A Cold Night in Murfreesboro

By Ralphine Major It was January of ‘65 and the undefeated Gibbs Eagles were in Middle Tennessee for a matchup with undefeated Murfreesboro. Principal Max Clendenen tried to open the door for the Gibbs group to enter the gym. A man stuck his head out and said, “Sorry, there is no more room. It is […]

Les Couleurs

By Dr. Jim Ferguson “The world stands out on either side, no wider than the heart is wide; Above the world is stretched the sky, no higher than the soul is high…” Edna St. Vincent Millay   I think it’s easier to comprehend the vastness of the ocean (and the world) from the deck of […]

The White Chief: James K. Vardaman of Mississippi

The White Chief: James K. Vardaman of Mississippi

By Ray Hill The South produced a number of successful demagogues, not the least of which was James K. Vardaman, a governor and senator from Mississippi.  At the height of his career, Vardaman was unquestionably the most popular politician in Mississippi. James Kimble Vardaman was born July 26, 1861, just as the Civil War commenced.  […]

The Doctor Is In: Winter Itch

By Dr. Jim Ferguson If you’ve got an itch, you’ve got to scratch it; but should you?  To borrow from the Bard, “To scratch, or not to scratch; that is the question.”  Maybe I’m focused on skin lately because my own nose is so red and painful.  Recently, my dermatologist prescribed a topical chemotherapy agent […]

Making Plans for Murfreesboro—Again

By Ralphine Major The 1964-65 Gibbs High School boys’ basketball team was having an exciting year.  Since their win over Livingston Academy before Christmas, they played six more games in January.  The team from the smallest school in the county was still undefeated.  Bob Dagley, Coach of the Eagles, got another call from the Murfreesboro […]

All-out effort has made Skylar McBee a joy to watch

By Steve Williams I don’t know about you, but I’m gonna miss Skylar McBee. Oh sure, there have been many better University of Tennessee basketball players over the years, but no one has competed any harder than McBee, who is scheduled to play his last home game this coming Saturday when Tennessee hosts Missouri in […]

Today’s Tennessee Basketball

By Alex Norman A couple of weeks ago in this column I lamented the state of Tennessee men’s basketball. Today I stand before you a changed writer. But I think that I had pretty good reasons for questioning the excitement level around the Vols program. Back on February 9th the Vols stood at 11-10 on […]

Crater People

By Sarah Baker Russia’s recent shocking encounter with a meteor brought some much needed attention to my hometown of Middlesboro, Kentucky. Just under two hours north of Knoxville, my hometown of about 10,000 residents is nestled against the Tennessee and Virginia borders. The attention was justified because Middlesboro is considered the site of one of […]

Focus on the law: Tips for Tenants

By Sharon Frankenberg, Attorney at Law In last week’s column, I focused on tips for landlords. This week I would like to focus on tips to prevent common mistakes made on the tenant’s side of a lease transaction. Before you decide to rent, evaluate the unit’s location carefully. Is the neighborhood safe? Do you have […]