Interested in strange places in East Tennessee?

By Mike Steely I was going through my photo files recently and ran across several photos of unusual places in our region. With the COVID-19 pandemic clustering many families inside except for needed food shopping I thought I’d share some of the places with you You can easily drive to most of the strange places […]

Stress Tests

By Dr. Jim Ferguson “Our world is not divided by race, color, gender or religion. Our world is divided into wise people and fools. And fools divide themselves by race, color, gender or religion.” Nelson Mandela   These days we hear a lot about divisiveness and especially the generational characteristics of millennials. I have written […]

Libraries and theaters

By John J. Duncan Jr. My wife has told me more than once “No more books,” because my offices and our homes have always been filled with books.  But I love to read. She has told me more than once that I am the “most boring person” with whom to take a vacation.  She is […]

A Year of Comebacks

By Tom Mattingly It was a comeback to beat all comebacks in a season of comebacks and close games. Tennessee spotted archrival Vanderbilt a 28-3 lead in the second quarter in the 1987 regular season finale, as the Commodores scored on their first four possessions. Yet, somehow, someway, the Vols rallied to win, 38-36. It […]

Publisher’s Positions

Publisher’s Positions

By Steve Hunley   Health Board Hijinks A couple of County Commissioners have taken the position favored by County Mayor Glenn Jacobs that is less “Republican” than “Libertarian.”  Commissioners Justin Biggs and Kyle Ward are pushing along a resolution that backs up some of the regulations passed by the Knox County Board of Health, including […]

The 1964 Senate Races in Tennessee, VIII

The 1964 Senate Races in Tennessee, VIII

By Ray Hill With less than a week left before Tennesseans went to the polls to cast their ballots to elect a president, as well as fill both of the Volunteer State’s seats in the United States Senate, the candidates campaign frenetically.  Senator Albert Gore hammered home his populist message, while Congressman Ross Bass, running […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson “When compared to the suppression of anarchy, every other question sinks into insignificance. The anarchist is the enemy of humanity, the enemy of all mankind…his is a deeper degree of criminality than any other.” Teddy Roosevelt, 1908   Humans tend to think that their moment in time or their experience is […]

Regas Restaurant

By John J. Duncan Jr. A little over 43 years ago, I met a young and beautiful woman at Regas Restaurant who a few months later became my wife, Lynn. Several of the most important events in my life took place at that great restaurant. Lynn was one of the best waitresses Regas ever had, […]

Ignore the scare tactics and vote

By Joe Rector Turn on the news and listen to all the upheaval about the November 3rd election. Neither party seems comfortable with the possible outcomes of the presidential or senate races. Who’d have ever thought that a presidential election could scare a nation so much? A two-party system has long been the backbone of […]

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