Watching unpleasant news

By Joe Rector I admit it. I’m addicted to coverage of the political drama that is playing out on the cable networks. No, I’m not a fan of the president, but rest assured that neither am I a fan of those Democrats like Warren and Sanders. I’m more of a middle-of-the-road guy who eschews the […]

Talking points

By Joe Rector A few weekends ago, I traveled with my brother and two high school friends to play in a golf tournament. It was held by a church that another high school friend pastors, and we’ve tried to support the man and his cause for the last few years. The course is located in […]

We aren’t all bad

By Joe Rector All of us might fall into the abyss of depression if we stay tuned to the news these days. Our government seems to find new ways to destroy the fabric of our country and our way of life. Wars go on endlessly and add scores of dead to an already unbelievable number. […]

Fighting for summer

By Joe Rector Well, summer is officially over; at least that’s what those “in the know” say. Last century (It sounds so funny to say that), summer fun came to an end the Tuesday after Labor Day when schools opened their doors. However, this year, children sat in classrooms the first week of August. By […]

Why, Y?

By Joe Rector Yes, I’m an older person who at times can get crabby. Hell, I sometimes get downright hateful. This is one of those times. Readers might also grow as angry as I am right now after reading this column. An article in the September 18th edition Knoxville News Sentinel reported that the Tennessee […]

Trained by dogs

By Joe Rector Try to recall the countless hours involved in training small children to do certain things. Remember how difficult it was to have a child simply sit down and complete his business on the toilet? When those little ones accomplished such a feat, we were ecstatic. Little did we know how difficult some […]

Give it a try

By Joe Rector Some of the hottest days of summer have descended upon East Tennessee the last few weeks. Like much of the rest of the nation, we are firmly in the grips of an oppressive heat wave. Temperatures have soared into the 90s, and the “feels like temperature”-something we never heard of as kids-reaches […]

We are better than this

By Joe Rector It’s time to speak out. All of us are responsible for the actions of our government because (in too many cases it’s shameful) we elected the folks who are supposedly representing us. Silence is equivalent to support and alliance with the terrible things that are occurring. Nearly 700 “illegal immigrants” were rounded […]

Punishment for Liars

By Joe Rector We’re living in a country where lines aren’t so easily drawn. Oh sure, the GOP and Democrats have staked their claims to sides of issues. But even in that case, the absolute truth doesn’t exist. Plenty of Republicans around the country don’t buy in to the president’s agenda nor do they agree […]

At it again

By Joe Rector I looked at the clock and turned off the alarm before it rang at 6:15 a.m. My eyes saw every hour as it ticked through the night. After dragging myself from the bed, dressing, and grabbing some on-the-run breakfast, I left home for my first day at school. “What’s going on?” I […]