2017: Make or break for Butch Jones?

By Alex Norman Tennessee’s football coaching staff looks a lot different today as opposed to January 1st, the day after the Music City Bowl. Mike DeBord (offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach), Willie Martinez (assistant head coach/defensive backs coach), Steve Stripling (associate head coach/defensive line coach) and Don Mahoney (offensive line coach) have departed. Stripling is still on […]

Alternative Facts? You Be the Judge: My Reply to a Letter from Buzz Thomas

Alternative Facts? You Be the Judge: My Reply to a Letter from Buzz Thomas

By Steve Hunley Last week’s editorial “Are they Planning to Pick Your Pockets? Beware of Indexed Annual Tax Increases” brought a letter from Interim Superintendent Buzz Thomas that starts off as follows: “One of your recent editorials had some ‘alternative facts’ I wanted to bring to your attention. As a wise man once observed, we […]

Senator McKellar: Politics and Death

Senator McKellar: Politics and Death

By Ray Hill When author Mark Twain was informed a newspaper had printed his obituary, he tartly replied, “The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.”  Tennessee’s Senator Kenneth D. McKellar was seventy-seven years old in 1946 when he sought reelection for a sixth term.  McKellar had been ailing, although he seemed busier than ever, […]

An Open Letter to UT Chancellor Beverly Davenport

By Alex Norman   Dear Chancellor, Good day to you and yours.  Hopefully the move to Knoxville has been a pleasant one, and the keys to your new office are working properly. Now that you are on the job I have three suggestions that will make your tenure as the Chancellor at the University of […]

It should be UT’s easiest hire in athletics in 40 years

By Steve Williams In 1977 University of Tennessee chancellor Jack Reese had a little fun with the media when he introduced Johnny Majors, one of the Vols’ all-time greats, as Tennessee’s new head football coach. “Ladies and gentlemen, after an extensive nationwide search,” said Reese, with a slight grin sneaking out over his face, “I’m […]

What Does a Court Reporter Do?

By Jedidiah McKeehan While watching a courtroom scene on TV or in a movie, you may have noticed an individual sitting near the judge, staring with great intent at whichever character is talking and furiously pushing buttons on a little device on a stand in front of them. Who is this person? What in the […]

Back When (Part 3)

By Ralphine Major The question was asked by his grandson in an e-mail. “Do you remember what kind/model of car you had to travel back and forth to your grandparents’ house?” Navigating through keystrokes and clicks on his computer, the grandfather answered: “My Luttrell grandparents (Amos C. and Margaret) lived four miles from Luttrell House, […]

The Joyous Gift of Grandparents

By Rosie Moore That’s the name of a little book I recently received. And here is the introduction for that book: “A woman and her granddaughter were spending time together one day. As often happened the little girl was plying her grandma with questions. Suddenly, with a very serious tone the girl asked, “Grandma, what […]

Just one more time

By Joe Rector Mother Nature discovered that we humans were much too happy with the balmy temperatures occurring in January. She sent a surge of cold air back through the south the next month just to remind us what season it actually was and to dampen our spirits. It’s on these cold mornings that I […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson I have to admit that I’ve never cared much for Valentine’s Day. Maybe it was because I was a boy, but the heart shaped candies and little Valentine cards in grammar school never did much for me. People complain about the commercialization of Christmas, but the hoopla for Valentine’s Day is […]

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