By Dr. Jim Ferguson It should come as no surprise that we often make judgements on appearances. We do this even though we know magazine cover-girls with airbrushed perfection aren’t real. Similarly, the facades of movie stars are often a far cry from their true nature. Why should anyone assume an actor has a valuable […]

The Chalk Board for April 18, 2016

By Sally Absher   SDMS Student to Participate in Duke Talent Identification Program Mason Strader (above), a 7th grader at South Doyle Middle School, was invited to participate in the Duke Talent Identification Program. Participants are selected for scoring above the 95th percentile on state achievement tests.  Mason scored high enough to be recognized at […]

School Board Approves Budgets, But Not Without Controversy

By Sally Absher Last Wednesday the Knox County School Board held a special called meeting to vote on the FY 2017 budgets, including the $453.5M general purpose fund, $71.25M capital improvement plan, $5.7M capital fund savings expenditure plan, and $27.4M school nutrition fund. All were approved. There was little discussion on the 100-plus pages of […]

Recipe Time

By Rosie Moore There are millions of recipes in the world, literally, from all the countries of the world, and America has, I can imagine, maybe half of them. I’m just assuming here. I love to cook (and eat). I get a lot of recipes from cookbooks which I collect –I have maybe fifty or […]

Finding a middle ground

By Joe Rector joerector@comcast.net I’m a political junky.  Nothing is more interesting to me than the games and antics that come out during a presidential election year. I’ve been around long enough to watch some dramatic and sleazy political contests, but this cycle’s antics are the worst I can remember. What I can’t understand is […]

Is Ethan Wolf ready to take next step?

By Alex Norman Tennessee’s offense often needs a safety valve in the passing game, and one that can assist in the blocking scheme. Junior tight end Ethan Wolf fits both categories quite nicely. “I love being physical and being able to make plays on the football (field),” said Wolf. “The fact that you can incorporate […]

Sultana descendants to gather

Sultana descendants to gather

By Mike Steely steelym@knoxfocus.com The riverboat was built for about 376 passengers but, because the captain was being paid for each passenger he could carry, the Sultana was packed with more than 2,000 people on its final voyage. Most of the passengers were Union soldiers returning from the Civil War or from Confederate prison camps. […]

The Man From Wyoming: Senator Joseph C. O’Mahoney

The Man From Wyoming: Senator Joseph C. O’Mahoney

By Ray Hill Wyoming today is dominated by Republicans, but during the height of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal, perhaps the most popular politician in the state was a Democrat: Joseph Christopher O’Mahoney. Like the state he represented in the United States Senate, O’Mahoney prided himself on his independence. The Wyoming senator was perhaps the […]

Harmony and Hymns III

Jeannette Thomas and Joyce Clark preparing for a mission trip to Appalachia, courtesy of David and Melba Hill

Harmony and Hymns III

By Ralphine Major Margie and Walter Maples shared one experience that stands out in TOTS’ memory when they participated in one of the Appalachian Enterprise mission trips to needy areas led by Mrs. Jeannette Thomas. This particular two-day mission was to a small church in the coal mining area of West Virginia. Somehow, communications with […]

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