In Training

  By Joe Rector I’m sitting on the couch and watching the rain fall. The weather is too cold and raw to travel outside for some kind of activity like mowing the leaves for the eighth time or taking the dogs to the park. Instead, I’m doing my best imitation of a lump. At the […]

Cold Outside

By Joe Rector   Thanks to one group or another, Christmas celebrations are now under attack. Even with enormous amounts of energy spent to stay out of the fray, I’ve finally had enough. That means I’m coming out with guns blazing. In 1964 when I was twelve, the special “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” aired during […]

Paw prints and hair

  By Joe Rector Amy, Dallas, and I sat down the other night to watch the first episode in a Netflix series about dogs. Of course, granddog Harvey and our pooch Sadie watched with us. Every bark led to their ears perking up and their heads looking around the room in search of a fellow […]

Subbing surprises

By Joe Rector Variety is the spice of life. I’ve discovered the truth of that statement again during the days of substituting. Some days I know in what subject I’ll be substituting, but many days are filled with surprises. On many days, I enter the school knowing what the day will be like. Maybe it’s […]

What are we willing to do?

By Joe Rector Predictions for the fate of the world are dire. According to scientists on the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the temperature will rise 2.7 degrees by 2030, and that can lead to catastrophic floods, droughts, wild fires, and food shortages throughout the world. Most of those things already occur in our […]

Actions and consequences

By Joe Rector Life decisions are often difficult ones for us humans to make. Unlike our dogs, who while away the days sleeping, sunning, playing, and eating, we must make choices. The tough part about making those choices is having to also accept and live with the consequences. As small children, we learned as we […]

Short on sympathy

By Joe Rector Sometimes, fits of honesty come over me, even though I try diligently to fight them off. It’s during those times that being truthful makes me see and admit my shortcomings. Upon reflection, I finally have to admit that my negatives are glaringly obvious. At the top of the list is my lack […]

Exhausting Lies

By Joe Rector The past weeks have been exhausting. No, working hasn’t been difficult; home is still the same, even with son Dallas and his dog Harvey staying with us for a while; the grass has slowed down so that I can keep up with it now. What’s just plain sucked all the energy from […]

Dealing with customer service

By Joe Rector I was sitting in the waiting room of the hospital in Lenoir City as my wife had a stress test run. It’s not my favorite thing to do at 7:00 a.m. in the morning, but I’d never let my girlfriend drive herself to such an ordeal. What made the ordeal even worse […]

I dare you

By Joe Rector Over the past couple of years, the partisanship and resulting animus between political sides has increased to a level that makes me wonder if our country will ever be all right. Politicians have managed to fracture the very fabric that makes American democracy so wonderful. The most important thing is for the […]

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