Remembering Schiano Sunday

  By Alex Norman It is a day that will go down in the annals of the history of the University of Tennessee. Not just UT’s athletics history, but the entire University. Sunday, November 26, 2017. The date that Tennessee athletics director John Currie expected to introduce Ohio State defensive coordinator Greg Schiano as the […]

First Class AAA state title game was played in Knoxville

  By Steve Williams Knoxville has had its share of special TSSAA playoff games and moments over the years, and not all of them have to do with winning a championship or coming up just a point short. When the classification system was adopted in 1969 and the first three state title games (Class AAA, […]

Do step-parents have visitation rights?

By Jedidiah McKeehan Step-parents sit in unique situations.  They are in a relationship with someone who has a child who is not their own, and by being in a relationship with this person, they have become a step-parent to this child who is not their own, and may never be their own. Let’s run through […]

Tennessee Governors & the Path to the US Senate, IX

Tennessee Governors & the Path to the US Senate, IX

By Ray Hill James Beriah Frazier had been elected governor of Tennessee in 1902.  A tall, stately man with an elegant appearance, James B. Frazier certainly looked the part of a governor.  Despite his aristocratic appearance, James B. Frazier had worked his way through law school.  The future governor taught school for two years and […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson Southerners are generally a friendly bunch, certainly by comparison to, for instance, New Yorkers or Parisians during the late summer tourist onslaught. My son-in-law from Ohio tells the story of our trip to pick up a boxer for the farm tractor. When the deal was consummated we were treated to breakfast […]

Being Thankful Every Day

  By Ralphine Major We live in America. We have so much to be thankful for as the long-awaited Thanksgiving holiday approaches once again. Too often, it is easy to take for granted the privileges we enjoy and even those we hold most dear. It is so important for our nation and her people […]

What are we willing to do?

By Joe Rector Predictions for the fate of the world are dire. According to scientists on the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the temperature will rise 2.7 degrees by 2030, and that can lead to catastrophic floods, droughts, wild fires, and food shortages throughout the world. Most of those things already occur in our […]

Odds and Ends

By Rosie Moore   John Grisham has done it again. The words seem to flow from his brain unto paper in no time at all. He has written thirty-two novels, one work of non-fiction, a collection of stories, and six novels for young readers. I just finished his newest novel, “The Reckoning” and it is […]

You are the legal guardian of your children

By Jedidiah McKeehan Whether you realize this or not, if you have children under the age of 18 years of age, then under Tennessee law you are considered those children’s guardian. This is a different determination from having custody of a child, being someone’s guardian means that are responsible for a child’s care, nurture, welfare, […]

Tennessee football is on the rise

By Alex Norman I was writing this column before the Missouri game, so I don’t know if the Vols won and secured a bowl game appearance, or if Missouri won and their players carried offensive coordinator (and former Tennessee head coach) Derek Dooley off the field, sparking a riot and the entire destruction of the […]