Amherst Elementary School, 5101 Schaad Road

Ball Camp Elementary School, 9801 Middlebrook Pike

Bojangles, 8524 Oak Ridge Hwy

Hardin Valley Academy, 11445 Hardin Valley Rd

Hardin Valley Elementary School, 11446 Hardin Valley Rd

Home Federal Bank, 7204 Oak ridge Hwy

Karm Thrift Store, 7224 Oak Ridge Hwy

Karns Animal Clinic, 7752 Oak Ridge Hwy

Karns Elementary School, 8108 Beaver Ridge Rd

Karns High School, 2710 Byington Solway Rd

Karns Middle School, 2925 Gray Hendrix Rd

Knox County – Public Library System, Knox County Branch Libraries, Karns Branch, 7516 Oak Ridge Hwy

Subway, 7654 Oak Ridge Hwy

Tobacco King, 7815 Oak Ridge Hwy

UT Family Physicians, 2519 Hardin Valley (Willow Point Way)

Vital Signs Fitness Center, 2531 Willow Point

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