A Birthday Celebration

By Ralphine Major It was well underway when we arrived. With the hillside full of cars, it had the look and feel of a tailgating event—especially since the University of Tennessee was hosting the University of Georgia. Some guests were coming outdoors to eat. Others were just inside where the tasty barbeque and all the […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson I hope that Thomas Paine will not be offended as I paraphrase his immortal words, “These are the times that try men’s [waistbands].” The Thanksgiving cornucopia is past, but the Holiday Season has just begun and the pounds must be addressed if we are to button our slacks and zip our […]

The Absence of Patience

By Alex Norman On November 11th, Tennessee’s men’s basketball team opened the season with a road game against Xavier.  A late Vols rally fell a bit short in a hostile environment, with the Musketeers hanging on for a 67-63 victory. The next day on local sports talk radio, the large majority of callers talked about […]

Jeff Francis chose coaching over reporting football

By Steve Williams Jeff Francis resigned as sideline reporter for the Vol Network in 2007 to spend more time with his family. Much of that time has been coaching his sons’ football teams. This season was Francis’ ninth coaching youth football and it was highlighted by his West team of 11 year old players winning […]

Publisher’s Position: Teacher woes did not happen yesterday

Publisher’s Position: Teacher woes did not happen yesterday

By Steve Hunley Suddenly Knox County teachers are beginning to let the public know about the unreasonable constraints they have been laboring under for the last several years. Finally they have allowed their dismay and dissatisfaction to explode after literally suffering for years under almost impossible circumstances. It didn’t start just yesterday. The Legislature has […]

Part Six: Tennessee’s Old Gray Fox Albert Gore

Part Six: Tennessee’s Old Gray Fox Albert Gore

By Ray Hill Having won a second six-year term in 1958 over serious opposition, Albert Gore returned to the Senate.  Although he had won a smashing reelection victory against former Governor Prentice Cooper, Gore believed the campaign left him with political scars that never quite healed.  The senator’s popularity in West Tennessee would never quite […]

The Doctor is in: Procedures

By Dr. Jim Ferguson It’s hard not to write about something on your mind or something that’s in your body.  I have a family history of colon and prostate cancer and as a result my doctors have their way with me on a regular basis. I no longer watch NBC because of its bias, but […]

Michael Palardy having an All-American kind of season

By Steve Williams When a punter or placekicker is a team’s most valuable player, that’s usually a tell-tale sign that it hasn’t been a banner season for the team. It could mean there were too many failed third-down conversions, resulting in punting situations instead of first downs. In the case of a placekicker, it could […]

Are you superstitious?

By Rosie Moore My grandmother would never own a black cat, or, even pet one, I’m sure. She wouldn’t go outside the front door on a Friday with the date 13, and, never would she walk under a ladder. Superstitions date back to early man’s attempt to explain Nature and his own existence. There was […]