Punishment for Liars

By Joe Rector We’re living in a country where lines aren’t so easily drawn. Oh sure, the GOP and Democrats have staked their claims to sides of issues. But even in that case, the absolute truth doesn’t exist. Plenty of Republicans around the country don’t buy in to the president’s agenda nor do they agree […]

At it again

By Joe Rector I looked at the clock and turned off the alarm before it rang at 6:15 a.m. My eyes saw every hour as it ticked through the night. After dragging myself from the bed, dressing, and grabbing some on-the-run breakfast, I left home for my first day at school. “What’s going on?” I […]

Special places

By Joe Rector Last weekend, Amy, Dallas, and I traveled to Cookeville. She attended a luncheon with some high school classmates, and afterwards, we spent time at the Cookeville fair. It’s the kind of fair that brings back memories to some of us when the TVA&I Fair was a fun, safe event. What was most […]

Seen this before

By Joe Rector Okay, let me get this straight. The year is 2019; this is the USA; and we’re again dealing with issues of race. What in the world happened? I must be in a time warp. The 1960s became the heyday and the battle fields for that social change. After years of segregation, black […]

Real and compelling

  By Joe Rector Too many people these days are watching “reality television” programs. “The Apprentice” proved to be one of the more popular of all time, and it propelled the leading character to becoming the president of the country. Others include “The Bachelor,” “The Bachelorette,” and “Survivor.” A cruder program has young people meeting […]

Night Swimming

By Joe Rector The last few weeks have been scorchers. They came after weeks of rain and soggy ground. I like the heat, but sometimes, the temperatures feel as if they’ll melt me. In the evenings, just the thought of a dip in the pool is enough to cool me off. It’s the perfect thing […]

July 4th Reality Show Showdown

By Joe Rector Another July 4th celebration has come and gone, but this last one was much different from those in the past. For the first time in our history, the nation’s birthday was used as a centerpiece for praising militarism. Don’t get me wrong; I proudly support our armed forces, troops, and veterans. However, […]

Summer Boo-boos

By Joe Rector A quick swipe of the hand to rid a deck step of water ended with a painful outcome. The stained wood evidently was offended and fought back with a splinter. The darn thing felt like a 2 X 4 as it lodged in the first joint of my thumb. I dug around […]

Porch Music

By Joe Rector Nothing is much better for us older folks than to occasionally discover new ways to enjoy things that were once so much a part of our younger lives. That happened just the other weekend, and it’s thanks to my nephew Brandon that things worked out as they did. Years ago, our family […]

That Good Old Music

By Joe Rector Amy and I sat on the couch the other night and watch a program we’d saved from PBS. No, we weren’t viewing the latest “Downton Abbey” program, nor were we watching another Ken Burns documentary. My wife and I sat mesmerized as the Doobie Brothers rocked the stage. It was a good […]