My Daily Cup of Joe: Politickin'

The Knoxville Chamber’s  Peelin’,Eatin’ & Politickin’ didn’t disappoint this year. Boy, did we do all three in the amphitheater at the World’s Fair Park in downtown Knoxville. The event brings together Knoxville’s business community and elected officials for an afternoon of food, music, and networking. Here are some snapshots from the event yesterday…I believe its […]

My Daily Cup of Joe- Go Hornets!

“This is proof that citizen involvement matters; elected officials do listen; and we all can work together,” Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett told community members present for the presentation of the new Carter Elementary School earlier this week. While the fight for a new elementary school began decades ago, I covered the “great Carter debate” […]

My Daily Cup of Joe- Can women have it all?

I watched this interview earlier in the week with great interest. WATE interviewed Knoxville Mayor Madeline Rogero, PR executive Cynthia Moxley, and successful CEO Susan Packard to ask them a complex question: “Can women have it all?” The debate sparked after Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer returned to work shortly after having a baby and then […]

My Daily Cup of Joe- Over on the Southside

“You really are a South Knox girl at heart,” remarked Mary Lou this weekend. If you’ve eaten at the Round Up, odds are Mary Lou rang you up. She knows most people by name, and many more by order. The Round Up, owned by local restaurateur, Sam Tobea, is a snapshot of the heart and soul […]

My Daily Cup of Joe- Here and there and everywhere

24/7 followers want to know…where have you been Mahurin? Well, to quote Dr. Seuss, I have been “here and there and everywhere”. Avid Focus readers know I’ve been busy interviewing incredible people who are accomplishing truly great things. (For instance, check out this feature on the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Tennessee Valley.) I […]

My Daily Cup of Joe- Big, Little City

I have a habit of striking up conversations while waiting in line. A couple of weeks ago, while waiting to pay for ‘my daily cup of joe’, I happened to notice the gentleman in front of me. He had a bit of a nervous tick, and seemed to be in a terrible hurry, but, yet, […]