When Fairness Isn’t Fair

When Fairness Isn’t Fair

By Steve Hunley The Knox County Board of Education is currently under fire from Justice Knox who recently gathered in a Knoxville Church in what some referred to as a “discussion.”  If it was indeed a discussion, it was entirely one-sided.  Certainly opposing opinions were not welcome.  Justice Knox had invited numerous local elected and […]

Tennessee and American Neutrality,    Part Nine

Tennessee and American Neutrality,    Part Nine

  The United States Senate had begun the final debate on revising the Neutrality Act.  Senators contemplated amendments being offered by colleagues who were opposed to repealing the arms embargo and allowing the United States to sell weapons, munitions and goods to belligerent countries.  With Germany at war with Great Britain and France after having […]

What to do when you have to go to court

By Jedidiah McKeehan Going to court is not something that most individuals do on a regular basis.  So when they actually do have to go to court there is often anxiety and nervousness about where to go, and what to wear.  Here are some tips. Where to Go: One thing I recommend, especially in Knox […]

New words for Webster?

By Rosie Moore I’m not a computer nerd. At the most, I spend perhaps an hour or two a day wrestling with my computer. We usually get along but, sometimes I am flabbergasted by innocuous words and phrases that are confusing. Such as: hashtag. What is that? If you have been on Tweeter (which I […]

Mountain Majesty

By Ralphine Major “I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help.” Psalm 121:1 (KJV) It is a sight that brings to mind beautiful songs and inspirational scripture. I think of the breath-taking grandeur of the mountains as a gift from God. I marvel at their beauty and think of […]


By Joe Rector I find it interesting how living things start at one point and manage take it to a grander level. It’s a fascinating aspect about all things. A flower starts as a seed or a bulb. Given the right kind of soil and nutrients, those beginnings grow and eventually produce buds. Before we […]

Josh Dobbs will be an NFL quarterback

By Alex Norman During his four years at Tennessee, Josh Dobbs was seemingly known first and foremost as a smart kid that also played quarterback. That was the narrative.  There were seemingly endless stories in print, on-line and on your television about how Dobbs was an aerospace engineering major.  He was named one of the […]

Modern Life

By Dr. Jim Ferguson At the risk of being labeled insensitive, it is obvious to me that men and women are different. And despite the media and the PC culture working overtime to tell us otherwise, we are created male and female. Of course there are exceptions in sexuality because being human comprises a spectrum […]

Tennessee and American Neutrality,  Part Eight

Tennessee and American Neutrality,  Part Eight

Tennessee’s senior United States senator, Kenneth D. McKellar, had moved strongly behind the neutrality program of President Franklin Roosevelt and Secretary of State Cordell Hull.  McKellar was unquestionably the longest serving and most powerful member of Tennessee’s Congressional delegation and his support for Hull’s program was shared by most members of Congress representing the Volunteer […]

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