Tennessee’s Hermitage District, VII

Tennessee’s Hermitage District, VII

By Ray Hill Congressman Joseph W. Byrns, Jr. had first been elected to the U. S. House of Representatives in 1938, toppling incumbent Richard M. Atkinson in a hard fought campaign inside the Democratic Primary. Tennessee’s “Hermitage District,” so named because the Fifth Congressional district contained the home of General Andrew Jackson, founder of the […]

Travails of Modernity

By Dr. Jim Ferguson One of my axioms (Fergisms) is, “Old shoes and an older wife are to be cherished.” In other words, shoes that are broken in and still have their soles should not be discarded for the latest fashions. And before I get in trouble with the “older wife” observation, I was the […]

Looking for Fall

By Ralphine Major ralphine3@yahoo.com   Growing up, it seemed butterflies were in abundance on our dairy farm.  They could be spotted in the garden, around flowering bushes, or even on the grass.  Now, it seems, I seldom see one fluttering around anywhere. As I have been looking for fall lately, the cooler morning temperatures and […]

A Pumpkin Recipe

By Rosie Moore Once again it’s time for a yearly pumpkin recipe. Here it is:   Dinner in a Pumpkin   1 medium pumpkin 1 tbs. oil or butter 1 small onion, diced 1 c. sliced fresh (or canned) mushrooms 1-8oz. canned water chestnuts Salt and pepper 1-1/2 lbs. ground beef 1 can cream of […]

Corn stalks and hay bales

  By Joe Rector After an extended summer, something which I thoroughly enjoyed, fall arrived in East Tennessee. Cooler temperatures, along with much needed rain showers, replenished the area this week. With the new season’s arrival, people began stocking up on a variety of decorations for special days. I’ve noticed houses in some of the […]

Visiting Jellico, Tennessee’s ‘First’ Town

Visiting Jellico, Tennessee’s ‘First’ Town

By Mike Steely The little town of Jellico is, in a way, the “first” town in Tennessee. That’s true in a way if you’re headed south on I-75 from the northern states. The town, which is my birth place, straddles the Kentucky border and was once the “Beer Drinking Capital of Kentucky” before neighboring Whitley […]

Tennessee’s Hermitage District, VI

Tennessee’s Hermitage District, VI

By Ray Hill All things considered, thirty-six year-old Congressman Joseph W. Byrns, Jr. seemed to be a sure bet for reelection in 1940.  Representing Tennessee’s famed “Hermitage District,” so named because it contained the home of General Andrew Jackson.  As befitting the Hero of the Battle of New Orleans and the founder of the Democratic […]

Do you say ‘You all’ or ‘Y’all’?

By Mike Steely I was driving back from shopping recently and saw an Allstate billboard that said “Round here it’s Y’Allstate.” That got me to thinking about how our accents have changed over the years. While we may be used to the local accents you don’t have to travel far outside Knox County to encounter […]

Old City Hall

  By Ralphine Major The brick structure is a focal point atop Summit Hill Drive.  Often referred to as the “Old City Hall,” it is located diagonally across from the historic L&N Depot.  (My column featuring the L&N appeared in The Knoxville Focus on 7-11-2011.) The Old City Hall building displays beautiful architecture.  Many may […]