The Chalk Board: June 15, 2015

By Sally Absher Tim and Jim reach budget compromise. Last Monday, Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett and Knox County Schools Director Jim McIntyre held a joint press conference to present a budget compromise that they say would allow for the construction of both the Hardin Valley and Gibbs middle schools, as well as provide a […]


By Joe Rector This world isn’t much like the one I grew up in. Oh, I know technology has made advancements that make our lives much easier. Folks now have much more time to pursue interests and hobbies. Those aren’t the things I’m talking about. What amazes me is the concern for germs. Americans have […]

Tennessee takes its lumps. Again.

By Alex Norman I give up. Seriously.  I give up. From this point forward I refuse to believe that Tennessee’s athletic department will ever be back to normal. Much like my refusal to pick the Vols to beat Florida in football, I will no longer believe that Tennessee can go a month without a public […]

Tennessee basketball has another dark cloud overhead

By Steve Williams Just what we didn’t need. Another dark cloud over the University of Tennessee men’s basketball program. Allegations of serious academic wrongdoing in the Texas program when new Vols head coach Rick Barnes was employed there were reported last week. Both Dave Hart, Tennessee’s athletic director, and officials at Texas have said they […]

A Special Family’s Love, IV

By Ralphine Major It is often said that mothers are the fabric that hold our homes together.  That certainly seems the case in the Julian household.  Not only is Hannah Renee a sister to her siblings, she became the mother figure to them also when they came to live in her home after their father’s […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson “No man is an island, entire of itself; everyman is a piece of the continent, a part of the main… Any man’s death diminishes me…” John Donne penned these immortal words in 1624 as he reflected on his near death experience from what he and others thought was bubonic plague. Apparently, […]

Congressman Ewin L. Davis

By Ray Hill   Someone once said. “Write what should not be forgotten” and ironically, I have forgotten who said it. Ewin Lamar Davis is little remembered today, but during his time he was an interesting figure and led a productive life. Born in Bedford County, Tennessee on February 5, 1876, Davis, one of several […]

The Chalk Board, June 8, 2015

By Sally Absher   More on the Mysterious TCAP Math Last week we reported that the TCAP “Quick Scores” were back (in time to be calculated into students’ grades this year) and they were FANTASTIC! So fantastic that teachers across the state were concerned. We did some research and found that our friends over at […]

Assessing the Assessments

By Sally Absher Apparently, two Board of Education meetings and a Joint Education Committee meeting (comprised of members of the BOE and County Commission) aren’t enough for one week. KCS also scheduled a community engagement meeting last week “to begin to gather input from the community regarding student assessments.” KCS said the community meeting is […]

Focus on the Law: Interstate earthquake emergency impact

The Interstate Earthquake Emergency Compact of 1988 was ratified in Tennessee and the text may be found in the Tennessee Code Annotated in Title 58, Chapter 2, Part 7.  The Compact proposed an agreement among ratifying states to “provide mutual aid…in meeting any emergency or disaster caused by earthquakes or other seismic disturbances.”  This includes […]

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