Bad Commercials

By Joe Rector I’m an old television fan who’s spent plenty of time watching programs over the years. Some have become favorites, a fact that seems to doom them to cancellation. What I’ve also viewed are some ridiculous commercials. They challenge the patience and intelligence of we who sit in front of the screen. One […]

Divvying Up

By Joe Rector The other day a friend told me that her dad’s house was up for sale and that the hardest part of all was divvying up the contents between brothers and sisters (I refuse to use the word “sibling”). It’s a job that most of us never want to undertake, but because that’s […]


By Joe Rector I know that most of us have few friends but many acquaintances. However, for the sake of argument and the development of this piece, I’m going to talk about “friends” in a larger context. It’s been my good fortune over the years to have come into contact with plenty of folks whom […]

A nice drive not to take

By Joe Rector The cool weather arrived this week, and before eyes blinked, leaves began coloring and skies turned “fall” blue. The time has arrived to think about taking those drives to places where the scenery is breath-taking and offers a welcome relief from work, football, and world crisis. I took such a drive the […]

Don’t whine over self-stupidity

By Joe Rector Oh my, folks have such little sense these days. They also seem to be looking for something over which they can throw a conniption fit. Many of these individuals remind me of whiny little children who throw fits when they suffer for the acts that they’ve committed. Take, for instance, the recent […]

Machine Dependence

By Joe Rector On MSNBC the other morning, Melissa Lee reported on the impact of machines and technology on our lives both now and in the future. In fact, CSNBC dedicated an entire hour on the subject. I know I’ll sound like an oldster who’s griping about the changes in the world and how this […]

Canning and freezing

By Joe Rector Amy and I moved into our house in December 1978. This year, for the first time, I put out tomato plants. The funny thing is I’m not that much in love with them, but in the summer the produce does taste good. I’ve babied the plants and staked them and then tied […]

An angel among us

By Joe Rector Our lives are sometimes difficult. All of us experience problems, but a few have much harder times than others. That’s when angels appear. Yes, I firmly believe that God brings folks into our lives who serve as angels and who make our lives better. One of them is a well-known figure in […]

Robin Williams

By Joe Rector How many lives will you touch during your time on earth? Yes, that’s a question without an answer. We all hope that our contact with others will leave positive things, but most of us aren’t really sure of the impact we have. Robin Williams is one of the exceptions. I’ve waited for […]

Test Driving My Nerves

By Joe Rector Sometimes in life, the things a person likes the least pop up. It’s then that they have to try to handle the situation as well as possible. The other day I had the opportunity (?) to drive to Atlanta. I was participating in an event sponsored by the company with whom I […]

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