Getting Ready for Thanksgiving

By Ralphine Major Signs are all around us.  The fall season is gradually disappearing.  Football games and fall festivals are winding down.  Colder temperatures are showing up.  The leaves are reaching their peak, finally turning from summer green to red, orange, and yellow.  By the time this column is printed, daylight savings time will […]

Older is better

By Joe Rector Okay, I’m about to pour out some of my “gray panther” rage. In case you’re unfamiliar with the term, it’s one used to identify us of the older generation. Not all are senior citizens are retired; some gray panthers still are alive and well in today’s workforce. It’s for those folks whom […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson No, this essay is not about how our leaders are failing in their primary duty which is to protect the citizens of the United States. We all know what must be done to prevent terrorism, but there is not the will to do so in Washington. Israel understands that their neighbors […]

Random Thoughts

By Rosie Moore The brilliant array of autumn leaves finally came this autumn but later than usual Why? It depends on the weather. The best weather for brilliant fall foliage is a growing season of ample cool weather and a lot of sunshine. We had a lot of sunshine but no cool weather. Cool weather […]

Vols still have something to play for

By Steve Williams Going into this past weekend’s homecoming game against the Southern Miss Golden Eagles, Tennessee’s football team was 3-5 and looking for its first win since defeating UMass 17-13 on Sept. 23. Despite four straight SEC losses, the Vols hadn’t quit and were still hoping to earn a bowl bid, which requires six […]

Let the Leadership Academy Go

Let the Leadership Academy Go

By Steve Hunley This Wednesday the Knox County Board of Education will vote whether or not to extend the life of the Leadership Academy, the brainchild and refuge of former Superintendent of Schools Jim McIntyre.  McIntyre is paid $180,000 annually for teaching three hours per week and while his salary evidently comes from various sources […]

The Last Years of Nancy Kefauver

The Last Years of Nancy Kefauver

By Ray Hill Senator Estes Kefauver died on August 10, 1963 when his aorta burst.  Kefauver had died at Bethesda Naval Hospital and according to his biographer, Charles Fontenay, the senator had put off urgent surgery to await the arrival of his wife, who was vacationing with two of their daughters in Colorado.  Nancy Kefauver  […]

Your One Vote Counts

By Mike Steely It’s only local government, right? Your vote won’t make a difference so why bother, right? Wrong. November 7’s city council election might be close in several of the five races. As a city resident you can vote for all five of the contests. District residents decided the top two candidates in the […]

Moral Psychology

By Dr. Jim Ferguson How can we have common sense if we have nothing in common? The word community derives from the root word common and refers to a people who have commonly held interests. Does common sense or community still exist in our divided United States of America? I’ve always wondered how two sane […]

Change at the Crossroads

By Ralphine Major At times, it is hard to remember what the landscape was like before the much needed red lights. For years, it seemed nothing changed at the four-way stop at Harbison’s Crossroads. Our school bus ride always passed by the late Neva Cardwell’s home on the right before reaching the crossroads. Mrs. Cardwell […]

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