How Do You Get Out of Paying Child Support?

By Jedidiah McKeehan Excuse the crassness and brutal honesty of the question, but one question I get asked often is, “How do I get out of paying child support?” Well, it’s not as easy as you would think.  So, let’s take the prototypical example.  A couple is married, they have a child, and then they […]

Cheap temptations

By Joe Rector Young folks have always faced plenty of temptations in life. They are things that help individuals to live and choose and learn. Sure, not having to face temptations would make existence easier, but without them, persons don’t have the chance to mature and strengthen themselves into the solid individuals that they become. […]

The Quietness of Christmas

By Ralphine Major The timing was perfect!  Last Tuesday marked the two-week countdown to Christmas Eve, and  Mother Nature gave us a winter wonderland to enjoy.  It was truly a Christmas card scene! As I check the calendar, it is unbelievable how quickly the days are passing us by.  Christmas traditions are in full swing:  […]


By Rosie Moore Carols were first sung in Europe thousands of years ago, but these were not Christmas Carols. They were pagan songs, sung at the winter Solstice celebrations as people danced round stone circles. The word Carol actually means dance or song of praise and joy. Carols used to be written and sung during […]

The end is not always golden, but can still sparkle

By Steve Williams Thirty minutes after the game, maybe longer, South-Doyle High School senior quarterback Mason Brang still had his helmet on and chin strap buckled. He was on his way to the Cherokees’ dressing room after their season-ending 20-16 loss to Central in the TSSAA Class 5A state quarterfinals on Nov. 22. He was […]

Tennessee heads to Gator Bowl

By Alex Norman You’d have won a lot of bets if you laid down a few bucks on the Vols bowl game chances when they say at 1-4 and looked like a team ready to give up on the season. But they persevered, won six of their last seven games, and will face Indiana in […]

Tennessee and the League of Nations

Tennessee and the League of Nations

By Ray Hill Tennessee had been staunchly for Woodrow Wilson, both in his 1912 campaign for the presidency and his 1916 reelection campaign. Tennessee’s junior United States senator, Kenneth D. McKellar, had been a fervent admirer of President Wilson as a member of the House of Representatives and if any-thing, his admiration grew as a […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson The ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus said that change is inevitable. Perhaps he came to this conclusion as an older guy standing in front of a mirror instead of considering flowing water referenced in his famous quote, “Panta rhei,” (everything flows). Don’t worry! This essay will not be a philosophical digression. Something […]

Atlanta an unexpected treasure trove for movie buffs

By Mike Steely Atlanta, Georgia offers lots for a family to do including the Coca Cola museum, the Georgia Aquarium, CNN Studio Tours, and so much more. But if you’re a movie buff there’s a surprising place to find relics and information on filming in the state. The President Jimmy Carter Library and Museum is […]