Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood

By Rosie Moore When my children were youngsters in elementary school, they would hurry home to watch TV. They didn’t watch  Lost In Space, The Twilight Zone, Hogan’s Heroes, or Gunsmoke. They watched a program for children narrated by a laid-back, soft-spoken Pennsylvanian named Fred Rogers. His episodes would always start the same way. He […]

Music is Vital

By Joe Rector I went to visit Farragut High School on Thursday afternoon a couple of weeks ago for a concert band festival. My brother Jim, who is helping the band in Lenoir City, asked me to drop by so the kids could see his twin. A prior engagement prevented me from staying to listen […]

The Chalk Board for March 21, 2016

By Sally Absher It’s Budget Time for the Board of Education The Knox County Board of Education will hold its mid-month work session on Wednesday, March 23, at 5 pm in the Boardroom on the first floor of the Andrew Johnson Building (912  Gay Street). This month’s mid-month meeting will focus on discussion of the […]

Don’t look, don’t tell

By Sally Absher That is the directive on the TNReady test. Teachers are forbidden to look at or talk about the tests. And parents are certainly not allowed to see the tests! You just have to trust that everything lines up with the standards and the curriculum, the way the folks at the State (and […]

Easter Blessings

Easter Blessings

By Ralphine Major Mother Nature is putting on a show!  She is covering winter’s drab canvas by weaving a tapestry of beauty.  Only days from the official start of spring, the earth is bursting forth with new life and new growth.  Driving down the highway, we seemed to be surrounded by vibrant green fields, yellow […]

Elementary Memories

By Joe Rector Maybe our memory banks dredge up selective events as we grow older. My work buddy Steve and I were talking the other day and began recalling some of the things that occurred during our years in elementary school. They came flooding back in living color and might have been embellished by the […]

Here a little, there a little

By Rosie Moore With the elections news in the foreground it’s hard to keep one’s mind on things. I missed writing about some subjects last week, concerning February, so I’m going to add them today. I don’t think March will mind.  Because Easter is  being celebrated a little early this year, I’m having a hard […]

The Chalk Board for March 14, 2016

By Sally Absher Nominations Received for KCS Interim Superintendent March 7 was the deadline established by the Board of Education for those interested in being considered for the interim Superintendent position to submit their name, and for those wishing to nominate someone for the position to do so. Seven nominations were received. Last month the […]

Parents Stand Up Against Test Stress

By Sally Absher The testing window for Part One of the TNReady assessment has closed, at least for students in Knox County. The (revised) testing window is officially February 22 – March 18, but with KCS on Spring Break now, Knox County students finished up Part One by March 11. So it was timely that […]

A Life of Memories

By Dr. Jim Ferguson I once read that Billy Graham was sorry he didn’t memorize more Bible verses when he was young, so that he would have them when he was older and failing vision made reading the Bible more difficult. Memorization is not emphasized in education these days. My sixth grade teacher made our […]

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