My ticket buying experience with the Nashville Predators

By Alex Norman So, let me start this story by telling you that in the end, everything worked out. You don’t have to feel sorry for your favorite Knoxville sports columnist. That would be me… Alex Norman. So, I’m a big hockey fan, and try to go to games in Nashville any chance I get. […]

Sense of urgency needed as Currie takes over UT athletics

By Steve Williams I read John Currie’s April 6 open letter to Vol Nation on with interest, and I’m glad the new Tennessee athletics director had a “busy, but very rewarding six days!” in his first week on the job. I’m also glad to hear Currie is going to be writing such letters on […]

The Transformation of America

The Transformation of America

By Steve Hunley The United States of America is undergoing a transformation that ought to concern folks. Today there are two very different and distinct Americas. Resistance to the federal government of the United States is prevalent in our society today, led by the corporate media in this country blatantly trying to destroy the president. […]

Tennessee and American Neutrality, VI

Tennessee and American Neutrality, VI

By Ray Hill Tennessee’s senior United States senator, Kenneth D. McKellar, had declared himself solidly behind Secretary of State Cordell Hull’s plan to revise the neutrality act.  McKellar had also urged President Franklin Roosevelt to call Congress into special session to consider neutrality legislation following Adolf Hitler’s invasion of Poland.  McKellar had visited with reporters […]

Ken Sparks was one of a kind

By Alex Norman East Tennessee lost one of its greatest ambassadors on Wednesday, March 29th when Carson-Newman football coach Ken Sparks passed away at the age of 73, following a five year battle with prostate cancer. “It is a sad day at Mossy Creek,” said Carson-Newman University President J. Randall O’Brien. “Coach Sparks leaves a […]

What’s the difference between a trial and a hearing?

By Jedidiah McKeehan If you have had any interaction with the legal system, there are two terms that you will hear quite often, “trial” and “hearing.”  What do these two terms really mean?  Do they mean the same thing?  Yes and no.  Although some attorneys will use the terms interchangeably, they do have practical differences. […]

Am I where I thought I’d be?

By Joe Rector Well, my friends and many of my family members are now senior citizens. We don’t feel like oldsters, but our years tells us that we are. It doesn’t seem that long ago that we ran the halls of elementary school and went on to be the bosses on the high school campuses. […]

The Street Key

By Dr. Jim Ferguson The life force seems to beat stronger in some folks than in others. As a doctor I’ve observed this, but as a scientist I don’t understand the phenomena. We’ve all heard stories of aged couples where the surviving spouse strangely dies shortly after the other. It’s almost like the will to […]

Tennessee State Republicans Racing to Raise Gas Taxes

Tennessee State Republicans Racing to Raise Gas Taxes

By Steve Hunley Say it ain’t so. Republicans raising taxes? Tennessee’s Republican governor, Republican-controlled state senate and Republican-controlled house of representatives are moving with lightning speed to raise taxes on gasoline and diesel fuel. As it stands now, the gasoline tax would increase by 28% while the tax on diesel fuel would increase 65%. This […]

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