Stampedes and Solace

  By Dr. Jim Ferguson   Three weeks ago, who would have imagined that the stock market would fall 8000 points, OPEC would dissolve in an oil war between Saudi Arabia and Russia, Bolshevik Bernie’s campaign would go from the lead to the sewer, sports would cease and the world would lose its mind over […]

Coronavirus creates havoc for Vols, Lady Vols

  By Mark Nagi When you first heard about the Coronavirus, you probably didn’t think very much of it. Far too often it has been a boy who cried wolf type situation when we are told about something that could affect out health. But this is different. Look, I’m not an epidemiologist, so the last […]

Coronavirus vs. Sports World

Did we get it right? By Steve Williams “I think the media are blowing this way out of proportion and are frightening a lot of people unnecessarily.” Those were the words of Dr. Jerry Punch, longtime ESPN sports broadcaster who now makes his home in this area and is a regular guest on The Sports […]


  By Ralphine Major No fans?  What is March Madness without fans! It has never happened before.  The long-awaited basketball tournament games will be played this year with no fans in the stands.  The unprecedented move is a testament to the seriousness of the Coronavirus that has been declared a global pandemic. Every year, people […]

What Should I Wear to Court?

By Jedidiah McKeehan A courthouse is an interesting place.  There are people from all walks of life there.  You see people there in dress suits, and you see people there in jumpsuits.  You may be unfamiliar with the attire that is worn to court because you are someone who does not go to court very […]

Old white men

By Joe Rector As of a few days ago, Elizabeth Warren ended her bid to become the Democratic nominee for president. Except for Tulsi Gabbard, who hangs on with a whopping 1 delegate won from the primary in America Samoa, the surviving candidates are two old white men, one 77 and the other 78. The […]

A Bad Phone Call

By Joe Rector Amy and I recently attended the funeral of a long-time church friend. Herb Allender was a 98-year-old World War II fighter pilot. He’d served his family, community, and God well for all those years. A standing-room only crowd arrived to honor Herb and to support his children and wife, Mary Beth, to […]

Honest Abe

By Rosie Moore Two weeks ago, I promised to write about Abraham Lincoln after I wrote about George Washington, but my computer wouldn’t cooperate, so I’m doing it this week. Mr. Lincoln didn’t like to be called Abe but he really liked when people called him Honest Abe. Born on February 12, 1809 in a […]