Talking with nothing to say

  By Joe Rector I admit it; I have a propensity to talk and talk. It’s not that the sound of my voice is pleasing nor is it that I have words of wisdom for the ages. No, I most often talk too much when I’m bored or nervous. In either situation, yapping like a […]

Lunch Envy

By Joe Rector One of the things that adhering to a diet brings on for some is a more concentrated attention to food. Instead of being satisfied with the food that is allowed, a few dieters, instead, dream of the items that aren’t allowed. I am one of those individuals, and of late, my mind […]


By Joe Rector I arrived at one high school in Knox County to substitute not long ago. When I arrived, the lady in charge told me that I would fill in for a different teacher for each afternoon class. It seems as though teachers are dropping like flies; 25 were out on this day. According […]

Losing the Heavenly Light

By Joe Rector Neil deGrasse Tyson, astrophysicist, appeared on “Late Night with Stephen Colbert recently. Tyson is a favorite of many folks. In fact, the man has 2.4 million followers on social media. Although I am many times fascinated with the information he presents, the other night his talk depressed me. What I paid attention […]


By Joe Rector New Years’ night, I made one of several trips outside so that Sadie could either take care of her business or so that she could sniff the ground where pesky rabbits had sat recently. The frigid temperature frosted the grass, and when I turned on the outside lights, my yard looked more […]

Accepting and living

By Joe Rector Not long ago, Rev. Larry Dial encouraged his flock to dare to tell their stories. He said that doing so was one way of carrying out our missions as Christians. He also stated that, just perhaps, we might connect with another person who has experienced similar circumstances. A little more than four […]


By Joe Rector The Christmas trees have been taken down; ornaments and other decorations are once again safe in boxes and bins. Supplies of fireworks are expended, and the remnants of them have been removed from yards and streets. The holiday season is finished, and for many folks, that end couldn’t have come soon enough. […]

Half-hearted Resolution

By Joe Rector Uh oh! The New Year is here, and it’s time for folks to make their resolutions. Most of them will be followed diligently, at least for the first 30 days. After that, we’ll settle back into our ruts and forget about changes to our ways of life. For several years, I’ve forgone […]

Christmas Twists

By Joe Rector Christmas is perhaps the day that brings the most happiness for most folks, but for some it’s a day that elicits sadness and loneliness. Those feelings are never more stinging than that first Christmas when a loved one is no longer there. More than fifty years ago, my brothers, mother, and I […]

New discoveries for an old body

By Joe Rector Once again, I’m thinking about growing older each and every day. Yes, doing so beats the alternative, and I’m not complaining…sort of. What I’d rather say is that I’m discovering new things that accompany new birthdays. For one, I’ve learned new tricks for retrieving things that I drop or which lie in […]