Abercrombie Radiology, 1112 Weisgarber Rd

Allergy Asthma, 1114 Weisgarber Rd

Atria Weston Place, 2900 Lakebrook Blvd

BB&T Bank, 1235 E. Weisgarber Rd

Bearden Middle School, 1000 Francis Road

Cancer Center Bottom, 1415 Old Weisgarber Rd

Cancer Center Top, 1415 Old Weisgarber Rd

East Tn Eye Center, 1124 Weisgarber Rd

ER Clinic, 1300 Old Weisgarber Rd

Family Proff Bldg 2, 1320 Old Weisgarber Rd

FBI, 1501 Dowell Springs Blvd

Helen Ross McNabb Center, Bldg #1, 3006 Lakebrook Blvd

Knoxville Comprehensive Breast Center, 1400 Dowell Springs Blvd, #200

Knoxville Orthopaedic Clinic, 1422 Old Weisgarber Rd

Pain Consultants, 1128 Weisgarber Rd

Pond Gap Elementary School, 1401 Hollywood Dr

Provision Health Alliance, 140 Dowell Springs Blvd

Shannondale Retirement Center, 801 Vanosdale Rd

West Hills Elementary School, Vanosdale

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