Corryton Church Ministers to Missionaries

By Richie Beeler Corryton (Baptist) Church has a heart for missionaries.  Sixteen years ago God gave Paul Cowell of Whitestone Country Inns in Kingston a vision to minister to missionaries around the world.  Because of the enormous difficulties missionaries can face, the drop-out rate is high.  Apart from the normal difficulties that families here face, […]

A Shift in Focus

By Richie Beeler One of the greatest privileges of my life was afforded me eight years ago by my longtime friend and mentor, Steve Hunley. I was offered the job of starting a sports section in a fledgling newspaper called the Fountain City Focus. That meeting essentially began my career as a columnist. I covered […]

The mystery of Malachy

By Richie Beeler Papal prophecy intriguing as conclave looms For the second time in less than a decade, the world is awaiting a truly historic event as Cardinals from around the world prepare to gather at the Vatican to elect the next Pope. Most sources agree that the closed door meeting in the Sistine Chapel, […]

Washington and Lincoln still the gold standard

By Richie Beeler Another Presidents Day came and went last week. It did so with little fanfare. I have often commented that Presidents Day is probably the government holiday when the fewest other people are off. Still, the day marks a very appropriate time of appreciation for the 43 men who have held the highest […]

Corryton Beauty Nook celebrates 50 years

Open House set for February 24th By Richie Beeler Businesses are vital to the welfare of any thriving community. But for folks in Corryton, one particular establishment has become nothing short of an icon. The Corryton Beauty Nook will host an open house this coming Sunday, February 24th, to commemorate 50 years of continuous service […]

The time has come for action

General Assembly must address elected Superintendent By Richie Beeler Ask anyone who knows me. I am an advocate of elections. I believe the right to vote for government officials is the single most sacred one we hold as citizens of a constitutional republic. It has been fought for; it has been died for. In this […]

It’s (not so) great to be a Tennessee Vol

Hamilton’s unfortunate legacy lives on at UT By Richie Beeler The University of Tennessee athletic department is approximately $200 million in debt with a cash reserve of $1.95 million, according to a report from CBS Sports released last week. That puts UT in the worst financial shape of any athletic department in the Southeastern Conference, […]

American dream could quickly become nightmare

By Richie Beeler I love America. I lover her history and the principles on which she was founded. I fly her flag every day, rain or shine. But lately, it’s been raining in America. And a much bigger storm is coming. You probably heard quite a bit about a so-called “fiscal cliff” America could be […]

Is third Obama term a possibility?

By Richie Beeler The re-election of Barack Obama less than three months ago left conservatives wondering if one of their ilk would ever be elected to the presidency again. The election of 2012 once again proved America is a nation with a deep ideological divide. But the results suggest that divide is drifting slowly but […]

Gospel is greatest offense to state-run church

By Richie Beeler There’s a new church emerging in America. It’s the one your founding fathers feared most. The religion that is rearing its head in the 21st century bears little resemblance to the one protected by the First Amendment. There is no protection for this one. Or from it. America now has what amounts […]