Lynne Fugate Loses It at School Board Public Forum

By Sally Absher Last Wednesday’s Board of Education meeting was, for the most part, a somber and subdued affair, but things got lively quickly immediately following Public Forum. Former board Chair Lynne Fugate took the floor to address some of the things said in public forum. It quickly becomes obvious she can’t stand applause during […]

Elimination of SAT-10 Survives Board of Education Review

By Sally Absher There was a somber overtone at last Wednesday’s regular Board of Education meeting. It was just one day after the tragic collision between school buses from Chilhowee Intermediate School and Sunnyview Primary School on Ashville Highway took the lives of Zykia Burns, 6, and Seraya Glasper, 7, both students at Sunnyview […]

What’s in a Name?

By Dr. Jim Ferguson We don’t answer our landline (phone) very much these days because it’s usually telemarketers or, most recently, political messages.  For Becky and me our iPhones have become our traveling offices and communication centers.  I’m not advertising “smart phones,” but these personal computers and cell phones are better mouse traps and are […]

Knox County School’s Reading Problem

By Sally Absher Back in September, Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett made the news by saying that he wanted information connected to a school system reading program he helped establish several years ago, and that school leaders were resisting his request. Frustrated by not having received the information he requested, Burchett filed a formal open […]

Changing Perspective

By Joe Rector Over the last year, I’ve gone through some changes in life. No, all haven’t been welcome, but each has caused me to take a look at things in a different light. Overall, I suppose the new things have been for the best. Amy lost her job last year at the end of […]

Christmas Movies

By Rosie Moore There are very few people who do not watch the same movies year after year at the same season–Christmas time. Out of habit or simply for the love of these movies compels us to watch even though we  know most of them by heart. There are many of them but I’m only […]

In This Corner… Senator McKellar Slaps Publisher

By Ray Hill Tennessee’s senior United States senator, Kenneth D. McKellar, was well known for having a volatile temper and had won a well-deserved reputation as a feudist.  It was not uncommon for the peppery senator to become involved in a physical altercation, even as he approached his eightieth birthday. The winter of 1948 should […]

Honoring our veterans and giving thanks

It was a beautiful sight—the entrance lined with American flags blowing in a crisp November breeze.  We followed the flags to the event:  the University General Dentists’ (UGD) 5th Annual Veterans Pancake Breakfast on November 8, 2014.  The breakfast was as tasty as it was colorful.  Those attending received dental products as well as a […]

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