Finding surprises in Quebec

Finding surprises in Quebec

By Mike Steely My wife and I camped on our way to Canada recently to see the whales that come into the St. Lawrence River in the province of Quebec. While we found Quebec to be much more “French” than we expected, it was a surprise to find what we discovered. Passing into and out […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson Ticks are disgusting creatures, especially the large “fat” ones on your dog. I have the same visceral opinion of maggots and blood worms, the latter we recently found in our pasture. There is a principal in physics which holds that nature abhors a vacuum. By analogy, everything in nature serves a […]

Are public defendants that bad?

By Jedidiah McKeehan In TV shows and movies involving lawyers, the main character may get involved in a case in which someone needs a lawyer and they are currently represented by a public defender. The main character may meet up with the public defender to discuss the case and the public defender is portrayed as […]

‘Is happiness abounding?’— Dr. Angela Easterday Holder

By Ralphine Major “I honestly made the “Happiness Abounding” shirt for myself to get through yesterday and to honor Angela Easterday Holder. One day at a time.”  Those words came from Sarah Beth Crabtree of Crabtree Creations last May shortly after we lost Angela.  Soon, people all over the church could be seen wearing […]

Seen this before

By Joe Rector Okay, let me get this straight. The year is 2019; this is the USA; and we’re again dealing with issues of race. What in the world happened? I must be in a time warp. The 1960s became the heyday and the battle fields for that social change. After years of segregation, black […]


By Rosie Moore From the time of the first permanent European settlement in 1643, Pennsylvania has been important for its strategic location, spirit of independence, and economic power. The British gained the colony in 1664, but in 1691 King Charles signed a charter granting Pennsylvania to William Penn in exchange for a debt owed to […]

The HUD Connection

The HUD Connection

Have we found the real reason for Recode? By Steve Hunley, Publisher Have we found the real reason for Recode? Last week we concluded The Knoxville Focus Publisher’s Position with a question, “What is the real reason for Recode?” We also asked Focus readers to call their city council representatives and ask the question, […]

Will Recode Raise Taxes?

Will Recode Raise Taxes?

By Steve Hunley As the City of Knoxville government considers the “Recode” proposal, I’ve heard that some officials are insisting Recode will not cause taxes to increase.  That just cannot be true.  While Recode has undergone more permutations than Frankenstein’s monster, the supposed purpose of Recode was to increase the “density” of Knoxville, meaning increase […]

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