By Dr. Jim Ferguson You never know who you’ll meet at a wine tasting bar. Last week, I met a Roller-Derby gal in what you might think an unlikely place. Becky and I were sightseeing in the Columbia River Gorge and decided to stop at the “best winery in Oregon,” at least as rated in […]

April is Autism Awareness Month

By Ralphine Major On our recent trip to Greeneville, I bought an Autism Awareness bracelet from a lady who was selling it for her grandson.  It was a reminder that I needed to contact Nick Peters.  Nick, who is the son of Carolyn Boruff Peters and Kent Peters, grew up in Corryton.  When Nick was […]


By Joe Rector I listened as Speaker Paul Ryan talked about his tenure as a U.S. representative He regretted that he’d not been able to tackle the problems with “entitlements.” The more politicians talk about entitlements, the more my hackles react. Yes, that means I am growing angrier about the rhetoric that the folks in […]

Not a likely subject

By Rosie Moore I am not going to write a lot of thoughts in this article, because the subject is so hard to fathom, so uneasy to think about, and, mostly, a subject that one does not want to think about. But, there it is,  facing us as we live from day to day. In […]

What Is Subrogation?

  By Jedidiah McKeehan So, the word “subrogation” is probably a word that you have heard at some point in your life, but you may not be exactly sure what it means.  What does it mean, anyway? In the legal context, the word subrogation most often comes in to play in personal injury lawsuits.  For […]

Three years after heart attack, Pyatt referees in state finals

By Steve Williams Longtime basketball official Steve Pyatt suffered a heart attack Jan. 10, 2015. That put him on the sidelines for the remainder of the season, but he wasn’t done. Pyatt still had more miles in his legs, more whistles to blow, more boos to ignore and more fun to have. Officiating is a […]

Fulmer Gets Contract Extension

By Alex Norman From the moment Phillip Fulmer was hired as Tennessee’s athletics director on December 1st, much-needed stability returned to the UT campus. So it wasn’t a surprise to learn that on April 19th, Fulmer received a contract extension that will keep him as the AD until 2021. “Phillip has been a great partner […]

Will TNReady Ever Be Ready?

Will TNReady Ever Be Ready?

  By Steve Hunley Once again the State of Tennessee has been embarrassed by the failure of TNReady. Taxpayers spend $30 million annually to fund TNReady, which is supposed to help gauge the progress of students. It seems every year there is a problem with the testing platform. Amber Rountree, South Knoxville’s representative on the […]

The 1934 Senate Race In Tennessee, Part One

The 1934 Senate Race In Tennessee, Part One

By Ray Hill By 1934, Republicans were not much of a factor in statewide elections in Tennessee. The political landscape in the Volunteer State had changed with the resignation of Senator Cordell Hull, who had agreed to serve as Secretary of State in the administration of President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1933. It fell to […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson   A rare disease has touched our family three times, though it would be years before we connected all the dots. First, an adopted daughter couldn’t move her arms. Then, there was a bride who didn’t smile. And most recently a sister in law started choking and couldn’t swallow. To the […]