And I want it NOW

By Joe Rector I discovered that we no longer have to wait for our drinks to chill before consuming them. Someone with too little to do in life insists that all of our favorite liquids can be instantly icy by spraying them with compressed air. Remember when we had to fill ice trays with water […]

Tony (William Anthony) Karnes: (3/23/64 – 9/11/01)

By Ralphine Major I can see a little blond-headed boy standing in the back yard calling for his neighbor to come out and play.  It was the sixties, and life was so simple in our rural community.  Several times each summer, my brother and I would spend the day visiting in the home of […]

The Chalk Board: September 14, 2015

By Sally Absher More Districts Drop K-2 Standardized Tests Teachers are continuing to speak out against the ever increasing number of standardized tests that students as young as Kindergarten are required to take in public schools. Former KCS kindergarten teacher Christina Graham took a stand against the developmentally-inappropriate SAT-10 testing of students in grades K-2, […]

Parents Believe Knox County School System Discriminates under ADA

By Sally Absher During the December 2014 regular School Board meeting, Board Member Lynne Fugate addressed a group of parents of students with special needs who had spoken in public forum, saying, “To the Special Education parents, we hear you. I talked to Dr. McIntyre – I would like for the board to have a […]

Focus on the Law: Pawnbrokers

By Sharon Frankenberg, Attorney at Law In Tennessee anyone, whether a person, firm or corporation, who wants to establish or conduct a pawnbroking business is required to be licensed.  The licensing requirements may be found in Tennessee Code Annotated Sections 45-6-205 through 208.  Among other things, an applicant must be of good moral character;  have […]

Buckeyes’ starting lineup is loaded with homegrown talent

By Steve Williams A contributing factor in Ohio State’s return to college football glory was Urban Meyer adding more speed to the Buckeyes’ roster when he came aboard as new head coach in 2012. That was one of his objectives and it made sense. For years, Ohio State couldn’t beat faster and quicker Southeastern Conference […]

I-640, North Broadway plans continue

By Mike Steely The state’s plans to help the congestion and safety at North Broadway where the busy street intersects with I-640 continue to develop and the public was again involved in a presentation Wednesday at Virginia College in Fountain City. R. Larry Smith, president of the Fountain City Business and Professional Association  which […]

‘Mr. Hub’ – Senator Herbert S. Walters

By Ray Hill Herbert Sanford Walters was a successful businessman and by the appointment of Governor Frank Clement, United States senator from Tennessee. A reminder of Herbert Walters to many East Tennesseans is Walters State Community College. Born November 17, 1891 in Jefferson County, Walters attended both Carson-Newman College and the University of Tennessee. UT […]

UT changes another brand

By Dan Andrews While much hype and news media has been about switching UT’s athletic wear from Adidas to Nike, one major change in gear has gone virtually unnoticed. University of Tennessee athletics has ditched Nikon for Canon. The “Nikon vs. Canon” debate has gone on for years with photographers. I asked Donald Page, the […]

Tips for Using Uber Ahead of Saturday’s Big Game

Ahead of Saturday’s big game, Kaitlyn Durkosh of Uber  wanted to provide some tips for using the Uber ride service, given with game days there also tends to be road closures, traffic, limited parking and lots of fans in need of a safe, reliable ride. For the best chance of successfully requesting a ride, we […]

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