Prosperity or Revolution?

“Liberals claim to want to give you a hearing to other points of view and are then shocked and offended when they discover there are other points of view.” William F. Buckley By Dr. Jim Ferguson I find myself confused in these troublesome times and worry about my children and grandchildren. I ask myself how […]

Read banned books

By Joe Rector Yes, I admit that my profession for 30 years was spent teaching English to high school students. During that time in the classroom, I enjoyed the students and especially stressed writing and grammar. My strengths were grounded in those areas. I also presented literature and found that the right kind of presentations […]

Growing Up in Logan County, WV

(Part 3 in series on Dwight Kessel) By Ralphine Major Like many in his generation, Wallace Dwight Kessel faced hard times during his growing up years. “During the depression, a lot of people came up with ideas on how to make money.  I remember wash board bands performing on the store porch from time to […]

Don’t let hate win

By John J Duncan Jr. As almost all readers of The Focus know, I grew up in a political family. I went to the Knoxville airport for a rally for the Nixon-Lodge ticket a week before the 1960 Presidential election and followed that campaign closely. In 1963, when I was 16, I worked in my […]

A Tennessee/Alabama Game Unlike Any Other

By Mark Nagi The Tennessee/Alabama rivalry will be renewed on Saturday at Neyland Stadium. It is always one of the most anticipated games on the schedule for the Vols, despite the fact that they haven’t beaten the Crimson Tide since 2006, and have rarely been competitive during this recent victory drought. I’ve covered my share […]

‘Hello, Everybody, I’m Lindsey Nelson’

By Tom Mattingly How did it happen that Lindsey Nelson, a product of Columbia, Tennessee, became one of the best sportscasters of his era? It was all very simple, with the humblest of humble beginnings, with Lindsey pulling out all the stops. He was totally committed to Bob Neyland’s axiom, “Play for and make the […]

Publisher’s Positions

Publisher’s Positions

By Steve Hunley Jacobs Chief of Staff Investigated Bryan Hair, Chief of Staff to Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs, is under investigation, along with Paul White, Director of the county’s Parks & Recreation Department.  That is according to a press release issued from the mayor’s office.  Hair had no experience in running much of anything […]

Congressman Pat Sutton of Tennessee

By Ray Hill Genuine war hero, sheriff, accused counterfeiter, convict and U. S. congressman from Tennessee, Pat Sutton was, if anything, a colorful character.  It may be difficult for some readers to imagine today, but the entire country had been unified in winning World War II.  White, black and brown; men and women; even Republicans […]

Where Do I Sit in the Courtroom?

  By Jedidiah McKeehan Sometimes I represent people totally unfamiliar with the court process and are terrified of going to court or talking in front of a judge.  When I encounter these people, I think, “How nice!  Someone who actually take the court system seriously and realizes that what goes on in the courts is […]

Growing Up in Logan County, WV

By Ralphine Major (Part 2 in series on Dwight Kessel) He was born on a cold, rainy and snowy Saturday night in a four-room coal company house in Dehue, Logan County, West Virginia.  On November 27, 1926, Wallace Dwight Kessel was the first child born to Wayne McCormick Kessel and Edith Shumate Kessel.  “Being born […]

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