How Does a Conservatorship Work?

By Jedidiah McKeehan A legal term that you may have heard before is the term, “conservator,” or “conservatorship.”  What do these terms actually mean? So the term conservator, guardian, and power of attorney are terms that usually run in the same circles in that they get confused and used incorrectly frequently. A guardian typically applies […]

Super Bowl LIII Preview

  By Alex Norman On Sunday it is the most unofficial of unofficial American Holidays. The Super Bowl. The Los Angeles Rams, a team people in their own city really don’t care about, will face the New England Patriots, a team most outside of the Northeast of our nation despise. We are living in a […]

Lady Vols don’t even resemble past great teams

By Steve Williams It was like old times for the Tennessee Lady Vols Thursday night as they led No. 1 ranked Notre Dame at halftime. But that lead didn’t last much longer and the UT women’s basketball program chalked up another dubious distinction – its first ever four-game losing streak at The Summitt, the court […]

Decoding Knoxville’s Recoding

Decoding Knoxville’s Recoding

By Steve Hunley The City of Knoxville, citing the need to update and complete a comprehensive zoning plan that hasn’t changed in fifty years, is embarking upon making some significant changes that will affect the futures of tens of thousands of Knoxvillians.  Perhaps the biggest question is what’s the rush in attempting to pass the […]

Lost in modernity

By Dr. Jim Ferguson There are many reasons I left traditional medicine. For more than four decades I cared for patients in my office and then, when necessary, followed them to the emergency room or the hospital. I have jokingly told patients I could take out their appendix, but they would probably never be quite […]

Emeritus Missionaries Remember Christmas in Spain

By Ralphine Major They met in Michigan, though both couples were from Tennessee. Missionaries Howard and Joyce Nighbert Clark were on their first stateside assignment in 1986. The Clarks shared their need to have someone pastor their church when they took their next stateside assignment in December 1988. Long-time Wallace Memorial Baptist Church Pastor Jim […]

Whole Lot of Changing Going On

By Joe Rector I’m sometimes awed by the differences that exist in this world compared to the one that existed just ten years ago. That’s how long ago it has been since I retired from teaching. I swore when I left that I would never return, another instance where I’ve had to eat my words. […]

The old Pan Am gas station

By Mike Steely Are you old enough to remember those gas stations that would not only come out and fill your car’s fuel tank but also wipe your windshield or check your tires? Things have changed but there are some of those “ghost” filling stations left. A day’s drive in our area can bring you […]

What is an easement?

By Jedidiah McKeehan You may have heard of the legal term “easement” and may even know that it is a term related to property.  However, you may not know exactly what this term means. An easement is the ability and right to legally use and travel on someone else’s property without actually owning that property. […]