Quick music review!

Just a quick music review… Really enjoying listing to the new country duo Jill and Julia. You can find info about them here.  https://twitter.com/JillandJulia . To be honest, I haven’t commented on that many new artists lately because well I have not heard that many artists worth commenting on.  I think just the lyrics alone are awesome with this duo. I saw their ad on Musicrow.com and was really taken back by how good they are. I tend to keep my reviews short because I am a firm believer that instead of me writing a long winded article on how great an artist is…well you could just listen to their music.

So here is my short review. A definite must listen to. With deep lyrics, great instrumentals, and strong country vocals. This is the music that people love to play just about anywhere.  On the  farm, in the pickup, or just because someone wants to hear real good music.


Reviewer Dan Andrews…

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