The Real Blind Side

By Sarah Baker Many of you probably saw a block buster movie a few years ago called The Blind Side starring Sandra Bullock. The movie tells the true story of Michael Oher, a traumatized kid who goes on to become a first round NFL draft pick with the help of Leigh Anne Tuohy and […]

Readers’ Night Out

By Sarah Baker Friends of Literacy hosted a Readers’ Night Out event at Union Avenue Books on June 16.  Local authors including Art Smith, Vince Vawter, Marilyn Kallet, Marcel Browers, Carole Anne Borges, Emily Strout and Pamela Schoenewaldt read excerpts from their work and signed copies.  Twenty percent of all book sales benefitted Friends of […]

Stay-Cation 2013

By Sarah Baker Last summer, I had my dream European Vacation paid for by someone who loves me. This summer, I’m back to my own budget. Therefore, I have devised a list of my favorite stay-cation choices for the summer. 1.            Take a picnic and hike at Big South Fork. Located about an hour and […]

Women and the world

By Sarah Baker According to the Book of Titus, older women are to mentor younger women on how to be good wives, mothers, and community members.  Yet in today’s society it is becoming increasingly more difficult for women to empower one another because we are so busy competing with one another.  I believe that the […]

Crater People

By Sarah Baker Russia’s recent shocking encounter with a meteor brought some much needed attention to my hometown of Middlesboro, Kentucky. Just under two hours north of Knoxville, my hometown of about 10,000 residents is nestled against the Tennessee and Virginia borders. The attention was justified because Middlesboro is considered the site of one of […]

Pop and public schools

By Sarah Baker It’s funny how the smallest gesture can pick up a heavy heart and carry it through a tedious day. Yesterday, Valentine’s Day, I was on bus duty and received the best valentine ever.  A student brought me a Coke Zero with a bow and a note attached which read:  “Pop! Pop!  Fizz! […]

Least of these

By Sarah Baker It was sixth grade, and I probably weighed sixty pounds soaking wet.  The rowdy cafeteria was being monitored by Coach Mike White, whose piercing blue-eyed stare and thunderous voice left no need for a whistle or a megaphone.  I was hungry and grouchy, looking at the length of the line from the […]

Coffee and Content

By Sarah Baker Unlike lots of other folks, I am a morning person.  I like to go to bed early and get up early.  If I am going to work out regularly, it has got to be in the morning and I always have a better day if I go to the gym before work.  […]

Had me at Kentucky

By Sarah Baker So I was sitting at Waffle House with my friend Katherine when a stranger approached our booth. “Can I have a few minutes of your time?” he asked.  Here goes, I thought. I was all set to explain to him that I already know Jesus and that I don’t have any money. […]

Dirt and Depression

By Sarah Baker It has been a very dreary winter here in Knoxville.  With the yucky, wet weather and the constant talk of fiscal cliffs and local court fiascos, it has been hard not to feel weighted down by this winter.  Lots of folks I know are in the thick of the winter blues.    Yet […]