Legal and Public Notices for March 2, 2015

75 FORECLOSURES NOTICE OF SUBSTITUTE TRUSTEEÕS SALE WHEREAS, default has occurred in the performance of the covenants, terms and conditions of a Deed of Trust dated November 21, 2003, executed by ROBERT N. BUCKNER AND TINA M. BUCKNER, conveying certain real property therein described to EVERGREEN TITLE AND ESCROW, as Trustee, as same appears of […]

Corndogs & Such

By Dr. Jim Ferguson We were hungry as we rolled into our neighborhood Krystal restaurant.  Becky, the Boy and I needed a pit stop to refuel from a morning of errands which included a trip to the dump.  The lives of Grandparents seem to revolve around activities with Oakley before and after his nap-time.  And […]

Rachael and Drew’s Special Gift

By Ralphine Major Over the phone, her voice was calm and she sounded well-spoken.  As we talked, I could tell she was wise beyond her years.  In person, Rachael was all of that and more.  So was Drew.  It was a bitter cold February day when I met the couple, but being in their presence […]

The Winter of Our Discontent?

By Rosie Moore This is the last column I will write about the weather–I promise. Someone told me to move back up to Pennsylvania and take this snow with me–ha! ha! I wish I could, in a way, because I have children and grandchildren up there plus I have relatives in Florida so I’m stuck […]

Focus on the Law: Conservatorship

By Sharon Frankenberg, Attorney at Law If someone becomes disabled and is unable to care for himself or herself without assistance, they may benefit from the appointment of a conservator.   In Section 34-1-101 (7), the Tennessee Code Annotated defines a disabled person for purposes of conservatorship as “any person eighteen (18) years of age or […]

The Slide to Charterdom Has Begun

By Sally Absher Last week, between the various snow and ice storms that plagued our area, a letter made its way into the mailboxes of families of pre-school and kindergarten students from several local schools, including Christenberry Elementary, Green Magnet, South Knox Elementary, and Sam E. Hill preschool. Under the bright green Emerald Academy logo […]

Is Knox County Ready for Year-Round School?

By Sally Absher In his State of the Schools speech last month, Dr. McIntyre announced seven “community conversations” to address his key initiatives.  Tucked in the middle of the list was “explore a balanced calendar.” Dr. McIntyre has used every opportunity, including the recent “Snowmageddon,” to promote this initiative. However, the snowstorm did give some […]

I know it’s not raining

By Joe Rector Yes, I’m an impatient person; over the years, that shortcoming has been worked on  until my exasperation over things that don’t come in “my time” has eased. However, right now my irritation level is once again at red-alert status, and it’s all because my television and Internet have been out. I know […]

Keep the good in high school basketball tournament time

By Steve Williams High School basketball tournament time is annually remembered for pure athletic drama. The youngsters compete through district, region and sectional games with the dream of advancing to the state tourney and capturing a gold basketball. No money is at stake at this level. TV exposure and the size of crowds are small […]

Your move, Butch Jones…

By Alex Norman During the Derek Dooley era, the Tennessee football program suffered through one self-inflicted public relations mistake after another. From Dooley’s lack of public discipline with regards to quarterback Tyler Bray, to his goofy press conferences, to the lack of relationship building with high school football coaches, to the “Opportunity Is  Nowhere” door […]