By Dr. Harold A. Black I admit that for most of my life I could be labelled as seditious. (Sedition is overt conduct, such as speech and organization, that tends toward rebellion against the established order). I was the University of Georgia’s first Black male freshman. I wanted a college education and my brother […]

Cancel Democrats

By Dr. Harold A. Black I have long bemoaned the intellectual laziness of our citizens. I could never understand why Black college students would wear Kinte cloth at their graduation exercises when Kinte cloth was worn by Black slavers in Africa who sold our ancestors into slavery. Similarly, since we are in the midst […]

Joe Biden is the Pinocchio of our Time

By Dr. Harold A. Black President Biden is preaching unity out of one side of his mouth while out of the other side he and his party are driving wedges between the democrats and the Americans who did not vote for him. If Biden were Pinocchio, his nose would be ever growing. The Democrats […]

The Illogic of the Cancel Culture

By Dr. Harold A. Black   Two movements have characterized the left’s takeover of our schools, politics and media. They are the cancel culture and the muzzle culture. While most of us have heard about the cancel culture fewer of us have paid attention to the muzzle culture where voices not aligned with political […]

Keep your head

By Dr. Harold A. Black Happy New Year. Time Magazine proclaimed 2020 as being the “worse year ever.” Such a headline is a sad commentary on our tastes in that Time is still published and Mad Magazine is not. I doubt if 2020 will rank among the worse 50 years ever much less as […]