Our River

By Dr. Jim Ferguson You know it’s time for a vacation when everything you read and hear sours your soul. I turned off the television “news” months ago, but the rants of the utterly despicable Dianne Feinstein and Democrats are everywhere, returning to their playbook of “Borking” and Clarence Thomas “high tech lynching” as they […]

Tight-legged jeans

By Joe Rector Anyone who catches even a glimpse of me immediately recognizes the fact that I’m not much of a dresser. Neither am I in the least bit interested in the latest fashions. So, it would surprise no one that I balked at the thought of wearing the pair of jeans my wife brought […]

Runners get ready!

Corryton 8-Miler and 2-Miler Races Saturday, October 6, 2018 at 8 a.m. Corryton Community and Senior Center, 9331 Davis Road, Corryton, TN 37721 By Ralhine Major The races are just days away!  Hosted by the Corryton Community and Senior Center and Corryton Running Club, the Fourth Annual 8-Miler Race and Third Annual 2-Miler Race in […]

How Phone Calls, Texts, Emails and Posts Will Get You in Trouble

By Jedidiah McKeehan I seem to have a recurring conversation with clients who I have been hired to represent, particularly in family law matters. I tell them that whatever they say in person or on the phone, and whatever they text, email or post on Facebook, will most certainly be played or projected on the […]

Tattoos and beards

By Rosie Moore I don’t like either one of them. I have quite a few friends and relatives who have both, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like them, I just don’t like what they are doing to themselves. I can understand why men grow beards and mustaches, they just get tired of shaving or […]

Enough is Enough: Kavanaugh Circus Must End

Enough is Enough: Kavanaugh Circus Must End

By Steve Hunley Any reasonable person would have to conclude the hearings on the nomination for Judge Brett Kavanaugh to serve on the U. S. Supreme Court is nothing less than a circus. Kavanaugh should have been confirmed by now but for the last-minute accusation made by Christine Blasey Ford, which deserves considerable scrutiny. The […]

Tennessee Talking Horse: Congressman Dan Kuykendall

Tennessee Talking Horse: Congressman Dan Kuykendall

By Ray Hill Dan Kuykendall (pronounced Kirk-en-dall) was the first Republican to be elected to Congress from West Tennessee since 1882.  Kuykendall was also the first Republican to represent E. H. Crump’s former domain of Memphis in the House of Representatives; Kuykendall was also the last Republican to represent the area in Congress. Kuykendall was […]

Learning Philosophies

By Dr. Jim Ferguson   Words have meaning, and are the only way to express thoughts in an essay which affords no additional communication from body language. Anthropologists hold that the development of language was a great leap forward for mankind. And since we don’t read each other’s thoughts -thankfully- language is the human vehicle […]

Pruitt may turn Florida series back around

By Steve Williams Well, it’s Florida Week. Sorry if that doesn’t come across with the same passion as I have expressed in the past. There are reasons for that. First and foremost, one Tennessee win over the Gators since 2004 can alter the hopes of even die-hard fans. But I haven’t thrown in the towel. […]

Too much to do

  By Joe Rector I walked into the workroom early the first day of school after Labor Day because I like to arrive early to find out what I’m supposed to do for the day as a substitute. Some teachers were already present and readying their rooms for students in 7:00 a.m. classes. Others arrived […]