Seventy-Three Years of Life and Times

By Mike Steely I’ve just had my 73rd birthday and I’ve been thinking back on my life and thanking my wife Lettie for putting up with me since 1966, my sons and grandchildren for adding happiness and responsibility to my life, and all the friends I’ve had over those long years. I’ve lived through the […]

A Baker’s Dozen or So

By Dr. Jim Ferguson Though I am semi-retired, I’m still on-call for the Holidays, and patients do get sick on Christmas Eve. When I was in traditional medical practice my partners and I rotated holidays and night calls as well as weekend hospital rounds. Interestingly, the four-day Thanksgiving weekend was the least desired. And this […]

The One and Only Reagan

By Ralphine Major We went to see a beautifully decorated Christmas tree with ornaments representing 68 countries at the home of Carolyn Jensen.  While there, we fell in love with a little dog named after America’s 40th President!  I was fascinated with the furry little bundle that checked us out upon our arrival and then […]

Cutting the Cord and the ‘Experts’

Cutting the Cord and the ‘Experts’

By Steve Hunley There is a new phrase to summarize where many Americans find themselves currently in the age of “fake news.”  It’s called “cord cutting”, meaning folks who have cut the cord to cable television and/or land line telephones.  It is also indicative of how many people are cutting the cord to news media […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson Like a person’s life, a culture is comprised of stories. And at this time of the year virtually everyone has a Christmas story or a Holiday tradition. To a certain extent, humans are creatures of habit and comfort. We like things as we remember them and especially those that brought joy […]

It’s the traditions that make things special

  By Joe Rector Merry Christmas! I hope yours will be a fabulous one. As far as I’m concerned, any Christmas spent with loved ones is good. Maybe the gifts aren’t just right, or maybe “the little lights are twinkling,” but the traditions that we all follow each year give us plenty of reasons to […]

Visiting Harrell Road Stormwater Park

Visiting Harrell Road Stormwater Park

By Mike Steely Want to visit a really unique group of parks right here in Knox County? You could take a day away from home and take the family to the various unique parks in northwest Knox County. The most unusual of these many parks has got to be Harrell Road Stormwater Park. Donated to […]

Christmas Around the World!

By Ralphine Major A rose from Spain.  A koala bear from Australia. Venetian glass from Venice. From Puerto Rico, a butterfly—the symbol of new life. Ornaments from Japan, Prague, China, and the list goes on. The magnificent ten-foot Christmas tree is the focal point upon entering the home of Carolyn Jensen. It is adorned with […]

How Do I Win My Slip and Fall Case?

By Jedidah McKeehan When individuals come to me and want me to represent them on their personal injury case, they are typically talking about one of two types of cases, a car wreck or a slip and fall case. While most attorneys are willing to represent someone on a car wreck case, attorneys are much […]