Something Happened

By Dr. Jim Ferguson Historians were intrigued to learn that on July 4th 1776, King George wrote in his diary that “Not much happened today.” I’ll cut the King some slack because there was no internet, nor phones or even telegraph in the 18th century.  It would be months before George learned that the Revolutionary […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson These days, the prospect of spring is tantalizing. This time every year I’m glad to see February exit and begin to embrace the promise of winter’s end. Knoxville is fortunate to have four seasons. About the time we are sick of the heat of summer we have a wonderful fall; and […]

Dealing with the rain

By Joe Rector   At some point in January, the local weather forecaster on one station declared that Tennessee was experiencing a drought. I hope that after the last month he will now declare we’re caught up on the needed rainfall. Downpours have made yards soggy and floors muddy. Most of us are over it […]

Stars Shine on Spokane

  By Ralphine Major The signs were all pointing toward spring—daffodils, warm weather, Easter—when the world seems to take on a new look of growth and vibrancy.  But, Mother Nature unleashed another blast of winter sending much of the country into a frenzy of power outages and slick streets.  Images of the devastating havoc the […]

Watch out, slow drivers!

  By Jedidiah McKeehan So, you may or may not know, but as of 2016 there is a statute on the books in Tennessee that punishes slow drivers.  So, warn those slow drivers in your life to speed up! Pursuant to Tennessee Code Annotated section 55-8-204, on interstates or highways when there are three or […]

From Bracketville to Pickit County, it’s that time of year!

By Steve Williams It’s time to take the annual trip to Bracketville. Come along if you like. We’ll also visit Seed City and the last stop will be Pickit County. I’d like to start out this year from Thompson-Boling Arena, where we could congratulate Coach Rick Barnes and the Vols on their SEC basketball championship […]

The Vols Aren’t Done Yet

  By Alex Norman What a year it has been for Tennessee’s men’s basketball team. SEC regular season co-champions. As of press time, they had advanced to the semifinals of the SEC tournament. And you know what? They aren’t done yet. They made it to the NCAA tournament for the first time since 2014, and […]

Sanctuary From the Law and Reason

Sanctuary From the Law and Reason

By Steve Hunley President Donald Trump’s Justice Department suing the State of California can come as no surprise to any rational person.  A battle has been raging well before Trump’s election in 2016 over immigration policy in this country.  California has for decades brazenly harbored illegal aliens.  Leftist politicians have routinely protected illegal aliens over […]

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