Firm Decisions

By Rosie Moore I missed my deadline for sending my last article for the year of 2014 so I will be extra meticulous about sending in my thoughts for the year 2015. In other words, I’m making resolutions, or firm decisions this year. I looked up the word resolve in my old dictionary I have […]

Every Day Can Be Christmas in our hearts

By Ralphine Major The signs are slowly disappearing, and festivities for the most celebrated holiday of the year have ended. The long-awaited time when families get together for sharing meals and opening gifts has come and gone. Many traveled long distances to their destinations and have returned home. Scenes of special family reunions tugged at […]

A Day Away: Visiting the sad cemetery at Lakeshore

By Mike Steely I was over at Lakeshore Park recently taking photos for a feature story and decided to go across Lyons View Pike and visit the East Tennessee Veterans Cemetery. It was all decorated with Christmas wreaths and it looked beautiful. I’ve been impressed with that Veterans Cemetery and the other cemetery on Governor […]

The New Look

By Dr. Jim Ferguson Winter’s cold has finally come and I needed my heavy coat. I expected to find it pushed to the back of our closet by other season’s garb. I never expected to find, instead, the coat of a bygone era. The white hospital lab coat now relegated to the back of the […]

Publisher’s Position: Council Should Expand Ban On Panhandling

By Steve Hunley The Knoxville City Council will consider expanding the current ban on panhandling. Currently the law prohibits panhandling that is considered overly aggressive. While that is somewhat vague, the law also restricts panhandling after dark, or near banks, bus stations, as well as restaurant patios. The expansion of the ban would extend to […]

Tennessee’s First Election For the U. S. Senate: The Democratic Primary 1915

By Ray Hill 2015 marks the one-hundredth year since the people of Tennessee cast their ballots to select a candidate for the United States Senate. There had previously been non-binding preferential primaries, as senators were still elected by the state legislature. The 1915 primary was unusual in two respects; first it was no ordinary election […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson Our minister said what many of us are feeling: “We need Christmas,” because what a year it has been.  I can’t fully understand the Depression, WW II or similar events from history because they are not experiential for me.  However, I’ve now lived six decades and I have paid close attention […]

Columbine massacre set ablaze a burning desire to care

By Steve Williams For every cry, there’s a laugh. For every why, there’s a wow. For every end, there’s a start. The Columbine High School massacre was the worst shooting to ever occur on a high school campus in the United States. But from it arose a burning desire to care more about students in […]

2015: A look ahead

By Alex Norman 2014 is in its dying stages but good news loyal readers… a brand new year is about to kick off. Instead of waiting to see what happens in the sports world over those 365 days, I’ve dusted off the handy dandy crystal ball and found out exactly what is going to occur. […]

New Year, New Outlook

By Joe Rector It’s time to reflect upon the 2014. I do that instead of making resolutions, which, in my case, are nothing more than a list of good intentions that rarely are fulfilled. Instead, I reflect upon the past year and try to figure out what I’ve learned. For the last 365 days, the […]

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