Food For Thought

By Rosie Moore It’s amazing to me how God made sure His people had enough to eat. since the beginning of time. After the earth was created, what did He do next? He made a garden. A garden full of “seed-bearing plants” and “all the fruit trees for your food”. (Gen. 1:29). Well, we all […]

No news is good news

By Joe Rector Here in the volunteer state, news stories dripped in over the last couple of week. Oh, Christmas and New Year’s Day have come, and a peppering of break-ins and fires have made the nightly news programs. For the most part, however, not much occurs during this time of year. The result […]

Reverse Mortgages

By Sharon Frankenberg, Attorney at Law If the homeowners are both 62 or older and have sufficient equity in their home, they may be eligible to apply for a reverse mortgage loan.  A reverse mortgage is very different from other types of mortgages. Unlike traditional mortgages where the loan must be repaid every month, no […]

Vols help Cuonzo weather storm, outlook is brighter

By Steve Williams Criticism of the University of Tennessee men’s basketball program was raining down after a disappointing 65-58 home loss to North Carolina State on Dec. 18. Some fans were even wanting to get the ball rolling to replace Cuonzo Martin with former coach Bruce Pearl before the Vols could rim out another 3-pointer, […]

The Agony of Defeat

By Alex Norman “Losing feels worse than winning feels good.” – Vin Scully As I watched the end to the final (thank you baby Jesus) BCS National Championship game, I couldn’t help but feel empathy for fans of the Auburn Tigers. Their team had a 21-3 advantage late in the first half, gave that up […]

A Day Away: Old theatre reveals keep-sakes

By Mike Steely Last week’s huge Ninth Annual Advertising Auction at Fountain City Auction inspired me to go dig out some old promotional buttons or pins I found years ago in an abandoned theater. The place is long gone now, but back 30 years or so the building was still there and was used as […]

Genetic Snippets

By Dr. Jim Ferguson I’ve heard it said that in retirement you work even harder.  I’m not convinced of this yet, but it is different. As my readers know, I’ve left my traditional medical practice and “retired from Summit Medical Group.”  It was a big decision for me, and my patients. When my partners and […]