American Idol is having no major impact on hotels

I did some asking around tonight with local hotels and all confirm to me that they have no measurable influx of people sleeping overnight.  I have checked and and basically the pattern I am observing is that the $40 a night hotels are in limited supply in the Cedar Bluff area but downtown […]

County redesigns website…Commissioners still don't use it!

Knox County government launched a new website design this week.  However, a quick check of the County Commission message board reveals literally ONE commissioner has only one post since January and the last post before that was September 3rd 2012.  Dr. Briggs posted on the message board in January and that is the last time a […]

More greatness from last night! MIME SPEAKS AT PUBLIC FORUM!

All serious last night gave me chills as the first amendment  was in full force!  Multiple performance artists gave amazing arguements over why the mask law needs to be changed. I was floored when one lady got up and noted that doctors with surgical masks and firefighters with oxygen masks technically break the law.  Mr. […]