County Mayor Advisory Council on Economic Development…Maybe

With the threat of an election behind him, it appears Mayor Burchett is continuing to focus on new ideas, new strategies, and new creative innovating thinking to help grow business in Knox County. In what is the latest idea to come out of the Mayor’s office is the possibility of creating an advisory council. This would give him a clear unfiltered, no spin, direct view, of how he as Mayor can better help the businesses of Knox County. This would not be a watered down discussion group, or a business organization that promotes themselves on Twitter all day long. This, if it does come to fruition, would be a council with solid ideas, solutions, and economic strategy review. Again, this is in the very early stages of talks but is being strongly considered. An interesting aspect of this plan is that if it does occur it might give the community feedback from an organization other then the Chamber…

Dan Andrews reporting.

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