A DAY AWAY: Who built state parks in Tennessee?

A DAY AWAY: Who built state parks in Tennessee?

By Mike Steely Ever wonder who built the state parks in Tennessee? The parks—with pools, trails, campgrounds, roads, parking lots, pavilions, cabins, dams and administration buildings— didn’t just spontaneously appear. As I’ve written before, my wife and I have visited all but one of the 59 Tennessee State Parks and what surprised us was the […]

Power of Attorney: What is It and Do You Need One?

By Jedidiah McKeehan attorneyknoxville@gmail.com Do you know someone who has elderly parents who aren’t able to get out to the grocery store or bank by themselves anymore?  Do you know someone who is getting to the point where they are starting to get forgetful or can get confused on occasion and need assistance in balancing […]

To the Summitt

By Dr. Jim Ferguson Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) is a cruel condition. It takes away a person’s humanity and then their life. In ancient times a person was considered alive as long as they were breathing. In Genesis 2:7, God “breathed into man and he became a living being.” I imagined this as ensoulment in a […]

Family roots and values kept Pat well grounded

By Steve Williams When Pat Head Summit was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2000, one of her remarks in her acceptance speech was, “I feel like I’m an angel in a basketball Heaven.” For years, Pat could have passed for an angel. Early last Tuesday morning she became one. Here locally and […]


  By Ralphine Major I always thought she belonged to Knoxville and Tennessee. Sometimes, I almost forgot that along the way, this local celebrity became a national icon. Pat Head Summitt was the Head Coach of the Tennessee Lady Vols for 38 years. Pat’s life story sounds like something in a movie: a farm girl […]

Secret Life of the Bees

By Rosie Moore No, I am not plagiarizing the entertaining and informative book by Sue Monk Kidd. I do want to know about the secret life of the bees. I have started to add honey to my food regimen in place of sugar and found out seven surprising facts about it. All of these facts […]

Summer wasn’t so grand

By Joe Rector Ah, summer! Is anything comparable to it? Plenty of hot weather comes to the point so that some folks long for the snowy months. Gardens and flowers burst forth in exhibition of our green thumbs. Most of all, the kids are out of school and are overcome with joy about their temporary […]

Will Regulations Render ESSA No Better Than NCLB?

By Sally Absher Last month, U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander welcomed members of the Tennessee School Boards Association (TSBA) to his Washington D.C. office. KCS Board of Education member Patti Bounds was one of a group of TSBA members in Washington to participate in the National School Boards Association’s Advocacy Institute. He told the TSBA members, […]

Buzz Thomas Off To A Good Start

Buzz Thomas Off To A Good Start

By Steve Hunley Interim School Superintendent Buzz Thomas is off to a good start with his letter to the community.  Thomas has hit the right note by clearly indicating he’s cognizant of every stakeholder involved in the school system, which extends beyond teachers, students, and parents.  Buzz Thomas even mentioned the taxpayers, a group Jim […]

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