Publisher’s Position: Why McIntyre?

Publisher’s Position: Why McIntyre?

By Steve Hunley Senator Lamar Alexander has held just about every place of distinction a person could be honored with in a lifetime; at one time or another he has been governor of Tennessee; Secretary of Education during the administration of President Ronald Reagan, as well as President of the University of Tennessee.  Alexander has […]

Board of Education Debates Policies, Surveys, CLASS Complaint

By Sally Absher The early February Board of Education meetings last week got off to a rough start. Veteran BOE member Karen Carson was clearly irritated that newcomer Amber Rountree had requested two discussion items on the work session meeting agenda: amending the leave policy to include bereavement leave for both classified and certified […]

Governor Buford Ellington

By Ray Hill   Buford Ellington is perhaps best remembered today for being one of Tennessee’s “leap-frog” governors, alternating terms with Frank Clement.  For almost twenty years, Clement and Ellington ruled Tennessee from the governor’s office. Ellington was not a native Tennessean, being born in Holmes County, Mississippi June 27, 1907.  Buford Ellington attempted to […]

A Tale of Three Buildings

By Mike Steely Here and there around Knox County are several noted buildings that many people pass without knowing the story behind the structures. There are lots of early structures that have a unique beginning and have survived the years to be used for many different purposes. The Fountain City Building, the Emporium Building […]

Voting Rights Act of 1964 remembered

By Mike Steely An event Thursday evening at the Beck Cultural Exchange Center topped off 2014’s Knoxville’s Civil Rights series that began last February. 2014 marks 50 years since President Lyndon Johnson signed the 1964 Voting Rights Act. 1964 was also the year that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. accepted the Noble Prize for […]

Robert LaFollette, Jr. of Wisconsin

By Ray Hill Robert Marion LaFollette, Jr. came into this world with just about every advantage one could hope for; yet, he suffered from depression and eventually ended his own life. “Young Bob” LaFollette was born January 6, 1895, the son of Robert M. and Belle LaFollette.  Bob LaFollette, Sr. was perhaps the most significant […]