Ray Blanton, Part Two

Ray Blanton, Part Two

By Ray Hill Tennessee had lost a congressional district in the redistricting in 1971.  Congressmen Ray Blanton and William Anderson, both Democrats, would likely have run against one another if both sought reelection.  Anderson flirted with a bid for the Democratic presidential nomination while Blanton had his sights set on the Senate seat held by […]

Justice, Mercy and Humility

By Dr. Jim Ferguson Is it finally over? After all, it’s the end of 2016 and the end of a grueling political season. The media said it was over even before election night, and at least until nine o’clock on November 8th when actual votes were reported. Then, as the night wore on and one […]

Boxing Day

By Rosie Moore This will be my last article concerning Christmas, I promise. The day after Christmas, which is also known as Boxing Day, is a holiday celebrated in UK and some other nations. In some countries such as Germany, Poland, the Netherlands, and the Nordic countries, it is known as St. Stephen’s Day. December […]

How Long Are Felony Conviction Sentences in Tennessee?

By Jedidiah McKeehan In Tennessee, felonies are crimes punishable by one year or more in state prison. Lawmakers have designated felonies as class A, B, C, D, or E, with A being the most severe (for the most serious cases) and E being the least harsh. Class A felonies receive sentences between 15 and 25 […]

A Valued Christmas Gift

By Rahpine Major It was two or three days before Christmas when he got the gift.  Wayne, my brother, tells me it was his favorite Christmas present that year—a German shepherd pup.  His coat was a beautiful gray with black tips.  He was playful.  When Wayne and his friends were sledding, he would often run […]

Christmas Stress

By Joe Rector I’ve watched some recent television families go through their holiday gyrations. Sometimes joyful endings occurred, but at other times, the whole family wound up dysfunctional by the end of the program. Even in real life, stories abound about the crazy events that come with the holiday season. My own family used to […]

George Quarles moves on, heads to Furman

  By Alex Norman The East Tennessee Mt. Rushmore of Coaches (if there was such a thing) would find room for George Quarles. For 18 seasons, he was the biggest reason why the football program at Maryville High School turned into the most respected in the state, and one of the best in the nation. […]

Do Local Officials STILL Not Get It?

Do Local Officials STILL Not Get It?

By Steve Hunley The Knox County Board of Education met last week with the Knox County Legislative delegation and the Knox County Commission to discuss the legislative agenda for the next session of the Tennessee General Assembly.  The vice chair of the board of education was quoted as saying there are no failed schools, only […]

Ray Blanton, Part One

Ray Blanton, Part One

By Ray Hill Ray Blanton is little remembered today save for one thing: the corruption of his administration. Compared to many of Tennessee’s more significant historical figures, Blanton’s political career was not long, but it was impossible not to notice the man who became governor. While Ray Blanton was considered by many to be a […]

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