By Dr. Jim Ferguson With all the miserable news that daily bombards us, is it any wonder why people are despondent and huddle in fear? The journalistic mantra of, “If it bleeds, it leads,” is on full display these days. A recent Gallup poll found that 84% of Americans believe the media is the major […]

On the mark with Hunter

By Ralphine Major At the July event held in Ohio, he became the 2020 Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP) National American Skeet Champion, Men’s Senior Division!  Pandemic aside, Hunter Raley is “on target!”  He shot a perfect score of 200/200 in skeet!  The rising Gibbs High School junior won in a sudden death shoot off […]

Develop until no one can move

By Joe Rector If you are one of the many folks who travel Karns Valley Road and Emory Road, get ready for more headaches. Your drive time will grow; your frustration level will increase; and your chances of being involved in an accident will multiply. A tract of land located at the intersection of Henderson […]

Emotional Support Animals and Renting

By Jedidiah McKeehan A recent trend in America is the use of animals in a medically prescribed way for emotional purposes.  Medical research has determined that animals can provide a calming effect on individuals.  True, these animals (usually dogs, but I suppose it could be any animal), do provide a real and noticeable difference on […]

Something To Smile About

  By Rosie Moore From Blonde’s Cookbook Monday: It’s fun to cook for Bob. Today I made angel food cake. The recipe said beat twelve eggs separately. The neighbors were nice enough to lend me some extra bowls. Tuesday:  Bob wanted fruit salad for supper. The recipe said serve without dressing. So, I didn’t dress. […]

The Jackson Massacre

By Tom Mattingly The day was Nov. 15, 1969. Historically, it was the day of the “Jackson Massacre,” the 38-0 loss to Ole Miss at Mississippi Memorial Stadium that put a considerable damper on the 1969 Tennessee football season. Tennessee was No. 3 in the nation and headed for bigger and better things, maybe even […]

Publisher’s Positions

Publisher’s Positions

By Steve Hunley Election Results The election results are in and there were several big races decided last Thursday.  For you political junkies, we’ll take a deep dive into the results. Bill Hagerty is the Republican nominee for the United States Senate seat being vacated by Lamar Alexander.  Hagerty began the race as the overwhelming […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson Last week I touched on the subject of education, historically designed to teach students the tools for discourse (the 3 Rs) and how to think clearly (reason). If done correctly and without indoctrination, education will provide the springboard for a lifetime of learning. Curiosity is also integral to learning, but not […]

Don’t overlook Panther Creek State Park

By Mike Steely If you’re looking for a surprising park and a great overlook you might think of the Great Smoky Mountains but there’s a 1,444-acre state park near Morristown that’s not as crowded and a nice place to visit within an hour’s drive. Panther Creek State Park might be one the most over-looked parks […]

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