Punishment II

By Joe Rector Most folks work for a living. It’s time-consuming and demanding each and every day of the work week. Some people also must put in overtime to complete assignments, often without extra pay. However, of all the jobs, nothing is more intense than being a parent. It’s an even worse chore when children […]

Vols Spring Practice Continues

By Alex Norman It was a beautiful day in Knoxville. On Tuesday, March 24th, the sun was shining brightly without a cloud in the sky.  It was the kind of day that makes you realize spring is here and the long hard winter is over. Vols fans hope that the weather that greeted their football […]

Lucky Dave should parlay his popularity into greater fame

By Steve Williams I‘m beginning to think Dave Hart carries a four-leaf clover around in his pocket. It might even be one he picked off the ground in Tuscaloosa years ago. That doesn’t matter. It’s working for Tennessee now. The popularity rating of the University of Tennessee athletic director jumped from zero to hero in […]

Nothing but Net!

By Ralphine Major It was a good while back that she handed me a big brown envelope. I did not realize at first, but it was full of gems from half a century ago—black and white photographs. I saw Judy and Les Spitzer recently at Georgia Wright’s 91st birthday celebration. Les’s mother, Faye, was a […]

Cumberland Gap: Gateway to the War

By Mike Steely With the upcoming remembrance of 150 years since the end of the American Civil War being held in Knoxville a little known fact is the importance of Cumberland Gap in that struggle. The historic pass played two important roles in the history of the United States, the first as a passage for […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson   I’ve been thinking about miracles lately. Mr. Webster gives three definitions of miracles. One is secular and the other two describe extraordinary events as the work of God or a “divinely natural phenomena experienced humanly as the fulfillment of spiritual law.” I especially like that definition which sounds a lot […]

A. B. Chandler of Kentucky, Part III

By Ray Hill Governor Albert B. “Happy” Chandler had badly lost his bid to defeat Senator Alben W. Barkley for the United States Senate in 1938. The death of Kentucky’s other senator, Marvel M. Logan, gave Chandler the opportunity to go to the Senate. Chandler resigned as governor and a day later his successor appointed […]

How to survive as a landlord

By Sharon Frankenberg, Attorney at Law If you are going to rent residential property, there are many legal issues which may arise.  Here are my suggestions of basic steps to take to reduce common problems faced by landlords.  First, you will need a written rental application.  Make sure that all of the information is accurate […]

Board Discusses FY 2015-2016 Budget

By Sally Absher By Sally Absher sallyabsher@knoxfocus.com The Board of Education spent the bulk of last week’s work session discussing Dr. McIntyre’s revised draft General Fund Budget for the 2015-2016 school year. McIntyre explained that since presenting his initial budget last month, “we have been able to make some progress on a couple of outstanding […]

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