By Dr. Jim Ferguson I always seem to be late writing about calendar events. I do okay with the big ones like Christmas and News Years, but I missed Father’s Day. Perhaps I’m tardy because my column appears once a week. You’d think I’d plan ahead, but I don’t. Maybe it’s because I increasingly live […]

Missing Andy Rooney

By Rosie Moore Do you remember Andy Rooney from Sixty Minutes?  I do and I really miss his dry wit and humorous observations. Andy was born in New York City in 1919 and passed away in 2011. He was a Radio and TV writer who he became a Sunday night TV staple in 1978 when […]

Father’s Day Thoughts

By Ralphine Major It is the holiday that arrives just about the time summer itself does.  Merged between Memorial Day and the festive Fourth of July, it is the day we celebrate and honor fathers.  I often say that mothers are the fabric that hold our homes together.  Fathers are the ones who guide and […]

The Chalk Board: June 22, 2015

By Sally Absher “You Work For Us.” Frustrated with the high-stakes testing culture and the continued drain of highly qualified teachers (though retirement, resignation, and non-renewal), local parents are organizing a rally to send a message to the BOE and the Superintendent. The rally is planned for immediately before the July 1 Regular BOE meeting […]

Focus on the Law: Tennessee Business Court

By Sharon Frankenberg, Attorney at Law Our Tennessee Supreme Court is charged with providing for the “orderly administration of justice” and, as such, it has decided to dedicate a court to the meet the specialized needs of business litigants.  The Davidson County Business Court Pilot Project, commonly referred to as the “Business Court,” was created […]

Compliance might be a lifesaver

By Joe Rector Things are out of control in our country. Every evening when the television news airs, whether it is CBS or FOX, stories complete with videos recount the unrest in communities and individuals. It’s become more than most of us can bear to hear or watch. Is anyone else sick and tired of […]

State Parks near Knoxville

By Mike Steely I think I’ve written that my wife and I have visited almost all the state parks in Tennessee, from Reelfoot Lake in the northwest corner to Roan Mountain State Park in the northwest corner. Just as soon as we think we’ve visited them all along comes a new park. In recent years […]

Vols’ football season will get off to a sizzling start

By Steve Williams Start the countdown. It’s 10 Saturdays until the Tennessee football opener. Television bigwigs last week put out the starting times for the season’s first three games. They pay no attention to such things as heat or cold when making these decisions. Of course, they pay big bucks to the universities’ athletic football […]

The Culture of Cheating

By Alex Norman When news broke this past week that the St. Louis Cardinals were being investigated by the feds for hacking into the emails of the Houston Astros, none of us should have been surprised. When news broke in January that the New England Patriots were been investigated for deflating footballs, none of us […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson   Nature must indeed be profligate because I’m seeing more animal road-kill lately. I was concerned that my neighbor was intent on road-harvesting when I pulled out of our driveway and saw her carrying a dead raccoon by the tail. She assured me that she was only clearing the “accident” from […]

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