Some of my favorite places

By Mike Steely   After some 50 years of wandering around the Southeast I’ve visited many, many places that interested me or my wife. We’ve been in every Tennessee State Park except one, in many parks in the region’s states and many National Parks. Sometimes the things you remember the most are not in parks […]

Piddle Diddle, the Widdle Penguin, Gallops into Spring!

  By Ralphine Major It is hard to believe winter is over! We were invited to speak at the Ossoli Circle Clubhouse; we introduced “Piddle Diddle, the Widdle Penguin, and the Texas Longhorns”—our latest book in the series—in an interview with Alan Williams on CW 20 television (see our Facebook page and; we had […]

UT athletics looking up under Fulmer, except for track

By Steve Williams I’ve always heard time goes by faster when you’re busy or having a good time. Maybe that’s why Phillip Fulmer’s 100th day on the job as UT’s new Director of Athletics flew right past me. When I counted up the days a couple of weeks ago, I discovered that day had already […]

The document dump sheds light on coaching search

  By Alex Norman Back on March 22nd, Tennessee announced that they had settled with now former athletics director John Currie on a contract buyout.  Currie, who had technically been suspended with pay since December 1st, would end up receiving $2.5 million for what amounted to eight months of work. Currie also oversaw the most […]

Bud Armstrong is Right

Bud Armstrong is Right

By Steve Hunley There are a great many hard-working deputies in the Knox County Sheriff’s Department. Yet the recent controversy between the Knox County Pension Board and Knox County Law Director Richard “Bud” Armstrong illustrates an arrogant sense of entitlement and privilege. Evidently seven deputies have been allowed by the pension board to retire at […]

Senator Reed Smoot of Utah

Senator Reed Smoot of Utah

By Ray Hill Reed Smoot is a name long since forgotten by most, save for those few who remember the Smoot – Hawley tariff legislation.  Yet, Reed Smoot was the first Mormon ever to be elected to the United States Senate, setting off a firestorm that consumed much of his first six-year term.  Fear and […]

How is DNA Evidence Used in Paternity Lawsuits?

By Jedidiah McKeehan It seems that whenever I am watching a crime drama on TV, the detective and his team are using some fancy DNA test to figure out who the criminal is.  Unfortunately, that does not happen really at all in the real world (sorry to burst your bubble).  However, DNA testing is used […]

God’s Gift on a Wednesday Morning

By Ralphine Major The sight was breathtaking!  Just when we were beginning to enjoy temperatures in the sixties and even the seventies, Mother Nature unveiled a surprise!  An early spring snow marked the first day of spring! Evidently, some areas got more than others.  My brother observed that closer to downtown, there was hardly any […]

I’ll do better from now on

By Joe Rector Well, March Madness became just that for Tennessee fans. In the span of 24 hours, both of our favorite teams exited the NCAA tournament. During the same timeframe, the Vols baseball team lost two games to Ole Miss. Ouch, it was rough weekend and a terrible way to end Spring Break week. […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson I recently learned that all languages have a word for the soul – not to be confused with the music of Motown. Materialism is a philosophy of objectivity, so a materialist might argue the soul does not exist because it cannot be measured. However, there are other things which can’t be […]

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