Happy 4th of July!

By Ralphine Major The day is celebrated with parades and fireworks, picnics and cookouts, barbeque and watermelon!It is America’s birthday and one of the most important days in our nation’s history.  The patriotic holiday is known as Independence Day or the Fourth of July.  The year was 1776 when America gained her independence—241 years ago! […]

Broken Shells

By Joe Rector One of the best things about the beach is hunting seashells. Over the years, I collected enough to make a table that weighs just slightly under a ton and a bedside lamp that is much lighter. Bags of the things are tucked away in cabinets and boxes both inside the house and […]

Remembering Lou Gehrig on America’s birthday

By Steve Williams As we celebrate America’s birthday this week, I would like to share some famous sports events that occurred on July 4th over the years. Although it happened before most of us were alive, many sports fans have heard and seen the replay of Lou Gehrig’s famous farewell speech at Yankee Stadium in […]

Missing Pat Summitt

By Alex Norman We don’t expect our heroes to be fallible. But unfortunately they are made of the same flesh and bone as the rest of us. Last week marked the one year anniversary of the death of Pat Summitt and Tennessee is not the same without her.  I’m not just talking about things that […]

‘Now I lay me down to sleep…’

By Dr. Jim Ferguson I never know what I’m going to write about. I used to fret about my publishing deadline. However, after writing a half million words, I don’t search for storylines  anymore, I just wait for stories to find me. And sometimes I don’t know where my thoughts or writing will take me. […]

The last years of Gordon Browning I

The last years of  Gordon Browning I

By Ray Hill Gordon Browning was a veteran of Tennessee’s turbulent and oftentimes brutal political wars. Browning had unseated a twenty-four year incumbent in his first race for Congress in 1920, although he lost the general election to a Republican. Stubborn to a fault, Browning ran again in 1922 and handily beat Lon Scott, the […]

Down the Rabbit Hole

By Dr. Jim Ferguson I don’t pretend to understand how computers work. Like most of us, I have a vague comprehension of electrons swirling through silicon pathways within the devices we hold in our hands or sit on our desktops. I appreciate quantum mechanics which describe the physics of computers that run the modern world. […]

Phillip Fulmer is back!

By Alex Norman Ok… not sure I am used to living in a world in which the University of Tennessee is making smart decisions that also play well in the court of public opinion with regards to athletics. But that’s where we are now. First, new Tennessee athletic director John Currie promoted former Vol Chris […]

UT and Bama should play, but not count in division standings

By Steve Williams Discussion of Tennessee ending its traditional football series against Alabama continues to pop up from time to time and as long as the Vols keep losing to the Crimson Tide, we’ll hear about it more often. I understand the unfairness in the sentiments of those who think the Alabama game should be […]

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