An angel among us

By Joe Rector Our lives are sometimes difficult. All of us experience problems, but a few have much harder times than others. That’s when angels appear. Yes, I firmly believe that God brings folks into our lives who serve as angels and who make our lives better. One of them is a well-known figure in […]

Robin Williams

By Joe Rector How many lives will you touch during your time on earth? Yes, that’s a question without an answer. We all hope that our contact with others will leave positive things, but most of us aren’t really sure of the impact we have. Robin Williams is one of the exceptions. I’ve waited for […]

Test Driving My Nerves

By Joe Rector Sometimes in life, the things a person likes the least pop up. It’s then that they have to try to handle the situation as well as possible. The other day I had the opportunity (?) to drive to Atlanta. I was participating in an event sponsored by the company with whom I […]

A welcome end to elections

By Joe Rector By the time this column is printed, the primaries will be finished. I say, “Thank you, Lord!” Like most people, I’m tired of the endless television commercials, recorded phone calls, and colorful junk mail that have bombarded my home for several months. I no longer want to receive recorded phone calls from candidates […]

Sewing Desk

By Joe Rector My work desk is an antique sewing desk. Its top is more than five feet long with a cut-out section to place a sewing machine. Both sides have drawers and pullouts on which to place a variety of things. One small drawer under the top is designed to hold spools of thread. […]

Bicycle Memories

By Joe Rector A friend of mine related the story of how his son took a short bike ride not long ago. Daniel Dooley hopped on his bike and rode from Tellico Plains to the Dragon, into North Carolina, and back home. Oh, It was just a short trip– only 114 miles. Another friend, Brad […]

I Like My Job

By Joe Rector I’m around all makes and models of cars in my job. It’s fun to drive them without having to make a monthly payment or haggle with a salesperson. I’ve learned some surprising things about the rental car business during my nearly 3 month time at Avis/Budget. First, the rental car business is […]

It Grows Sadder and Sadder

By Joe Rector The brouhaha over Knox County Schools just keeps going. The school is led by a superintendent who has minimal experience in the classroom and is a numbers guy who cares most about the bottom line. The board of education seems unable or unwilling to put an end to the discord that runs […]

Saturdays back then

By Joe Rector A couple of weeks ago, I visited a friend on Saturday morning. After a good visit, I hopped into my car and felt as if I’d just exited a time warp. It brought back some memories about the weekends that weren’t all that exciting. The woman met me at the door that […]

Losing Loved Ones

By Joe Rector Some weeks are rougher than others. The bad ones take a toll on us both physically and emotionally. Sometimes it’s work that causes us ill; at other times, it’s money concerns that drive us into funks. For me, death has been at to root of my low mood. Three of them occurred […]

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