In spite of

By Joe Rector Many of us spend much of our time wringing hands and wondering “what if.” We dream about how our lives might have been different if we’d made different choices. Most of the time, we see our situations having improved if we’d only made a different choice. I have a different look at […]


By Joe Rector Even though we spend the majority of our lives with special loved ones, sometimes they do things that simply amaze us and remind us just how lucky we are and how much better our lives are because of them. That’s the way it is with my wife. Amy is my hero; more […]

Just Mad

By Joe Rector In case you missed it, an article in the local paper the other day reported that a study has declared Tennessee the angriest and most hateful state in the USA. I know that sometimes I grow more than a little peeved at things, as do most folks, but the statement about our […]

Youthful mistakes haunt forever

By Joe Rector The world is a cold place. Well, this globe and nature aren’t necessarily that way; neither cares one whit about humanity. However, it’s we who are supposed to be the masters of all other species who are so hardened. That’s proved itself once again recently. Now, to begin with, let me assure […]

Early and often

  By Joe Rector Those of us who are old enough know the effects of age on our lives. From our endurance during yardwork or hiking to walking into a room and trying to remember what our purpose for doing so is, we find that the adding years deplete our energy and memory. Aging also […]

Someone in the middle

By Joe Rector The simple truth is that the crowded field of Democratic presidential hopefuls must thin soon. Too many folks are vying for a job that requires special skills. Not everyone who declares for the presidential race possesses those skills, nor will he or she be able to pull off a victory or lead […]

He’s back and we’re glad

  By Joe Rector Our son Dallas moved back to Knoxville in September. He moved to Chattanooga to attend college and then began his career. After 15 years, he decided to make a change in jobs that led him back here. He’s been living with us until he can sell his place in Chattanooga and […]

Here to help

  By Joe Rector We’re already well into the new year, but some folks haven’t yet declared resolutions for the coming months. Sometimes these individuals work so hard that they fail to get around to setting new personal goals. Other people believe themselves to be perfect and, therefore, see no reason to change. For those […]

Whole Lot of Changing Going On

By Joe Rector I’m sometimes awed by the differences that exist in this world compared to the one that existed just ten years ago. That’s how long ago it has been since I retired from teaching. I swore when I left that I would never return, another instance where I’ve had to eat my words. […]

Comcast Run Around

By Joe Rector Everyone is wary of monopolies. They set the rules by which we must play, and if we don’t like it, that’s tough. The larger the bite from the consumer pie a corporation takes, the less power customers have to combat poor service or outrageous pricing. I had another run in with one […]

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