Eddie Cantor

Eddie Cantor

By Ray Hill   Americans have always been fascinated with entertainers and Eddie Cantor was nothing if not an entertainer.  Cantor was one of those few stars who conquered every popular entertainment medium of his time; stage, film, recording artist, television and radio.  Eddie Cantor could do it all, sing, dance, act, and was a […]

The Fountain of Youth

By Dr. Jim Ferguson My Christmas essays for 2017 were written in weeks past. So, if you missed them or other essays, the Knoxville Focus has a fine website and archive of previous issues, including my pontifications. Just go to knoxfocus.com, click on archives and then select the week you missed. Finally, go the bottom […]

A Favorite Christmas Memory

By Ralphine Major Do you have a favorite Christmas memory? Perhaps, it is your loved ones sitting around the dining room table on Christmas Day or family members gathered around the Christmas tree opening gifts. By the time Focus readers see this column, Christmas Day will have come to a close. But, our favorite memories […]

Christmas Twists

By Joe Rector Christmas is perhaps the day that brings the most happiness for most folks, but for some it’s a day that elicits sadness and loneliness. Those feelings are never more stinging than that first Christmas when a loved one is no longer there. More than fifty years ago, my brothers, mother, and I […]

Property Protected Even When You Have a Judgment Against You

By Jedidiah McKeehan I see lots of people come to the courthouse who end up with a judgment against them for some reason or another.  Maybe they got behind on their credit card payments, maybe they took out a payday loan that they shouldn’t have taken, or maybe they couldn’t pay the medical bills they […]

A lot of us for once will be pulling for Alabama

By Steve Williams Bobbie Fisher, who operates my favorite booth at the Expo Center Flea Market with her husband John, told me she would be rooting for Jeremy Pruitt and Alabama in the upcoming College Football Playoffs. And I quickly told her I would be, too, as I’m sure a lot of Tennessee fans will […]

Ned Carmack, Part II

Ned Carmack, Part II

By Ray Hill W. “Ned” Carmack’s campaign for the United States Senate ended on a dusty road in rural West Tennessee under circumstances never resolved. Carmack’s wife Charlotte arrived to whisk him home to Murfreesboro, where Carmack spent some time in a hospital. Found unconscious, beaten, bloodied and partially paralyzed, Ned Carmack was forced to […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson This is an unusual Christmas season for me. I say this because all my shopping is done, the presents are wrapped and are already under the tree. I’m not being smug because my wife Becky, like most women, does the lion’s share of Christmas shopping. Actually, she likes shopping, and I […]

New discoveries for an old body

By Joe Rector Once again, I’m thinking about growing older each and every day. Yes, doing so beats the alternative, and I’m not complaining…sort of. What I’d rather say is that I’m discovering new things that accompany new birthdays. For one, I’ve learned new tricks for retrieving things that I drop or which lie in […]

Merry Christmas!

By Ralphine Major It is a favorite among the Christmas songs—”The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.”  It’s true.  The words that Andy Williams made so popular at Christmas time carry so much meaning.  Folks seem friendlier, days seem brighter, and moods seem lighter.  Joy abounds all around us. 2017 brought to us an eventful […]