A Tale of Tennessee and the FBI: Senator K. D. McKellar and J. Edgar Hoover

A Tale of Tennessee and the FBI:  Senator K. D. McKellar and J. Edgar Hoover

By Ray Hill Francis Biddle, was Attorney General of the United States under President Franklin D. Roosevelt and noted Tennessee’s Senator Kenneth D. McKellar could be “obstinate” and “vindictive”, but was careful to note McKellar was “shrewd”. Biddle also added that McKellar “never forgot”. It was McKellar’s long memory that caused the Tennessean to bedevil […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson At this time of my life I’ve learned to ask, “Why?” when confronted by issues or perspectives.  This is certainly true of politics, but applies in medicine as well.  Our word politics comes from the Greek term polis or city-state. The great statesman, Pericles, of ancient Athens said that the business […]

Recipes For Body and Soul

By Rosie Moore Recipes For Body and Soul Summer is about halfway through and no one wants to stand at a hot stove cooking. I have a healthy recipe for the body and good thoughts for the soul Enjoy! Black Bean and Corn Salad (for body) This bright, simple salad is a great potluck dish, […]

Publisher’s Position: Leuthold Right Choice For Trustee

By Steve Hunley The Knox County Commission made a wise choice in selecting Craig Leuthold to serve as Trustee following the resignation of John J. Duncan, III. Leuthold has the necessary experience to do a good job for taxpayers in an office of vital importance to our community.  A former member of the Knox County […]

Barefoot Barred

By Joe Rector One of the most favorite things about summer to many is the chance to go barefoot. In other areas of the country, we Tennesseans are believed to be shoeless all the time. The fact is that I’ve never been crazy about going without shoes. Doing so has always caused nothing but troubles. […]

Let the hitting begin!

By Steve Williams Another high school football season is almost upon us. Three weeks from now, without fail, the summer temperatures will drop and there will be a nip in the air, just in time for opening kickoffs. Teams have been preparing since the week of July 8, after the Tennessee Secondary Schools Athletic Association’s […]

WIDNER: Going Wide for Rebounds (Part III)

By Ralphine Major It was a scrapbook from the sixties.  There was nothing fancy on the pages like is seen in today’s scrapbooks.  But, it had all I needed to see.  Bold headlines and pictures clipped from the local newspapers—the Knoxville Journal and Knoxville News Sentinel–captured the action of the Gibbs Eagles’ amazing 1964-65 season.  […]

Fight or Flight

By Dr. Jim Ferguson Recent remarks in the media and by our leaders regarding the Zimmerman trial caused me to reflect on a paper that recently appeared in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM).  I first heard of the fight or flight response in health class which we all had to take in […]

WIDNER: Going Wide for Rebounds (Part II)

By Ralphine Major The Gibbs Eagles and their Head Coach Bob Dagley created an awesome 1964-65 basketball season.  Forward David Widner started claiming rebounds.  But the coach had a problem.  Dagley had another player who felt the same way—that every rebound belonged to him.  That player was Tommy Everette.  “Widner and Everette would battle anyone […]