Bearden Plays in the State Tournament Run

By Alex Norman For only the third time in program history, the Bearden Lady Bulldogs were playing in the state tournament. And they were doing all they could to make the most of the opportunity. Bearden played in the first game of the entire tournament in Murfreesboro against Dickson County on the morning of Wednesday, […]

Tennessee’s Promise: Holding Public Schools Accountable

By Steve Hunley Senator Todd Gardenhire of Chattanooga has introduced a remarkable bill in the Tennessee General Assembly.  The Gardenhire bill refers to Governor Haslam’s promise to pay for two years of college; Gardenhire proposes that those students who have to take remedial courses, the school system graduating the remedial student has to pay the […]

Marc Tucker Lectures TN Lawmakers

By Sally Absher Last year Christel Lane Swasey, writing at, did a series on the Top Ten Scariest People in Education Reform. Marc Tucker weighed in at #3. Who is Marc Tucker? Well for starters, he is known as the “architect of Common Core.” And last month, Rep. Harry Brooks invited him to speak […]

Celebrating Small Accomplishments

By Sally Absher Last week’s Board of Education meetings brought a bit of good news for teachers, staff, and advocates of strong public schools in Knox County. For KCS teachers and classified staff, the Board unanimously approved the first reading of Board Policy GBRHB, Sick Leave; and Policy GCRG, Leaves and Absences of Classified Personnel. […]

Focus on the Law: Habeas Corpus

By Sharon Frankenberg, Attorney at Law The Latin phrase “habeas corpus” roughly translates “you shall have the body.”  The phrase is tossed around on television in newsmagazines, legal reality shows and fictional courtroom dramas.  What is a writ of habeas corpus and who needs one? Habeas corpus dates back to the Magna Carta in England […]

A Natal Star

By Dr. Jim Ferguson A new star has appeared in the heavens, and nothing will be the same for us again. Astrology is a pseudoscience which believes the orientation of heavenly bodies when we’re born determines our character and personality.  I’m a scientist and I don’t believe in astrology.  However, seeing Josie, my newborn granddaughter, […]

Publisher’s Position: The Next Big Thing: The Balanced School Calendar

By Steve Hunley One of the hallmarks of Superintendent of Schools Jim McIntyre’s regime is there’s always the “next big thing” right around the corner.  Unfortunately, the panacea never really seems to deliver the promised results. McIntyre’s current “next big thing” is the implementation of the “Balanced Calendar”.  In the charts accompanying this week’s editorial, […]

Louisiana’s Kingfish: Huey P. Long Part One

By Ray Hill “Always take the offensive – – – the defensive ain’t worth a damn.” So said Louisiana’s self designated “Kingfish,” Huey P. Long. Huey took his own advice and remained on the offensive until the day he was struck down by an assassin’s bullet. Huey Pierce Long remains today one of the most […]

Corndogs & Such

By Dr. Jim Ferguson We were hungry as we rolled into our neighborhood Krystal restaurant.  Becky, the Boy and I needed a pit stop to refuel from a morning of errands which included a trip to the dump.  The lives of Grandparents seem to revolve around activities with Oakley before and after his nap-time.  And […]

Rachael and Drew’s Special Gift

By Ralphine Major Over the phone, her voice was calm and she sounded well-spoken.  As we talked, I could tell she was wise beyond her years.  In person, Rachael was all of that and more.  So was Drew.  It was a bitter cold February day when I met the couple, but being in their presence […]

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