I’m Listening

By Dr. Jim Ferguson “I’m listening” was Frasier Crane’s shtick on his comedy sitcom. I’ve just about quit listening. Not to my wife, which might be dangerous, but to what is advertized as the news. I was once more naive, and believed that events were reported factually. I’ve come to understand this as fallacy. All […]

Q&A with Tennessee commit Ollie Lane

By Alex Norman From time to time we like to catch an area athlete for a quick question and answer session.  Recently The Knoxville Focus spoke one on one with Gibbs offensive lineman Ollie Lane, who has verbally committed to Tennessee’s Class of 2018.  Lane chose Tennessee over Virginia Tech and Duke, among others. Knoxville […]

UT coaches on alert after Currie’s surprising ‘serve’ in tennis

By Steve Williams When John Currie was introduced as UT’s new athletics director, you may remember him saying he wanted to take his time and get acquainted with athletes, coaches and everyone connected with the Tennessee program before he made any major decisions. And there was one comment he repeated often as he was interviewed […]

It’s Here

By Joe Rector The assignment was to read poems and prose about Knoxville and summer. Before long, I realized that neither piece of literature would impress my two students for one’s family roots were buried in Florida and the other’s ran deep in the soil of New York. The importance of words were lost on […]

The character of prayer

By Rosie Moore I have a devotional book that I read every day called “Trusting In God.” Let me share with you what I read a few days ago. So thought provoking: “Anyone who prays would like to know what kind of God they are praying to. They want to know in what kind of […]

A Mother’s Love

By Ralphine Major The ordeal started with an early morning noise.  It sounded like a faint cry.  I listened closely and decided it was coming from the garage.  Glancing around, I saw nothing out of the ordinary tools and buckets.  I heard it again.  Someone else heard it, too.  A black cat approached, her eyes […]

What Does a Bail Bondsman Do?

By Jed McKeehan I was recently in Sevier County and saw a car advertising sticker for a bail bondsman service and their tag line made me chuckle, “Because We All Have That One Friend.” Maybe you can relate to that.  Bailing someone out of jail is never fun, having to be bailed out of jail […]

A Woman of Firsts: Ruth Bryan Owen

A Woman of Firsts: Ruth Bryan Owen

By Ray Hill “Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground.” – Theodore Roosevelt –   Ruth Bryan Owen lived a truly remarkable life; at various times she was an author, filmmaker, lecturer, diplomat and congresswoman. She was also the daughter of one of the most famous men of the age: […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson I’ve often wondered why sharing a good book or movie with someone gives me such joy. Tastes are as varied as humanity, but common visions exist and are apparently sought. My wife, Becky, enjoys murder mysteries, especially if there is political intrigue associated with Washington D.C. I like science fiction, a […]

The Irrationality of Sports Fandom

By Alex Norman So, I’m a big hockey fan.  The team and the situation aren’t important to the story, but recently my team lost a playoff game that they had greatly in hand. It bothered me.  It bothered me the point that the rest of my day was ruined, as was the next day. I […]

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