Tennessee’s Class of 2018…

  Not Bad Considering the Circumstances By Alex Norman First things first… the sky is not falling. Did Tennessee get a top 10 recruiting class?  No.  When all is said the done, this class likely falls in that 18th to 22nd range nationally, and around 8th in the conference. Were there disappointments on National Signing […]

School Board Should Completely End Leadership Academy Relationship With McIntyre

School Board Should Completely End Leadership Academy Relationship With McIntyre

By Steve Hunley What most people in Knox County don’t seem to realize is that Jim McIntyre’s Leadership Academy is still very much alive.  When current Superintendent Bob Thomas presented the board of education with a proposal removing $900,000 of funding, Thomas concurrently recommended to the board that the school system continue to participate in […]

A man and his soul

By Rosie Moore He was born on September 23, 1930 in Albany, Georgia, to a teenage orphan making her living as a sharecropper. Later his father abandoned them. He started to lose his sight around the age of four or five and became completely blind at the age of seven. His younger brother drowned in […]

Miss Brunetta

By Ralphine Major ralphine3@yahoo.com She may have been best known as a fourth grade teacher at Gibbs Elementary School. I knew who she was because our father had her as a teacher. Brunetta Sharp graduated from Gibbs High School and The University of Tennessee and enjoyed a long career at Gibbs Elementary. Teaching was her […]


By Joe Rector I arrived at one high school in Knox County to substitute not long ago. When I arrived, the lady in charge told me that I would fill in for a different teacher for each afternoon class. It seems as though teachers are dropping like flies; 25 were out on this day. According […]

What is a Notice of Appearance?

By Jedidiah McKeehan There may come a point in your life when a lawsuit is filed against you and you decide that you need to hire an attorney to represent you in court.  Or you may have filed a lawsuit on your own in general sessions (small claims) court and then decided at a later […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson By the time you read this, it will be February. This year Groundhog Day will be on Friday February 2nd. Legend holds that if Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow, we’ll have six more weeks of winter. Hopefully, it’ll be cloudy over Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania and spring will be just around the corner. […]

Your Guide to National Signing Day

By Alex Norman It is an unofficial holiday for football fans across the country. National Signing Day… when grown adults sit on pins and needles as they wait for teenagers they probably will never meet to decide where they will attend college. This year NSD is on Wednesday, February 7th. I’m still waiting for the […]

FBI: Changes needed at the top

FBI: Changes needed at the top

By Steve Hunley   With the release of the by now infamous FISA memo, it has been a lot of fun to watch the opponents of President Trump, almost all Democrats, babbling about protecting the integrity and credibility of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Leftists, Democrats and most mainstream media types have been attempting to […]

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