Goofy Love

By Joe Rector Ah, young love thrives in the halls of high schools around the country. I’ve seen so many couples in the hallways and common areas. Their actions aren’t much different from those of generations that preceded them. Back in the day, boys discovered females who would pay them brief moments of attention. Freshmen […]

Information the old way

By Joe Rector Schools are equipped with the technology to help students be successful. Of course, the choice is still the individuals as to whether he will take advantage of those resources. In too many cases, the only time a student uses any kind of technology is to send a text, play a video game, […]

Tight-legged jeans

By Joe Rector Anyone who catches even a glimpse of me immediately recognizes the fact that I’m not much of a dresser. Neither am I in the least bit interested in the latest fashions. So, it would surprise no one that I balked at the thought of wearing the pair of jeans my wife brought […]

Too much to do

  By Joe Rector I walked into the workroom early the first day of school after Labor Day because I like to arrive early to find out what I’m supposed to do for the day as a substitute. Some teachers were already present and readying their rooms for students in 7:00 a.m. classes. Others arrived […]

Back to clothes

By Joe Rector School started not long ago, and I’ve already been able to serve a couple of days as a substitute. Many of the days I’ve scheduled have 7:00 a.m. classes, but I don’t mind starting early so that I can finish before the traffic rush at the end of the day. Being around […]

John McCain

By Joe Rector John McCain passed late last month. Since then, many Americans have thought about the man and the services he gave to his country. He is in the truest sense of the word a patriot and a hero. First of all, I wasn’t an avid supporter of McCain. When he ran for president, […]

Keeping the old and the new

By Joe Rector Well, the day finally arrived. I gave in and purchased another vehicle. Doing so was a difficult decision because I struggle with the idea of having to make a car payment. However, times arrive in life when such actions must be taken. I bought a “new old car.” Ever loyal to Nissan, […]

Less for more

By Joe Rector Some kind of critters managed to sneak their ways into a box of cereal at the house. At first, I thought, “Mice,” but on further inspection, I decided that some kind of little bugs had gotten into the stuff. Off I went in search of plastic containers to hold cereals and other […]

Schools and traffic

By Joe Rector If you were out and about early on Wednesday of last week, the chances are you were stuck in a major traffic jam. Yes, friends, schools opened in Knox County on that day, and for the next year most of us must acclimate ourselves to the travel woes that go with education. […]

The last generation to…

By Joe Rector While I was sitting poolside the other day and pondering life in general, I was struck by the fact that my generation, the Baby Boomers, are unique. Oh, I know we’re old now and should be given patronizing smiles and then be ignored. Those of us in this generation, however, are the […]

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