Eric Berry Maintains His Tennessee Connection

By Alex Norman On a beautiful late spring weekend, around 125 kids showed up at Grace Christian Academy for the Eric Berry D1 Iron Sharpens Iron Football Camp. For Berry, a former Tennessee Vols All-American, camps like this one are a look into the future for when his National Football League playing days are done. […]

Another generation of Mynatt Brothers

By Ralphine Major It is a common name in the Halls Community–Mynatt Road, Mynatt Cemetery, Mynatt Funeral Home, and Mynatt’s Furniture. There is another set of Mynatt Brothers with ties to Halls. They grew up on their family’s farm in Halls and attended all twelve grades in Halls schools, but these Mynatt Brothers have […]

Why aren’t comics funny any more?

By Rosie Moore When I was eight years old a classmate of mine talked me into going to Woolworth’s 5 & 10 cent store “just to look around.” We came to the comic book section and she quickly stuck a thick book in a purse she had. Then she told me to get one too. […]

Something Above and Outside Ourselves

By Joe Rector I’ve tried to write this piece a couple of times but found it almost impossible. The key is to put it on paper without sounding preachy or religiously stilted. So, here goes another attempt. The main characters in books, TV, and movies are increasingly expressing their doubts or disbeliefs in a […]

FOCUS ON THE LAW: Supremacy Clause

Last week I heard someone complain that our state legislators just don’t understand the Supremacy Clause.  If that statement is true, I am sure they are not the only ones so I thought it might be worth briefly discussing the Supremacy Clause in this column. The Supremacy Clause is found in Article VI, Section 2 […]

The 1938 Senate Primary in Tennessee, V

The 1938 Senate Primary in Tennessee, V

By Ray Hill A  bare-knuckle political battle had rolled across Tennessee for the Democratic nomination fort the United States Senate in 1938.  The contest was a three way fight between incumbent U. S. Senator George L. Berry, Congressman J. Ridley Mitchell, and A. T. “Tom” Stewart. There was actually a fourth candidate on the ballot […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson No, my title is not a typo, nor am I referring to Google, the internet search engine, or a gargoyle.  These days we are bombarded with information and often by staggering numbers.  I remember when a millionaire was someone like Thurston Howell III on Gilligan’s Island; and I didn’t know anyone […]

Basketball, Rabbits, and A Loving Mother (Part III)

By Ralphine Major “He took his role and played it well,” Bob Dagley said.  Dagley, head coach of the Gibbs Eagles’ 1964-65 basketball team, was talking about Ron Graves, a senior starter for the Eagles.  “I don’t think he realized how important he was to the team.  When he set a screen, he set a […]

Readers’ Night Out

By Sarah Baker Friends of Literacy hosted a Readers’ Night Out event at Union Avenue Books on June 16.  Local authors including Art Smith, Vince Vawter, Marilyn Kallet, Marcel Browers, Carole Anne Borges, Emily Strout and Pamela Schoenewaldt read excerpts from their work and signed copies.  Twenty percent of all book sales benefitted Friends of […]

Camping Nightmares

By Joe Rector I’d listened well, so when our anniversary arrived last December, I bought a tent, sleeping bags, tarps, and air mattresses for a new activity. Amy has this burning desire to camp and hike, things quite different from my preferences for sleeping in my own bed and mowing the yard for exercise. I’ve […]