The Doctor is in: Varmints

By Dr. Jim Ferguson October in Knoxville is wonderful– or as they say in Italian, “bellissimo.”  About the time you get sick of one season, another comes along.  I went out the other day and I felt it.  The cooler, dryer weather made me know “Fall is in the air.”  I’ve been on five continents […]

Catching up with Tyson Clabo

By Alex Norman There are few athletes from East Tennessee that have accomplished as much in their professional careers as Tyson Clabo, a 2000 graduate of Farragut High School. But because his trade is a rather anonymous one, on the offensive line in the National Football League, his achievements have gone unnoticed to many. “East […]

A 3-3 finish and Vols will go bowling

By Steve Williams It’s halftime of the 2013 University of Tennessee football season and the Vols are 3-3. That’s no big surprise. But UT easily could be 5-1 right now and 2-0 in Southeastern Conference. On the other hand, they could be 2-4 overall. Let’s look back. Tennessee began the Butch Jones era against Austin […]

A Day Away: Knoxville’s Presidential Streets

By Mike Steely Seems Jimmy Carter can’t get much respect, doesn’t it? Although the peanut farmer and nuclear scientist from Georgia is one of the presidents of our nation to get a street named for him in our fair city, the street is only a couple of blocks long and, with the construction there, the […]

A shameful mess

By Joe Rector Okay, let’s try to sort things out. The House of Representatives Republicans don’t like Obamacare. They want to defund it, delay it, or do anything else to stop its implementation. So, they refuse to fund the budget with a continuing resolution unless provisions to kill the law are included. Democrats in the […]

Focus on the Law: Domestic Violence

by Sharon Frankenberg, Attorney at Law October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  Domestic violence is a pattern of controlling behavior aimed at gaining power in order to control an intimate partner.  “It is not just about hitting and punching.  It is a pattern of assaultive and coercive behavior, including psychological, sexual and physical abuse. […]

Horace Maynard

Horace Maynard

By Ray Hill There are quite a few things named for Horace Maynard in our community, not the least of which is Maynardville.  Yet, few people seem to recall Horace Maynard, who was one of the masters of Tennessee’s rough and tumble politics before and after the Civil War. Horace Maynard was, at one time […]

Congressman Leonidas Campbell Houk

Congressman Leonidas Campbell Houk

By Ray Hill For more than a decade Leonidas Campbell Houk was the Congressman from Tennessee’s Second District.  A man with neatly combed hair and a mustache that would have done justice to a Victorian villain; Houk was a popular political figure who tightly maintained his control of his district for years. Houk was born […]

Publisher’s Position: Rogero should Sunshine meetings with Council members

Publisher’s Position: Rogero should Sunshine meetings with Council members

By Steve Hunley According to information obtained by The Knoxville Focus through a Freedom of Information Act request, on July 17th, from 2:00 p.m.-2:30 p.m. Knoxville Mayor Madeline Rogero met with Knoxville Councilwoman Brenda Palmer. She also met with Knoxville Councilman George Wallace on August 21st, from 8:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m. Details regarding the […]