The Expanding Practice of Adoption

  By Jedidiah McKeehan If you go to a courthouse and there is a large group of people, who are well dressed, happy and there are children running around, then that group is likely there to finalize an adoption.  It is not often that you see so many happy people at the courthouse, but finalizing […]

Hazing should be illegal

Hazing should be illegal

By Steve Hunley There is no plainer way to put it; quite simply hazing should be illegal.  A recent reminder was the filing of a lawsuit by a former Florida State University student who claims he sustained a brain injury while being forced to participate in a hazing ritual.  That particular ritual was called the […]

Mr. Jim Cummings

Mr. Jim Cummings

By Ray Hill “Live so that when you die, even the undertaker will be sorry.” Sign that hung in the business office of Jim Cummings. James H. Cummings is likely a name unfamiliar to most readers, but during his time he was a power and a man to be reckoned with. When he died in […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson My mother often referred to my father as an “interesting man,” whose projects challenged our whole family. I remember when we raised quail in the basement for training hunting dogs. My job was to daily rotate each egg in the incubator a quarter turn, somewhat like a sommelier rotates fine bottles […]

Using Invoices to Prove Damages at Trial

By Jedidiah McKeehan I often speak with individuals who desire to sue over damage to their property.  Their house, their pool, their car, etc. and they want to sue someone over the damage to their property.  Often times they are wanting to sue someone they paid to do work for them and then that work […]

It’s Fair Time!

By Ralphine Major Summer is winding down, and fall is getting ready to take her rightful place.  The signs are all around.  Leaves are turning, Rocky Top is ringing in the air, and squirrels are gathering nuts for the winter.  Another sure sign of the changing seasons is the arrival of the Tennessee Valley Fair! […]

Back to clothes

By Joe Rector School started not long ago, and I’ve already been able to serve a couple of days as a substitute. Many of the days I’ve scheduled have 7:00 a.m. classes, but I don’t mind starting early so that I can finish before the traffic rush at the end of the day. Being around […]

‘Every three steps’ at Brushy has a story

By Mike Steely So much violence, sadness and history is woven into the place but it’s a place you’ve got to visit and experience for yourself. Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary opened on August 4th as a tourist attraction and if you’ve ever wondered what prison life was like over the last 100 years a visit […]

Pruitt needs time, but not my time machine

By Steve Williams I was one of the callers on the Vol Network’s statewide kickoff show prior to Tennessee’s football season opener against West Virginia on Sept. 1. I had been listening to Bob Kesling, Tim Priest and Pat Ryan talk about some of the things new UT head coach Jeremy Pruitt was bringing back […]

Kavanaugh Hearing A Circus – As Expected

Kavanaugh Hearing A Circus – As Expected

By Steve Hunley Nobody can be surprised the hearing for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is a lurid circus, highlighted by hysterical people attempting to disrupt the proceedings.  Photographs of protesters being dragged out of the Senate Judiciary Committee’s hearing room show individuals whose features are twisted with mindless hate.  Chuck Grassley, the senator from […]

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