Advanced Auto, 10616 Chapman Hwy

Atchley’s Funeral Home, 122 Peacock Court

Baker Transmission, 113 Parrot Street

Bob E Que, 10324 Chapman Hwy

Cherokee Health Systems, 10731 Chapman Hwy

China Wok, 10721 Chapman Hwy, Kroger Center

Citizens National Bank, 10225 Chapman Hwy

Club Fit 101, 124 Peacock Ct

Coin Laundry, 807 Ken Wade Blvd (Behind Post Office)

Connie’s Kitchen, 10231 Chapman Hwy

Craven Wings, 10721 Chapman Hwy

Cutting Crew, 11503 Chapman Hwy

Dogwood Family Practice, 10622 Chapman Hwy

Dollar General, 2474 Boyds Creek Hwy

Dr. Jeff Wallace, 11135 Chapman Hwy

Dr. Lakatosh (Orthopedic), 11560 Chapman Hwy, Ste 1

Dr. Massengill, 127 W Macon Ln

Floyd’s Market, 12221 Chapman Hwy

Food City,  11503 Chapman Highway

Hardees, 111306 Chapman Hwy

Haygood McCarter Realty, Chapman Hwy

Herman’s Fast Glass, 567 Baker

Home Federal Bank, 11320 Chapman Hwy

Jerry Glass, Chapman Hwy

Jimmy Mkt, 2467 Boyds Creek Hwy

Johnson Bible College, Potterfield Gap Rd

Joslin and Joslin, 125 Peacock Court

KFC, 11517 Chapman Hwy

Kid’s Choice, 212 Phoenix Ct

King’s Academy, 202 Smothers Road

KPOCU, 122 Macon

Krystal, 10708 Chapman Hwy

L.B. Chase Mechanical Co, 2574 Boyds Creek Hwy

LaCarreta, Eagle One Plaza, 821 Boyds Creek Hwy

Le Conte Medical Therapy Center, 127 W Macon Ln

Little Caesar Pizza, 11214 Chapman Hwy

Long John Silver, 10646 Chapman Hwy

Mason Jar Café, 2487 Boyds Creek Hwy

McMahan Plants, 10319 Chapman Hwy

Network Technologies, 10922 Chapman Hwy

O’Reillys Auto Parts, 10124 Chapman Hwy

Papa John’s Pizza, 10721 Chapman Hwy,           Kroger Center

Parton’s BBQ, 10211 Chapman Hwy

Paul Ellis Ford Parts, 10312 Chapman Hwy

Pediatric Clinic, 11616 Chapman Hwy

Pelancho’s, 10721 Chapman Hwy

Pilot # 223, 10650 Chapman Hwy

Sevier County Bank, 11403 Chapman Hwy

Sevier Pawn and Lawn, 11510 Chapman Hwy

Seymour Ad Value Pharmacy, 10721 Chapman Hwy

Seymour Dry Cleaners, 809 Ken Wade Blvd (Behind Post Office)

Seymour Family Dentistry, 111 Peacock Court

Seymour Grill, 11612 Chapman Hwy

Seymour High School, 732 Boyds Creek Hwy

Seymour Medical Clinic, 10626 Chapman Hwy (Seymour Medical Park)

Seymour Middle School, 737 Boyds Creek Hwy

Seymour Muffler and Brakes, 12227 Chapman Hwy

Seymour Public Library, 137 W Macon Ln

Sipz Coffee House, 10721 Chapman Hwy

Smoky Mtn Tobacco Store, 11719 Chapman Hwy

Southgate Upholstery, 12221 Chapman Hwy

Tennessee Farm Bureau, 10721 Chapman Hwy, Kroger Center

Tennessee State Bank, 10727 Chapman Hwy

Treehouse Café, 821 Boyds Creek Hwy,     Ste 3

UT Family Clinic, 11606 Chapman Hwy, Ste 2

UT Physical Therapy, 11606 Chapman Hwy, Ste 1

Waffle House, 10638 Chapman Hwy

White Star Market, 705 Boyds Creek Hwy


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