Jimmy Duncan is Right

Jimmy Duncan is Right

By Steve Hunley Both the Knoxville News Sentinel and the Maryville Daily Times have given coverage to some folks castigating Congressman John J. “Jimmy” Duncan for refusing to hold a special town hall meeting – – – just for them.  Naturally, after being told no, some of them are immediately intending to take to the […]

Cordell Hull & the Election of 1920

Cordell Hull & the Election of 1920

By Ray Hill Cordell Hull had been in Congress since 1907 when he had only narrowly won the Democratic nomination, which inside Tennessee’s Fourth Congressional district was tantamount to election. Hull, only thirty-seven years old at the time, had been nominated by less than twenty votes. There were rumblings about a recount, but Hull went […]

What’s the Difference Between an LLC and a Corporation?

By Jedidiah McKeehan We all see business names listed all the time, and these business names often have either, “LLC,” “Corp.” or “Inc.” written after the name of the business. What do those terms mean?  What’s the difference between them?  How did that company decide between one or the other?  Just based on what sounded […]

Do they understand the common man?

By Joe Rector As I’ve stated before, I’m a political junkie. For a week, my attention had been directed toward the committee hearings for those individuals who had been selected to become heads of the various agencies. Those sessions were spectacles that left Americans all the more troubled about the future or our country. For […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson Make no mistake about it, we are engaged in a civil war – even though we’re not shooting at each other. The word civil is defined as being courteous or polite. The state of our country is now anything but civil. The acrimony is at a fever pitch not present since […]

Back When…

By Ralphine Major It started with a simple question. But, Woodrow Luttrell went way beyond the answer, describing a way of life most of us have never known. He communicated with family by computer well into his nineties, providing a treasure-trove of memories about his early years. Woodrow passed away in 2014 at the age […]

The Month of Love

By Rosie Moore Nearly everyone knows the story of St. Valentine, the imprisoned saint who was killed because he officiated at the marriages of Christian couples. The Romans paid honor to the Roman God of Fertility on February 14th, but St. Valentine didn’t honor pagan idolatry. While in prison St. Valentine wrote a letter to […]

27 New Vols in the Class of 2017

By Alex Norman Recruiting is the lifeblood of any college football program, and Tennessee is hoping that the Class of 2017 will help them get to the next level in the Southeastern Conference. The Vols certainly have their work cut out for them going into next season.  It’s no secret that Tennessee loses a lot […]

Spring could still come early and 2017 Vols could still start 6-0

By Steve Williams Surely you know figuring out how Tennessee football will do based on National Signing Day results is about as accurate as Punxsutawney Phil’s forecast on Groundhog Day. Still, after many Tennessee fans woke up last Thursday morning in Volville, it wasn’t long before they were clicking on sports websites or reading the […]

Change is on the Way, Part 2

Change is on the Way, Part 2

By Steve Hunley Evidently the mainstream media learned not a blessed thing following the election of Donald Trump.  The media is abuzz with varying headlines, barely bothering to hide their continuing bias, impugning every choice Trump makes for his Cabinet.  For instance, take the case of Congressman Tom Price of Georgia, slated to become the […]

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