What Are Court Costs?

By Jedidiah McKeehan In every single kind of court case, both civil and criminal, there is typically a cost to you just to be involved in the case.  That cost is what is commonly referred to as the court costs.  What are court costs?  Court costs are what the court system charges people on various […]

Bill Brock of Tennessee, Part One

Bill Brock of Tennessee, Part One

By Ray Hill The transformation of turning Tennessee from a solidly Democratic state to a two-party state belongs to the candidacies of three men: Howard Baker, Bill Brock and Winfield Dunn. Perhaps Bill Brock is less well remembered than either Howard Baker or Winfield Dunn because he never returned to Tennessee to live after establishing […]

What Tennessee Law Actually Says About Acting in Self-Defense

By Jed McKeehan We have all heard that we can act in self-defense when someone is trying to hurt us but what does Tennessee law actually says we are allowed to do that?  There are actually three very short statutes that spell out what you can do when acting in self-defense. Tennessee Code Annotated section […]

A wedding in the mountains

By Rosie Moore Roan State Park is in a beautiful, lush mountain area in Carter County, near the little town of Elizabethton, Tennessee. The hills are symmetrically dotted by spruce-fir trees that bedazzle one’s eyes and later become Christmas trees. Also, there are many other varieties of trees. Among this acreage are beautiful rustic cabins […]

Seasons of a Young Life

By Ralphine Major I saw her at the end of the line looking grown up in cap and gown.  High school graduates were honored at our church on Mother’s Day.  My mind raced back to a time when I first met the graduating senior as a two-year-old one Sunday. With this child in her arms, […]

It’s a time to celebrate!

By Joe Rector All over the country, folks are assembling at churches, school gyms, and larger facilities to hold graduation ceremonies. Whether the event is for a high school or college, moms, dads, husbands, wives, and children are celebrating the educational accomplishments of students. Some historical accounts report that the traditional cap and gown were […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson As Becky and I travel, it’s not unusual for people to ask me if I’m from Texas. I don’t wear a ten gallon hat, but apparently I have an accent confused with a Texas drawl. Actually, my accent is East Tennessean with a nasal drawl. I often respond by noting many […]

Camp Blanding and Penney Farms

By Mike Steely Next time you’re in Northern Florida, whether it’s for a UT game in Gainesville, or if you’re passing through on the way to Disney, there’s a Day Away side trip that’s free and interesting. If you’re into military history or the ministry, there are two places just east of Gainesville that are […]

‘He cares for every kid he’s ever coached’

Teddy Williams named ‘honorary guest coach’ By Steve Williams There’s no telling how many Halls High School football players Teddy Williams coached over the years. Oh, he didn’t coach them when they were actually playing on the high school team. But he played a big part in introducing them to the sport and was there […]