The Chalk Board, June 8, 2015

By Sally Absher   More on the Mysterious TCAP Math Last week we reported that the TCAP “Quick Scores” were back (in time to be calculated into students’ grades this year) and they were FANTASTIC! So fantastic that teachers across the state were concerned. We did some research and found that our friends over at […]

Assessing the Assessments

By Sally Absher Apparently, two Board of Education meetings and a Joint Education Committee meeting (comprised of members of the BOE and County Commission) aren’t enough for one week. KCS also scheduled a community engagement meeting last week “to begin to gather input from the community regarding student assessments.” KCS said the community meeting is […]

Focus on the Law: Interstate earthquake emergency impact

The Interstate Earthquake Emergency Compact of 1988 was ratified in Tennessee and the text may be found in the Tennessee Code Annotated in Title 58, Chapter 2, Part 7.  The Compact proposed an agreement among ratifying states to “provide mutual aid…in meeting any emergency or disaster caused by earthquakes or other seismic disturbances.”  This includes […]

BOE votes to ‘cure’ mismanagement of grants

Also, Big Turnout for Christina Graham By Sally Absher The Board of Education was desperately looking for a way to fix the problems with the Broad Resident Program grant revealed last month, in which a grant award requiring matching funds from the county was neither voted on by the BOE or submitted to the […]

A Special Family’s Love, III

By Ralphine Major I first began writing this story three years ago, just before Laura Simpson broke the devastating news at church one Sunday.  Hannah Renee Vrandenburgh Julian’s father had been tragically killed on Friday afternoon coming home from work.  We followed the local media’s extensive coverage of the head-on collision by a drunken driver.  […]

Social Fiction

By Dr. Jim Ferguson I’m a big fan of science fiction. In fact, my novel “Epiphany” was the first of a planned science fiction trilogy. The famous writer Ray Bradbury once said, “Anything you dream is fiction. Anything you accomplish is science. The whole history of mankind is nothing but science fiction.” I’ve published many […]

Great ideas and tips

By Rosie Moore 1. Flies or bees bothering you? Spray them with hair spray and they will take a quick dive. 2. Sealed envelope–Put in the freezer for a few hours then slide a knife under the flap. The envelope can be then resealed. (hmmmmmm…) 3. Use empty toilet paper roll to store appliance cords. It […]

Tennessee’s Wide Receivers… Ready to Make Next Step?

By Alex Norman Tennessee has long been known as Wide Receiver U.  The crop of pass catchers on the 2015 roster hopes to live up to that nickname and make a name for themselves at the same time… We start with perhaps the most dynamic of the bunch, but a player whose future at Tennessee […]


By Joe Rector Philosophical moment—Life is filled with questions. Maybe the meaning of life is to ask those questions and then spend the rest of our time on this planet working to find the answers. Most of us eventually discover the answers to questions, but some of them just aren’t so easy to discover. I […]