Focus on the Law: Types of Deeds

By Sharon Frankenberg, Attorney at Law Conveying ownership of real property requires a writing. This writing is called a deed.  Deeds are good as between parties without registration;  however, registering the deed is necessary to protect the grantee against grantor’s creditors and purchasers from him without actual notice of the deed. Registration of deeds must […]

Opening Day Excitement

By Joe Rector The other morning, Facebook filled with photos of children posing in new clothes and shoes and with the latest back packs and lunch boxes. The official first day of school for Knox County and some other area schools brought in hordes of kids and teachers. I still don’t understand why the school […]

An American Scene

By Ralphine Major It is a scene right out of rural America—little Abbey and her grandfather riding on a John Deere tractor on a gorgeous summer evening with those “spacious skies” and mountains in the background and the American flag blowing in the breeze!  How much more American can it be? Abbey is her […]

The bumper stickers of life

By Rosie Moore Rev. Dale E. Marshall is our interim minister at my church until we get a permanent one. One Sunday he mentioned in his sermon “bumper stickers”–I don’t really remember in what context he mentioned those words, but, immediately my mind began whirring and when it does that I have to put my […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson   To experience wonderful things you sometimes have to move out of your comfort zone. This can be a willingness to consider the perspectives of others or it can be a willingness to travel. These days, destination weddings are in vogue. My daughter’s destination wedding was at the top of my […]

Fittingly, 2013 season opener at Gibbs ended under a full moon

By Steve Williams It was a high school football season opener worth recalling. I can’t remember ever seeing a better one, and that’s going back to the mid-1960s. On Aug. 23, 2013, I was covering the Carter at Gibbs opener for The Knoxville Focus. On this night, I took my notes on the visitors’ sideline. […]

It’s not good to confuse the voter

By Steve Hunley By this time, readers of The Knoxville Focus realize you won’t find the voice of the political or business establishment inside these pages.  We have plenty of other local media for that.  Yet some folks are mighty slow in realizing the general public is growing more and more restive under the existing […]

The Colonel: Luke Lea, Part II

By Ray Hill Luke Lea had not only survived the intense political wars in Tennessee, but had profited from them. Elected to the United States Senate in 1911, Lea’s alliance with “Independent” Democrats and Republicans had created a “fusionist” combine that held the governorship, both seats in the United States Senate and the Tennessee House […]

The Chalk Board: August 10, 2015

By Sally Absher HAPPY FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL, KNOX COUNTY STUDENTS! Best wishes for a successful year!   KCS Named Exemplary School District Last week, Knox County Schools held a “Celebration of Academic Achievement” at the Carter Middle School Gymnasium. According to the press release, “This special celebration commemorates exemplary academic achievement in the Knox […]

EDUCATION INC. – Exposing the Corporate Takeover of Our Schools

By Sally Absher The Knoxville community is invited to attend a FREE screening of the brand new documentary, Education, Inc., at 6 p.m. on Friday August 14. The screening will be held at the United Campus Workers building, 1415 Elm Street. Refreshments and Pizza will be provided (while it lasts).  You can watch the trailer […]

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