Seen this before

By Joe Rector Okay, let me get this straight. The year is 2019; this is the USA; and we’re again dealing with issues of race. What in the world happened? I must be in a time warp. The 1960s became the heyday and the battle fields for that social change. After years of segregation, black […]


By Rosie Moore From the time of the first permanent European settlement in 1643, Pennsylvania has been important for its strategic location, spirit of independence, and economic power. The British gained the colony in 1664, but in 1691 King Charles signed a charter granting Pennsylvania to William Penn in exchange for a debt owed to […]

The HUD Connection

The HUD Connection

Have we found the real reason for Recode? By Steve Hunley, Publisher Have we found the real reason for Recode? Last week we concluded The Knoxville Focus Publisher’s Position with a question, “What is the real reason for Recode?” We also asked Focus readers to call their city council representatives and ask the question, […]

Will Recode Raise Taxes?

Will Recode Raise Taxes?

By Steve Hunley As the City of Knoxville government considers the “Recode” proposal, I’ve heard that some officials are insisting Recode will not cause taxes to increase.  That just cannot be true.  While Recode has undergone more permutations than Frankenstein’s monster, the supposed purpose of Recode was to increase the “density” of Knoxville, meaning increase […]

Decision to add Terry Brown to Hall of Fame was easy

Decision to add Terry Brown to Hall of Fame was easy

By Steve Williams Gratitude filled Terry Brown’s thoughts when he found out he was going to be inducted into the Greater Knoxville Sports Hall of Fame. The longtime official was very appreciative of being among what he called a “magnificent” 2019 class of inductees, and he reflected too on the previous “celebrated” classes he would […]

What is a Pre-Nuptial Agreement?

  By Jedidiah McKeehan A fairly common legal term that you may have heard of is a, “pre-nuptial agreement,” or the shortened version of that term, “pre-nup.”  But what actually is a pre-nuptial agreement and what is contained in that agreement? First, let’s break down the term, “nuptials.”  It is not an often used phrase, […]

Angela ‘happiness abounding’

By Ralphine Major It was another beautiful Sunday morning.  A day to honor mothers.  A day to celebrate graduates.  We had just taken our seats when the lady in front of us turned to ask, “Did you hear about Angela?” “No,” I answered.  “What about her?” “She had a massive stroke and died,” the lady […]

Real and compelling

  By Joe Rector Too many people these days are watching “reality television” programs. “The Apprentice” proved to be one of the more popular of all time, and it propelled the leading character to becoming the president of the country. Others include “The Bachelor,” “The Bachelorette,” and “Survivor.” A cruder program has young people meeting […]

Exploring Virginia’s I-81 attractions

By Mike Steely Many of us know that Interstate 81 begins just east of Dandridge as I-40 turns south but many people probably don’t know that I-81 continues all the way to Alexandria Bay, New York, and from there enters Canada. It’s an interesting but busy route for trucks and the intestate flows up through […]