Rev. Dallas Harrell, a Man of God (Part 2)

By Ralphine Major This month, the minister and his wife reach a milestone.  Dallas and Joretta Harrell celebrate 65 years of marriage!  They have four children; five grandchildren, including one grandson that has passed away; and two great-grandchildren. In 1992, Rev. Dallas Harrell retired from the freight business and for several years worked part-time  for […]

Another year in the books

By Joe Rector Another birthday has come and gone, and another year is in the books. I’m lucky enough to have a wonderful family that chooses to gather on a weekend around that date to celebrate that day. We sit around the pool, cook hamburgers and hotdogs, and laugh and talk until we’re exhausted. Growing […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson As a kid I remember reading about the boy, Aladdin, from the book “One Thousand and One Nights.” Often, I would dream of finding a magic lamp with a genie who might grant me three wishes if summoned. I’m a man now, a scientist and have trouble with the childhood notion […]

The Pruden legacy in upper East Tennessee

By Mike Steely What in the world does the Kroger store on North Broadway in Fountain City have to do with an old coal town on the Tennessee-Kentucky state line? The connection goes back to what was on the lot where Kroger now stands. Originally there was a mansion there built by Col. J.C. Woodward. […]

Behind the scenes, Miller-Davis stays busy in KCS athletics

Behind the scenes, Miller-Davis stays busy in KCS athletics

By Steve Williams With the 2018 high school football season just around the corner, a lot of teams are finishing off-season workouts before the TSSAA’s dead period. A lot of work and preparation is going on behind the scenes, too. Meet Tracy Miller-Davis, Knox County Schools Administrative Assistant in Athletics, Humanities, K-12 PE, Health & […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson One of my observations of life (Fergisms) is that parenthood is a state of constant concern about your children, and intermittent worry. Since I have four grandchildren – and another on the way- I believe the state of concern extends to grandparents. However, the joys of children far outweigh even the […]

Do you ever have an “OH” day?

By Rosie Moore I’m sure most of us have had an “oh” day. What is it? It’s something that you can’t comprehend but you’re glad it happened. An “oh” moment can happen when you see a newborn baby in it mother’s arms. Or when something marvelous happens and your mouth creates an “O”–from surprise, or […]

Debt Collection Against a Divorced Couple

By Jedidiah McKeehan When individuals get divorced there almost always debts that must be split up between the parties.  Car loans, mortgage payments, and credit card bills are all debts that are accrued during marriages that someone must pay for after two people are divorced. When people are divorced, often times they will agree to […]

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