Is Knox County Ready for Year-Round School?

By Sally Absher In his State of the Schools speech last month, Dr. McIntyre announced seven “community conversations” to address his key initiatives.  Tucked in the middle of the list was “explore a balanced calendar.” Dr. McIntyre has used every opportunity, including the recent “Snowmageddon,” to promote this initiative. However, the snowstorm did give some […]

I know it’s not raining

By Joe Rector Yes, I’m an impatient person; over the years, that shortcoming has been worked on  until my exasperation over things that don’t come in “my time” has eased. However, right now my irritation level is once again at red-alert status, and it’s all because my television and Internet have been out. I know […]

Keep the good in high school basketball tournament time

By Steve Williams High School basketball tournament time is annually remembered for pure athletic drama. The youngsters compete through district, region and sectional games with the dream of advancing to the state tourney and capturing a gold basketball. No money is at stake at this level. TV exposure and the size of crowds are small […]

Your move, Butch Jones…

By Alex Norman During the Derek Dooley era, the Tennessee football program suffered through one self-inflicted public relations mistake after another. From Dooley’s lack of public discipline with regards to quarterback Tyler Bray, to his goofy press conferences, to the lack of relationship building with high school football coaches, to the “Opportunity Is  Nowhere” door […]

Something for everyone at Neighborhood Conference

  By Mike Steely More than 80 information booths, 32 workshops, door prizes, and all for free — sounds like a large event, doesn’t it? It certainly is and it’s promoted as “The neighborhood event of the year.” The annual Neighborhood Conference is Saturday, March 7 at the Knoxville Convention Center and will have […]

Governor Malcolm Rice Patterson

By Ray Hill Before the age of television, blue shirts and blow-dried hair, Tennessee had some of the most colorful political figures anywhere. Amongst those was Malcolm Rice Patterson, a Congressman and governor of Tennessee. A veteran of some of the most hard fought political battles in the state, Patterson proved himself adept in overcoming […]

Granddaddy looking forward to ‘hanging out’ with Kahlil McKenzie

By Steve Williams Thousands of University of Tennessee football fans are happy that Kahlil McKenzie signed with the Volunteers, but “Granddaddy” is probably the happiest. Sam McKenzie Jr. is Kahlil’s grandfather and lives in East Knoxville, probably about 10 minutes from Neyland Stadium, where UT fans expect his grandson to wreak havoc for future opposing […]

More Knox County Curiosities

By Mike Steely Here and there around our county are places where you’ll find curious things, places and some things that simply are interesting and odd. You can travel from one end to the other, north, south, east and west and run across places that bring a smile or a question. Some things are […]

Governor Hill McAlister

By Ray Hill   Hill McAlister very much wanted to be governor of Tennessee and made repeated efforts before finally achieving his goal.  Once in office, McAlister found it bit tougher than he likely expected. McAlister was born in Nashville on July 15, 1875 and eventually graduated from Vanderbilt University’s school of law.  By the […]

Chicken City: More than ‘Hillbilly Pride’

By Mike Steely “We cut fresh meat daily,” said John Maxwell, General Manager of Chicken City on North Central in Knoxville. You’ve seen Chicken City, located at 2518 North Central, but if you haven’t been inside you’re missing something special. While the neighborhood grocery store is known for its fresh, not frozen, chicken, the […]

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