Unknown Beautiful Thoughts

By Rosie Moore Every once in a while I come across a beautiful thought and I feel that I should share it with others. The following is an example: I asked God for strength, that I might achieve… I was made weak, that I might learn humbly to obey. I asked for health, that I […]


By Ralphine Major As we each worked to make the most of our “wait” time, the gentleman sitting beside me commented on our different backgrounds. He was a psychologist, the lady across from us was a teacher, and I was a writer. The psychologist went on to tell about the various livelihoods of people he […]

More State Tax Dollars Out the Window

More State Tax Dollars Out the Window

By Steve Hunley   The embarrassment in Tennessee over the failed TN Ready test has barely faded when auditors from the State Comptroller’s office have released a scathing report about mismanagement inside the Achievement School District.  As described by reporter Andy Sher from the Chattanooga Times Free Press, the Achievement School District “now has its […]

The 1948 Governor’s Race in Tennessee, Part 2

The 1948 Governor’s Race in Tennessee, Part 2

By Ray Hill As Tennessee entered the summer months of 1948, Governor Jim Nance McCord and Gordon Browning battled for the Democratic nomination to be chief executive of the state. Any campaign waged by Gordon Browning quickly became hard fought and the genteel McCord found himself hard pressed. Governor McCord had the support of Tennessee’s […]

Is Tennessee a paper tiger or for real?

PHOTO BY HAYLEY PENNESI / Tennessee Athletics Tennessee Head Coach Butch Jones is a picture of determination during the Vols’ come-from-behind win over Georgia last season at Neyland Stadium.

Is Tennessee a paper tiger or for real?

By Steve Williams Butch Jones has put Tennessee football back on the map. But can he keep it there? That will be answered on the field in the 2016 season, which opens Thursday night with a visit from Appalachian State. The Vols’ rise into the preseason Top 10 has more to do with expectations and […]

The Chalk Board for August 22, 2016

By Sally Absher     ACT Retake Offered The Tennessee Department of Education is offering a statewide ACT Senior Retake Opportunity that provides every eligible high school senior, meaning any public school student who took the ACT as a junior, the ability to retake the ACT free of charge on Saturday, Oct. 22, regardless of […]

Two grounds for a divorce in Tennessee

By Jedidiah McKeehan With the 10th highest divorce rate in the United States (13 percent), chances are you or someone you know will go through the process of obtaining a divorce. And despite what you’ve seen on television or in the movies (“War of the Roses” comes to mind), getting a divorce in Tennessee can be […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson My minister recently preached a sermon entitled Who Are We? It seems best to change the pronoun to I and consider “Who am I?” Reflection is inevitable for a contemplative like me, but is fundamental to everyone, at least to some degree. Wisdom teaches that humans are unique because we think, […]

The Knisley Family (Part 2)

By Ralphine Major Jeff and Orlena Knisley were parents to sixteen children, fourteen of whom survived into adulthood.  I knew several of the Knisley siblings from my earliest memories at Fairview Baptist Church.  They held leadership roles in many areas of the church. Clifford Knisley worked in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.  He started the Royal Ambassador  […]

Learning their places the hard way

By Joe Rector Teenagers are a funny bunch, and freshman are always the most comical. Over my lifetime, I’ve been one and have watched many classes of them during 30 years as a teacher. They arrive at high school “wet behind the ears” but act as if they are seasoned veterans. It doesn’t take long […]

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