Where’s Rudolph?

By Ralphine Major The look on her face was one of pain and distress. Her hands clutched her stomach. We thought she was ill. Many years ago, mother and I had nursery duty during worship service. The group of three-year-old children looked adorable in their Christmas outfits and eyes full of wonderment. The class had […]

Should I let the police search my vehicle?

By Jed McKeehan You’ve seen the dramatic car searches on the TV shows, and you might be wondering what you would do if you were asked to allow the police to search your vehicle without probable cause. First off, why are they searching your vehicle?  They are looking for drugs, drug items, or other things […]

King of the Courts

King of the Courts

By Steve Hunley Knox County Criminal Court Clerk Mike Hammond apparently isn’t satisfied with running the Criminal courts and the Fourth Circuit Court.  The Fourth Circuit Court is Knox County’s busiest divorce court and considering how many marriages seem to dissolve daily, it likely moves like a revolving door at lunchtime.  No, not content with […]

Senator Howard Baker, Part Ten

Senator Howard Baker, Part Ten

By Ray Hill Senator Howard Baker had seen several election cycles diminish Republican gains in 1974 and 1976. Democrats were optimistic about continued success and Speaker of the Tennessee House of Representatives Ned Ray McWherter was asked by President Jimmy Carter and Vice President Walter Mondale to run against the Minority Leader when Baker came […]

Historic WIldfires

By Ralphine Major It is a place loved by people all over the world. Nestled in the Great Smoky Mountains is Gatlinburg, a resort where millions go to hike, shop, or just enjoy the beauty of the mountains. For several days, the Sevier County area has been in the headline news of the national media […]

Hanging Around

By Joe Rector For most of my adult life, friends and acquaintances have at some point asked me where I’ve lived. When I reply, “Knoxville, except for the years I lived in Cookeville for college,” they wonder aloud why I never ventured out. The reasons are many. When I left for college, I did so […]

Isn’t it time?

By Rosie Moore For love and understanding? It behooves me to sadly see the hate and despair between people at especially this blessed time of the year, when we pause to celebrate Christ’s birthday. It is time to put away grudges and anger and think about forgetting slights that we feel were aimed at us […]

The Doldrums

By Dr. Jim Ferguson The Trump derangement syndrome continues to rage as Democrats search for someone or something to blame for their shellacking. Actually, it was the Democrat Party’s decision in 2011 to abandon their blue collar base, for instance in the rust belt, and put their emphasis on women’s issues, Hispanics and blacks which […]

Main considerations when drafting a stimple will

  By Jedidiah McKeehan A large portion of Tennesseans do not have a will that dictates who gets what when they die, they simply have not gone to the trouble of ever making a will.  When this happens, the state’s laws of intestate succession, aka who gets what when there is no will, dictate which […]

Let’s Get Control of Controlled Substances

Let’s Get Control of Controlled Substances

By Steve Hunley The problem of drug addiction in America is complex, troubling and growing at an alarming rate.  Yet I wonder if our country has really made the effort to properly regulate opioid painkillers.  Clearly if Walmart can instantly know how and when to restock its shelves through their perpetual inventory system, the technology […]

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