Publisher’s Position: Biting the Hand That Picked You

By Steve Hunley Most folks are aware that the Knox County Board of Education has been dithering about whether or not to sue the State of Tennessee, along with the three other big urban counties – – – Shelby, Davidson, and Hamilton. Shelby and Hamilton have apparently already voted to sue the state over the […]

Louisiana’s Kingfish: Huey Long’s Rise to Power

By Ray Hill Huey Long’s rise to power began with his election to the Louisiana Public Service Commission.  He ran a surprisingly strong race for the gubernatorial nomination in 1924 when only thirty years old, but lost to Henry Fuqua.  Governor Fuqua died two years into his four-year term, leaving O. H. Simpson as Louisiana’s […]

Legislative Update on Education Bills

By Sally Absher With the 109th General Assembly well underway, there is good, bad, and ugly with regard to education bills. First the good: HB0036 (Dunn)/SB0285 (Briggs) removes the requirement that the local education authority (LEA) must include student scores in a TCAP subject area as part of the student’s grade in that subject. This […]

The Chalk Board

By Sally Absher Year Round School. The school-wide meetings are underway regarding a proposed Year Round (or “Balanced”) Calendar. The list of meetings can be found here: Note that many of the meetings are already over, and participants are being told that this is their “only chance” to weigh in on the idea. The […]

Powdered Alcohol

By Sharon Frankenberg, Attorney at Law On March 10, 2015 the federal Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau of the United States Department of the Treasury approved the sale of a powdered alcohol product called Palcohol.  Palcohol had previously been approved for U.S. sale by the Food and Drug Administration.  According to the Palcohol […]

Listening to Music

By Joe Rector Recently, I rode in a van with fellow workers back from a trip to deliver cars to Nashville. At some point, I started listening to my iPod to help pass the time. It’s surprising just how much listening to music has changed in my lifetime. My first memories of music came through […]

Vols at the SEC Tournament

By Alex Norman The commonly held view was that Tennessee, losers of 8 of their previous 10 games, would be a quick out at the SEC Tournament. But if we learned anything about this Vols basketball team, it is to expect that they won’t go quietly. In Tennessee’s first game in Nashville, against rival Vanderbilt, […]

Lady Vol fans should boycott NCAA home games

By Steve Williams Forget the protesting, the petition, the pleading. If fans really want to make a statement regarding the pending takeaway of the iconic Lady Vol logo and nickname from all University of Tennessee women’s athletic teams except basketball, they’ll boycott the first and second round games Tennessee is expected to play at Thompson-Boling […]

Super Subs: Gene Cantley

By Ralphine Major He was the only sophomore on the team.  Gene Cantley played guard for Head Coach Bob  Dagley’s 1964-65 Gibbs Eagles when he was called on as the team marched toward their 31-2 record. Dagley remembers the player who wore No. 12.  “He was able to handle the ball well and set the […]

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