers. One thing is certain; the way teachers are evaluated, compensated, and even advance in their careers […]

Publisher’s Position: McIntyre and the Politics of Schools

By Steve Hunley The Knox County Board of Education last week dealt Superintendent Jim McIntyre his first solid rebuff when it refused to approve his firing of a Knox County high school teacher. An impartial mediator in the case did not find the allegations worthy of the teacher being fired. The mediator recommended the teacher […]

Edward Hull Crump: The Boss, Part V

By Ray Hill Governor Gordon Browning had unleashed a fierce assault on the Memphis political machine, as well as its leader, E. H. Crump.  Browning proposed to institute a county unit bill to render the huge voting majorities produced in Shelby County meaningless in statewide elections. Boss Crump sent an urgent appeal for help to […]

Celebrating 60 Years with the Wheelers

By Ralphine Major The two young people in the picture did not look familiar.  Their smiles spoke volumes, foretelling a lifetime together filled with hopes and dreams.  Sixty years later, that young couple is still smiling and celebrating all those years.  Now, I know the couple in the picture. On Sunday, June 22, 2014, Blanche […]

The Good Shepherd

By Rosie Moore During my 46 years living in Pennsylvania, I once lived in a house across the road from a huge Amish farm. One of my favorite pastimes was gazing out my front living room window and watching the Amish sheep graze on the pastures surrounding that farm. They came really close to the […]

Oh Law!

By Dr. Jim Ferguson As I watched my grandson, Oakley, run towards the ocean’s edge I realized he was still a toddler.  His lack of arm swing and twisting torso gave him that sweet awkwardness of little children.  Watching him caused me to think about some of my elderly patients who are losing their fluidity […]

Pulling for Will’s team, the USA and ‘The Coach’

By Steve Williams If local fans of the Tennessee Vols would like an additional college football team to follow and pull for this season, may I suggest Navy. The Midshipmen have a special connection to the Knoxville area with the passing of Will McKamey this past March. The former Grace Christian Academy standout was a […]

Peyton Manning gives back to Knoxville yet again

By Alex Norman It’s always a special occasion when Peyton Manning, one of the best football players in Tennessee history, returns to Knoxville. Manning was in town last week to renew acquaintances, and to headline his own charity golf tournament, the Peyton Manning Golf Classic, which was held at Fox Den Country Club in Farragut. […]

Losing Loved Ones

By Joe Rector Some weeks are rougher than others. The bad ones take a toll on us both physically and emotionally. Sometimes it’s work that causes us ill; at other times, it’s money concerns that drive us into funks. For me, death has been at to root of my low mood. Three of them occurred […]